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15 Best Smart Outdoor Outlets and Plugs for Your Holiday Lights and Decors

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Time to ditch your old mechanical timer outlet this holiday season. You can get smart outdoor plugs that can work with your Phone, Wifi, or Bluetooth. You can control these smart outlet plugs with Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple HomeKit. When searching for the outdoor smart plug that is best suited to your requirements, take into account the following criteria: size, durability, number of outlets, device compatibility, connectivity choices, and, of course, whether or not the smart outdoor plug was designed to be used in the outdoors.

The vast majority of smart plugs available today are designed for home use. Make sure the smart plug you buy is weatherproof and suitable for outdoor use. Search for an IP rating of at least IP44, as higher values indicate greater resistance to water and dust.

Meross Outdoor Smart Plug

Today’s Deal: $8.99 Off
meross Outdoor Smart Plug Compatible with Apple HomeKit, Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant and…
  • Ideal for Outdoor Use: IP44 weatherproof housing and sockets cover which help prevent rain from…

Key Features: Dual AC Outlets | HomeKit Support | MediaTek IoT Chipsets | IP44 Weatherproof | 15A Current Rating | Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant | Overload Protection

The Meross Smart outlet features dual AC outlets with an individual on/off functionality. With the help of the Mediatek IoT chipset, the Meross outdoor smart outlet can maintain a stable WiFi connection over a greater distance. If you want to use your phone to set up your outdoor WiFi plug, you’ll need to connect it to your 2.4GHz home Wi-Fi. It has an overload protection feature that controls current input and output. It has a current rating of 15A.

SmartThings, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Watch, and Siri are all supported. Each plug can have its own on/off time programmed. As a result, you may save energy and help the environment by planning ahead and not worrying about forgetting to unplug the connected devices. The housing and socket covers are weatherproof to the IP44 rating, which helps keep water out.

Meross Smart Dimmer Plug

meross Smart Dimmer Plug, Outdoor Smart Plug Works with Apple HomeKit, Alexa, Google Home,…
  • 【1%-100% Dimmable & Voice Control】The wifi outdoor plug can adjust the brightness level from…

Key Features: Brightness Dimming Feature | Current Rating of 4A | Meross App Control | Custom Schedules for ON/OFF | IP44 Rated | Works with Alexa and Google

The wifi outdoor plug has a brightness range of 1-100%, which can be changed through the home app or the Meross app, and brightness settings of 10%, 20%, 30%, 50%, and 100% may be controlled by hardware buttons. Sending voice instructions to Siri, Alexa, or Google can also be a simple way to control the brightness of outdoor lights. It has a current rating of 4A.

The weather-proof outlet allows you to turn on/off devices, adjust brightness, and more from anywhere in the world with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi internet connectivity using either the home app or the Meross app. Even if your internet connection goes out, your custom schedules (which can consider things like sunrise and sunset) will continue to function as supposed. The dimmer plug is protected from dust and water by its IP44-rated housing and socket cover.

Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug

Today’s Deal: $6.00 Off
Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug, Smart Home Wi-Fi Outlet with 2 Sockets, IP64 Weather Resistance,…
  • Individual Control of 2 IN 1 Outlets: 2 AC outlets are working and controlled…

Key Features: Current Rating is 15A | IP44 Weather resistance | Countdown Timer | Dual AC outlets | Kasa App Control | Voice command support

Each Kasa smart plug’s two AC outlets can be used and managed independently. The rating current is 15A/1875W max for each socket. A waterproof IP44 cover is added to keep dust out when it’s not in use. Using your voice, Alexa, or Google Assistant makes it possible to operate all of your outdoor electronics hands-free. Whether you’re at home or the office, you can use the Kasa app to turn devices on and off with the touch of a button on your smartphone.

To get the most out of this smart plug, your Wi-Fi frequency must be set to 2.4GHz. Just plug it in, launch the Kasa app, and follow the on-screen prompts to start using it. Perfect for use with outdoor lighting, pool pumps, holiday lights, and more. Your smart plug can be configured to turn on and off at specific times using a schedule or a countdown timer.

Kasa Outdoor Smart Dimmer Plug

Today’s Deal: $12.00 Off
Kasa Outdoor Smart Dimmer Plug, IP64 Plug- in Dimmer for Outdoor String Lights, Compatible…
  • 【Designed Exclusively for Dimmable Lights】Enjoy your smart home outside with this…

Key Features: IP64 Water resistant | Timer-based Automation | Voice Command Support | Current Rating at 4A | Can group different devices | Kasa App control

This smart dimmer is weatherproof so you can bring the convenience of your smart home outside. Using the Kasa app or voice commands with Amazon Alexa or Google Home, you can easily dim your outdoor lights from afar. With an IP64 rating, your plug is safe from dust and water splashes. The maximum support current is 4A.

The Kasa smart plug provides a more consistent Wi-Fi connection, with a range of up to 300 feet and support for only the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi frequency. The Kasa app allows you to operate multiple light dimmers and string lights simultaneously by grouping them. You may save money on electricity and have full automation by setting timers for when you want your outdoor lights to turn on and off.

Etekcity Smart Plug

Smart Plug, Smart Home Outdoor Etekcity WiFi Outlet with 2 Sockets for Outdoor Lights,…
  • EASY TO USE WITH ALEXA: Control devices from your smartphone or through voice command with Alexa or…

Key Features: Voice Command with Alexa | Current Rating 15A | Overheating protection | Excess current protection | Energy monitoring feature | VeSync App control

With just a single tap or voice command to Alexa or Google Assistant, you can control your devices from anywhere using your smartphone. An encrypted Wi-Fi network operating at 2.4GHz is necessary.

Through the VeSync app, you can customize your experience with each socket. The 15A/1800W rating makes it perfect for simultaneously running holiday lights, fountains, and pool pumps. Set individual plugs to turn on and off at predetermined intervals. Energy monitoring allows you to keep tabs on your device’s power use and adjust as needed.

It allows the adjustment of individual socket timing to coincide with sunset and dawn hours. Conveniently time holiday lights to come on at night or go off in the morning. It has protective features against electrical surges, overloads, excessive current, and overheating are all integrated into the design.

BN-LINK Smart WiFi Heavy Duty Outdoor Outlet, Timer and Countdown Function, No Hub…
  • [CONTROL MULTIPLE DEVICES]: BN-LINK Outdoor Smart Plug controls up to 3 devices simultaneously(NOT…

Key Features: Three AC Outlets | Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant Support | Scheduled ON/OFF | Countdown Timer | 15A Current Rating | IP44 Dust Resistant

There are three available outlets on the BN-LINK Outdoor Smart Plug. You can control the power to three different outlets at once. It’s simple to set up with the mobile app. For hands-free operation, it works with both Alexa and Google Home. Use your smartphone app or voice commands to turn devices on or off using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Using the smart plug, you may automatically program the on/off times of a wide variety of high-current devices at the specified time. The smart plug’s built-in countdown timer makes it easy to automate connected appliances’ on/off switching. This smart plug has a 6.8-inch chord and is water and dust-resistant (IP44). The use of a protected 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network is required. The maximum allowed current is 15A, and the power consumption is 187W.

GE CYNC Outdoor Smart Plug

Today’s Deal: $8.00 Off
GE Cync Smart Plug, Outdoor Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Outlet Socket, Weather Resistant Plug,…
  • Smart outlets make any electronic device smart: This smart plug makes any lamp or electric device…

Key Features: 15A Current Rating | Waterproof IP64 | 3-prong plug | Scheduling ON/OFF available | Voice command Supported | Count down Timer

The Cync Outdoor Smart Plug can transform non-smart lighting and appliances into smart ones, allowing for remote control, scheduling, and scene setup. Use the Cync app to set timers and manage many lights at once or separately. Connecting the Outdoor Smart Plug to a home assistant like Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa allows for remote lighting control.

It is built with waterproof outlet covers and a 3-prong plug for usage outdoors. You can manage your lighting and other electronics without leaving the comfort of your couch when you pair this with other Cync and C by GE products like switches, remotes, and motion detectors. Wi-Fi at 2.4 GHz is needed for intelligent control; regular use should not exceed 15A.

Minoston Outdoor Smart Plug

Minoston Outdoor Smart Plug WiFi Outlet Heavy Duty Plug-in Outlet, Remote Control,…
  • [Remote and Voice Control] Control the socket from anywhere anytime. Works with Amazon Alexa, Google…

Key Features: Universal Remote Control | Max current 15A | IP65 Water resistant | Voice command with Alexa and Google | Scheduled ON/OFF | Automatic Power-off

The Minoston plug allows you to manage the plug from far away at any time. The compatibility with the Alexa and Google Home platforms means that you may control your electronics with a simple voice command. The housing is protected by IP65 standards. Perfect for Outdoor Spaces, Indoors, Garage, Basement, Porch, Balcony, Kitchen, Bathroom, Basement, and Garden.

The socket can be set to power on and off at predetermined times. A further perk is that it helps save power when appliances are unintentionally left on. Use your smartphone as a universal remote to manage your gadgets anytime and from any location. You only need a 2.4GHz WiFi connection and the free SmartLife app to get started (on iOS or Android). The maximum current output is 15A.

Amazon Basics Outdoor Smart Plug

Amazon Basics Outdoor Smart Plug with 2 Individually Controlled Outlets, 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi,…
  • SMART UPGRADE: Amazon Basics Smart Outdoor Plug works with Alexa to add remote and voice control to…

Key Features: IP65 Water Resistant | Independent Outlet Control | Automatic Scheduling | Current rating of 15A | Voice command support | 2.4Ghz WiFi operation

The Amazon Basics Smart Outdoor Plug is compatible with Alexa, allowing you to operate standard outdoor lighting and devices through voice command or remote. Automatic on/off scheduling and remote management of outdoor electronics means you never have to worry about forgetting to turn them on or leaving them on. The smart outdoor plug Amazon Basics sells can only be set up with Alexa and 2.4GHz Wi-Fi.

Two of the outlets can be switched on and off separately. Each plug can be controlled independently via voice command or remote access. The IP65 rating means the enclosure is safe from water sprayed from any direction at low pressure. The maximum current output is limited to 15A.

Wyze Plug Outdoor

Wyze Plug Outdoor, Dual Outlets Energy Monitoring, IP64, 2.4GHz WiFi Smart Plug, Works…
  • Consume less energy: Set energy consumption alerts and see historical energy usage in the Wyze app.

Key Features: Energy Consumption Monitor | 15A Maximum Current | Dual Power Outlets | Idnependent ON/OFF control | IP64 Water resistant | Voice command support

The Wyze app lets you monitor your energy consumption and view usage patterns over time. You can comfortably manage power outlets all over your house using Wyze Plug Outdoor, thanks to its increased WiFi range 2.4Ghz (300 ft. in open space). As it has an IP64 rating for weather resistance, it can be safely plugged in even in places that get a lot of dirt, dust, and snow.

There are two power outlets in one, and each may be switched on and off separately. Use your voice assistant or the Wyze app on your phone to quickly and easily turn off your outside lights. Compatible with Google and Alexa devices. The maximum current output is 15A.

HBN Outdoor Smart Plug

Today’s Deal: $2.00 Off
HBN Outdoor Smart Plug Waterproof WiFi Outdoor Outlet Timer with 6 Grounded Outlets,…
  • 【APP & Voice Control】Maximize home convenience with our Outdoor Smart Plug, requiring…

Key Features: Overload Protection Switch | Maximum current 15A | Preset Scheduling feature | Voice commands with Alexa and Google | Six ports | Customized ON/OFF feature

The IP44 weatherproof shell and individual socket covers on the smart outdoor plug keep water and dust out, while the 6-foot green chord helps it fit in with the landscape. Use this smart outlet to power your outdoor lights in the garden, the backyard, or the landscape. There is support for both Google Assistant and Alexa, you can operate your connected equipment from anywhere in the world, and you can even use voice commands to do so. It supports a maximum current of 15A.

An overload protection switch is built into the smart outdoor outlet timer to prevent electrical shocks if the device detects an imbalance in electrical current. There are six ports on the yard stake timer, so you can connect various devices simultaneously. You can use your smartphone to switch on or off all of the outlets simultaneously according to a predefined timetable.

Geeni Indoor/Outdoor Smart Plug

Geeni Indoor/Outdoor Smart Plug Weatherproof, 1 Socket –No Hub Wireless Remote Control…
  • OUTDOOR SMART PLUG: With Geeni’s Outdoor Wi-Fi Smart Plug, you can control your lighting, pumps,…

Key Features: Shared Access to Control | Weather Resistant | Voice command support | maximum Current 15A | Alexa and Google Assistant supported | Hanging Buckle included | App control

Use your smartphone to turn lights on and off, manage pumps, and more with Geeni’s Outdoor Wi-Fi Smart Plug. Use it to turn on the holiday lights and set the sprinklers without leaving the house. Connect your smart plug using the Geeni app by turning it on or off. Alexa and Google Home are both supported.

The Geeni Outdoor Smart Plug can withstand the weather; however, it can only connect to 2. 4GHz Wi-Fi networks. The sockets should be supplied with the supplied weather-resistant cover whenever they are not used. With its compact design, this system is simple to set up. The Geeni Outdoor Smart Plug simplifies outdoor space management with useful features like a hanging buckle, resistance to dust and harsh weather, and shared access. The maximum current output is 15A.

WeMo WiFi Smart Outdoor Plug

WeMo WiFi Outdoor Smart Plug – Voice Control Works With Alexa, Hey Google & Homekit -…
  • WIFI SMART OUTDOOR PLUG: This WeMo Smart Plug features 2 weather-resistant outlets for total smart…

Key Features: Dual AC Outlets | Schedule ON/OFF tasks | Away Mode to prevent intruders | Current Output is 15A | Voice command support | App-based control enabled

With its two weatherproof outlets, the WiFi outdoor smart plug gives you complete smart control of your lights, holiday decorations, and more. Schedule tasks and control the lights from anywhere with the app or your voice using Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, or Google Home. It has an away mode that automatically turns lights on and off when you are not at home to protect against intruders. It can connect to 2.4Ghz WiFi and then start working. The current output is 15A.

Key Features: 15A Current Output | 2.1A USB Current Output | Dual AC Outlets | Automated ON/OFF Scheduling | Independent Power Control | MY Dlink App | IP54 Rating for Dustproofing

With two outlets in the D-Link Smart Outdoor plug, you can independently manage all of your connected devices. Great for use with any sort of lighting, from Christmas lights to outdoor lighting to pool pumps. Through the MyDlink app, you may remotely power down or power up home appliances (iOS, Android). The stable USB port provides constant power or charging for outdoor security cameras and smartphones (5V/2.1A).

The smart plug’s IP54 rating makes it suitable for use in the garden, the patio, and the backyard. Automate tasks amongst devices and create timers, countdowns, and routines that require just one tap. It connects to 2.4GHz WiFi and is compatible with the Smart Home app.

Lutron Caseta Weatherproof+ Outdoor Smart Plug

Today’s Deal: $20.05 Off
Lutron Caséta Weatherproof+ Outdoor Smart Plug On/Off Switch | Works with Alexa, Google…
  • MEET YOUR SMART YARD: Experience the delight of returning to a home alive with light; perfect for…

Key Features: Clear Connect Technology | IP66 Water resistant | Polycarbonate casing | 15A current output | Voice command support | Caseta Smart Hub for additional features | No dropped connections

This outdoor plug is smart and reliable thanks to its polycarbonate casing and shielded circuitry. Designed to withstand the heaviest downpours, dust storms, and general grime, earning an IP66 rating of protection.

Smart switches like Caseta allow you to adjust the lights in a number of different ways, including by using your voice, a wireless Pico remote, the free Lutron app, or the switch itself. It relies on Clear Connect technology instead of Wi-Fi, so there’s no need to worry about connectivity drops or sluggishness. Integrate Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, Ring, and more with a Caseta Smart Hub. It supports up to 15A of current output.

These are the best smart outdoor plugs and outlets that we have shortlisted. All these have reasonable pricing and features that make this worthy of consideration for your next purchase.


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