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12 Best Laptop Camera Cover & Phone Camera Cover

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While most people know that your Phone’s and Laptop’s Camera can spy you. After all, for all you know, a hacker could have access to your webcam and might be watching you. We’re not here to prove or disprove anything. But if you don’t feel quite at peace with your webcam, you can use a laptop web camera cover slide. You can have a bunch of cell phone camera cover or laptop camera cover for a cheap price.

Here is a list of the best laptop webcam privacy cover slide and phone camera stickers.

Cimkiz Webcam Cover Slide

Webcam Cover Slide 0.027in Ultra Thin Metal Magnet Web Camera Cover

Cimikz Webcam Cover Slide is made of a nickel-plated metal base and a magnetic slider. This privacy webcam slider is designed to be sleek, and at a thickness of just about 0.027 inches, it is. The laptop camera cover is thinner than your credit card and presents no obstruction in the closing of your laptop if you use it to cover your webcam.

The webcam cover uses 3M adhesive to ensure the metal base stays stuck on whatever surface you put it on, including the glass backs on most modern flagship phones. The privacy cover for your webcam is compatible with most laptops (including the Macbook Pro and Macbook Air), smartphones, tablets, Echo Spot, Echo Show, All-in-one desktops, etc.

It’s a pack of 3, so you get three covers.

Good for Laptops, MacBook, iPhone, Android | Type: Webcam, Mobile camera slide cover |  Cimkiz Webcam Cover Slide: Check on Amazon

Mosench Slide Webcam Cover

Mosench Slide Webcam Cover Ultra Slim 0.027inch Web Camera CoverThe Mosench Slide Webcam Cover opts for a slightly different shutter mechanism than the Cimkiz Webcam Cover Slide, but the result is still the same. The Slide Webcam cover made of high-quality ABS material with a strong adhesive to stick tightly to any surface.

The laptop camera cover is similar to any other front camera privacy cover if you’ve ever used one on your iPhone or any device. It’s only 0.027-inch thick, that’s thinner than your credit card. The webcam cover should fit the front-facing camera of Macbook Pro, Macbook, iMac, Surface Pro, other laptops, PCa, All-in-one desktops, iPads, iPhones, and Android devices, and even Logitech webcams like the C920, C922, C922x, and C930e. You get four covers in the pack.

Good for Laptops, MacBook, iPad, Android, Logitech webcams | Type: Webcam, Mobile camera slide cover | Mosench Slide Webcam Cover: Check on Amazon

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FanNicoo Cute Laptop Sticker

FanNico Cute Webcam Privacy Cover

This is not a plain camera cover in plain colors. The FanNicoo cute laptop sticker camera cover features a cute panda on the slider cover. The cuteness is not for everyone, but if you are into such things, then this is a great option. The webcam cover slide is only 0.7mm thick, but the company promises on its durability.

This slide cover fits most webcams for laptops, Macbook Pro, smartphones, and tablets. The FanNico Cute webcam privacy cover uses a 3M adhesive tape to stick to any surface. It is a pack of 3 webcam cover slides.

Good for Laptops, MacBook, Logitech webcams | Type: Webcam slide cover | FanNicoo Cute Web Camera Cover: Check on Amazon

Steagle Laptop Camera Cover

STEAGLE Special Edition Premium Laptop Webcam Cover

If you’re a fan of Apple, you can have a unique Apple edition laptop webcam cover from Steagle. They don’t use the Apple logo, for obvious reasons. Instead, the cover has the text “apple” plastered across it. So you can still use it if you’re a fan of Apple the fruit, not necessarily the company.

MacBook camera cover is almost as thick as a credit card at 0.8mm thickness. This is a second-generation cover from the company and can be used with any devices with a single front camera. You can also use it as a cover for the rear cameras on iPhones or other smartphones. However, since smartphones these days have multiple rear cameras, it may not necessarily be able to cover all the cameras. You only get one unit in the pack.

Good for Laptops, MacBook | Type: Webcam slide cover | Steagle Laptop Webcam Cover: Check on Amazon

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Mosiso Webcam Camera Lens Blocker

MOSISO (3 Pack) 0.026 Inch Webcam Cover

Mosiso Laptop Webcam camera lens blocker is the thinnest one on this list so far, with a thickness of 0.026 inches. When stretched open, its dimensions are 0.71 x 0.24 x 0.026 inch and when closed or pulled back, the dimensions are 0.39 x 0.24 x 0.026 inch. Being so thin, it does not provide any obstruction when closing your laptop lid.

This webcam cover slide made of aluminum alloy and attaches to a surface via a double-sided adhesive sticker or tape. The webcam cover is compatible with MacBook, iPad, iPhone, Surface Book, and most other HP/DELL/Microsoft laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The pack contains three pieces in different colors (black, silver, and rose gold).

Good for Laptops, MacBook, iPad | Type: Webcam cover slide | Mosiso Webcam Camera Lens Blocker: Check on Amazon

Dreem Disc-O Laptop Webcam Cover

Dreem Disc-O Web-Cam Lens Cover (7pack)

The Disc-O is a webcam cover, not a slide cover, by Dreem. Unlike a slide cover, you stick the cover on your iPhone or Android device’s camera lens and take it off when you have to use the camera. This can be used as iPhone front camera privacy cover.

This Phone Camera Lens cover is designed to reuse an unlimited number of times, so you don’t have to worry about overusing it. Dreem says people tend to forget and leave the slide covers open anyway. Therefore, sticking them doesn’t end up being that useful. With the webcam lens cover, you can take it off your camera when using it. You can stick it on the corner of your screen or the trackpad or anywhere else, to put it back in place later. That is, on the camera lens.

Dreem front cam cover uses micro-suction to stick to the lens, which is not only safer than an adhesive or tape but also re-usable multiple times. The slight downside is that they have to be a tiny bit thicker at 1mm, compared to the slide covers, which are all under 1mm. The Disc-o webcam lens cover comes in white and black, which are the two most popular colors for laptops and smartphones. It’s a pack of 7 camera lens covers.

Good for iPhone, Android | Type: Phone Camera cover | Dreem Disc-O Web-Cam Lens Cover: Check on Amazon

Privoo Webcam Cover Slide

PRIVOO Webcam Cover Slide, 3 Pack XL Black 1.67 Inch

This is a computer webcam cover slide from PRIVOO, which uses an “extra hard glue” to stick to the surface of your laptop, phone, or tablet. Although the company does claim that it will leave no residue or traces when removed. This is an XL size computer webcam cover and extends up to 1.67 inches.

This front cam cover slide ensures you can use it on any device, even something as big as a smart TV. PRIVOO does not mention the thickness of the cover but assures users it will not interfere with closing the lid of a laptop. It also does not include any magnets, so it won’t interfere with any magnetic sensors your device may have.

Good for Laptops, MacBook, iPad | Type: Webcam slide cover | Privoo Webcam Cover Slide: Check on Amazon

PrivateCam Privacy Phone Camera Cover

Webcam Cover - Anti Spy Privacy for Computer & Smartphone - Low Profile Camera Lens Cover

PrivateCam’s anti-spy phone camera cover is more like a sticker designed to be stuck on your webcam or the front-facing camera on your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone, etc. The Amazon description page says that this one uses adhesive to stick to your device’s camera lens. It can still be removed a number of times and supposedly does not leave any marks or residue. But that’s what the company says.

Unless they can somehow bypass the laws of physics, the adhesive will certainly begin to wear out over subsequent re-uses. The good news is that the marketing material mentions a micro-suction mechanism, much like the one used in the Dreem Disc-O phone camera cover. And we can confirm that is indeed the case. It fits perfectly on most iPads, iPhones, Macbooks, PCs, tablets, android & window phones, external webcams, and more.

Good for iPad, Tablet, iPad, Android | Type: Phone Camera cover | PrivateCam Privacy Webcam Cover: Check on Amazon

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SBYURE Phone Camera Cover

SBYURE Cell Phone Camera CoverThis cell phone camera cover comes with a rotatable screen. The camera cover can fix on the phone and there is a slider that can rotate to the top of the camera to block it. The phone camera cover is made with the thermoplastic polymer and has 3M glue to attach to the screen. The phone camera slide is in round shape, and easy to rotate the cover to block or unblock the camera view.

In addition to the cell phone camera cover, this is compatible with Windows Laptop Webcam, MacBook pro cameras, iPhone and Android devices.

Good for iPhone, Samsung, MacBook Pro, Windows Laptop | Type: Phone Camera cover | SBYURE Phone Camera Cover: Check on Amazon

MamaWin Black Metal Phone Cover

This is a thin phone camera cover that can attach on top of the camera to block the view. This cell phone camera cover comes with a non-permanent seal. You can place your finger on the cover disc and slide finger to hide and unhide the phone camera. The camera cover comes with a magnetic disc, that holds to the device. The 3M adhesive cover can be removed and reattach if necessary.

This phone camera cover can fit into most of the front cameras. This includes webcams,  laptop cameras, phone cameras, tablets, MacBooks, iPhones, etc.

Good for iPhone, Samsung, MacBook Pro, Windows Laptop | Type: Phone Camera cover | MamaWin Black Metal Webcam Cover: Check on Amazon

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PandaPrivacy Cute Webcam Cover Slide

PandaPrivacy Universal Webcam Cover for Laptop, iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Mac Air, MacBook Pro

The PandaPrivacy webcam cover slide, the company says, is made using high-quality ABS plastic, which makes it flexible. It should, therefore, easily adjust to different device sizes without breaking. This is a slide cover for your laptop’s webcam or the front-facing camera on your other devices, including the iPhone and iPad.

The webcam cover slide measures 0.73 inches x 0.35 inches with a thickness of 0.03 inches. It’s not the thinnest, but it is thin enough not to be a problem when closing your laptop lid with the cover applied. Oh, and it has a cute panda drawing on the lens cover.

Good for Laptops, MacBook, iPad | Type: Webcam, Mobile Camera slide cover | PandaPrivacy Webcam Cover: Check on Amazon

Magnet Webcam Cover Slider

Webcam Cover 0.7mm Thin - Magnet Slider Camera Cover

With a thickness of 0.7mm, the Sunshot Magnet Slider Camera Cover will offer no resistance to your laptop lid being closed. The slider cover should fit most laptop webcams, front-facing cameras on iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones, tablets, desktop PCs, etc.

The webcam cover slider makes covering and revealing the camera extremely easy. The metal and magnet combo is durable and shouldn’t scratch your devices according to the company. The cover slider uses 3M adhesive to make sure the cover sticks in place reliably wherever you stick it.

Good for Laptops, MacBook, iPad | Type: Webcam slide cover | Magnet Slider Camera Cover: Check on Amazon

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SupCase Laptop Webcam Cover

SUPCASE Webcam Cover, (6 Pack) 0.5Mm Ultra-Thin Webcam Slider Cover

Made from high-quality ABS plastic, the SupCase Webcam cover has a slim and lightweight profile that will withstand daily wear and tear. The Laptop camera cover can be opened and closed with the flick of a finger and adheres to your laptop, iPhone, iPad, smartphone, or tablet, using double-sided tape. It’s only 0.5mm thin, and it’s the thinnest webcam slide cover on this list.

Good for Laptops, MacBook | Type: Webcam slide cover | SupCase Webcam Cover: Check on Amazon

MySpyBlocker Camera Stickers

MySpyBlocker Webcam Cover

When you want to use the traditional sticker method to hide your webcam or phone front cam, you can use this SpyBlocker. You can get six sheets of stickers per pack. The manufacturer claims that the sticker won’t leave the adhesive residue behind.

Each sheet of camera stickers has multiple sticker sets with different sizes that can be used for Laptops, Cell phones, Tablets, etc.

Good for Laptops, MacBook | Type: Webcam sticker | MySpyBlocker Webcam Cover: Check on Amazon

Not only your laptops or computers, but these privacy laptop camera covers are also available for your iPhone’s front camera or any smartphone’s front camera. The plastic or metal slider covers are thinner and would not affect when you close the laptop or Mac lid. It is better than a sticker or stick pad to protect your privacy and block webcam and mobile front cam. These stickers and slides cover your webcam when not in use. This will also prevent web hackers from spying on you.

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