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How to Get Alert on Apple Watch When You Leave Your iPhone Behind

We all tend to leave our phones behind on the dining table or working desk. The one thing I wished was an option to get notified when I forget my iPhone and leave it behind. With the latest iOS 15, Apple lets you get alert on Apple Watch when you leave iPhone behind.

Let’s see how to enable separation alerts on Apple Watch when you leave iPhone behind.

Enable Separation Alerts for iPhone on Apple Watch

It is not a big deal if you forget your iPhone at home. What if you leave your iPhone behind at somewhere else like your office. You would already be driving when you realize that you forgot to carry your phone. If you have your Apple Watch on your wrists always, a reminder on the watch is enough. There is no app or extra installation needed, you can simply enable separation alert for your iPhone to get alerts on Apple Watch when you leave iPhone behind.

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Let’s see how to enable iPhone separation alerts on Apple Watch.

First, we need to make sure that iPhone runs on iOS 15 or newer and the Apple Watch is on watchOS 8 or newer. Once you are ready, launch the Find My app on your iPhone.

Choose iPhone on Find My App

From the Devices tab, select your iPhone from the listed devices. Now, swipe up the window to see all available options.

Swipe Up to See Device Options on Find My App

On your screen, tap on Notify When Left Behind option. By default, it is in turned-off mode.

Notify When Left Behind for iPhone

From the next screen, toggle on “Notify When Left Behind.”

Enable Notify When Left Behind on iPhone and Select Exception Location

Below that, you can select locations you do not want to get iPhone left behind alerts on Apple Watch. You can set your home address here so that your Apple Watch will not make any alerts when you get out of house without an iPhone. Otherwise, you will get annoying notifications on iPhone if you go for a run in the morning without taking the iPhone.

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Save Separation Alert for iPhone on Apple Watch

Once you select the location, tap Done on the window to save the settings.

iPhone Separation Alert on Apple Watch

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Now you are all set with the separation alerts on Apple Watch when you leave your iPhone behind. Now you can carry around your iPhone without having the fear of forgetting it somewhere. As soon as you leave your iPhone behind, your Apple Watch will chime to alert you about the missing iPhone. You can then go back and get your device back before driving away.

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