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Best WiFi Thermostats to Control with Android & iPhone

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WiFi Thermostats are smart and advanced in technology that can be controlled remotely from anywhere from your smartphone. Smart WiFi thermostats can detect your presence and absence in the home and adjust the temperature level in a most efficient way to save energy.

WiFi thermostats are smarter than the regular thermostats, and the latest models are coming with additional thermal sensors and integration with smart home devices like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri. The next step of evolution is AI-based Smart Thermostats, those can self-adjust the room temperature by analyzing the past history. Google Nest Smart Thermostats’s biggest selling point is the self-learning capability, those can learn and decide the room temperature based on the past days’ history.

To turn your home into smart home and makes your life easy, we listed a number of Smart Wi-Fi Thermostats which monitor and control household appliances and the energy consumption.

Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation

Smart Control: Amazon Alexa/Google Home | Smartphone: iOS/Android | Touchscreen: No | Buy from Amazon

Nest launched the first smart thermostat with self-learning capability. This thermostat can self-learning your habit and adjust the room temperature accordingly within a week of installation. This Smart Thermostats can save your heating bill by 12% and also take care the cooling part by saving around 15% a year.

Nest is claiming that this Smart Nest Thermostat can save 50 % of the energy by efficiently adjusting the room temperature and controlling the power consumption. In addition to the dedicated smartphone applications, this Smart Thermostat is integrated to work with Amazon Alexa and Google Home assisted voice control.
Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd GenerationWith the first ones in the market to have a star rating featuring energy saving, Nest app indicates the energy consumed by each day and the temperature at which maximum energy can be saved is indicated by Nest Leaf. Display time & temperature over a distance using Far-field sensor when thermostat detects your presence.

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Ecobee3 Thermostat

Smart Control: Amazon Alexa/Apple HomeKit /IFTTT/Google Home | Smartphone: iOS/Android | Touchscreen: Yes | Buy from Amazon

With additional temperature integrated with this thermostat, Ecobee Smart Thermostat can do more precise control by sensing the temperature from the additional thermal sensor. Ecobee works well with Amazon Echo, and also support IFTTT, Apple HomeKit, and Google Home. This Ecobee WiFi Thermostat allows users to monitor and control their appliances with the help of additional sensors if required.Ecobee3 Thermostat

Ecobee3 Thermostat lowers energy bills by saving 23% on an annual basis by controlling the appliances. Ecobee comes with a touchscreen and has options for adding additional sensors that can be installed in each room for more precise controlling.

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Honeywell Lyric T5 Wi-Fi Thermostat

Smart Control: Amazon Alexa/Apple Siri | Smartphone: iOS/Android | Touchscreen: Yes | Buy from Amazon:

Honeywell is offering the location-based controlling to control your home temperature in more efficient manner. With Amazon Alexa and Apple. With Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri-enabled voice control, these touchscreen thermostats provide control over the temperature by picking up location.

Honeywell RCHT8610WF2006This WiFi Thermostats can also work with the smartphones and capable of sending the reminders to replace the filter and warn you in extreme temperature conditions. The Geofencing technology enables the thermostat knows when you’re coming home and set your home comfortable for you just before you enter the house. This will alert the thermostat when you leave and switch your AC into the maximum efficiency mode.

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Lyric Round 2.0 Wi-Fi Thermostat

Smart Control: Amazon Alexa/Apple Siri/IFTTT/Samsung SmartThings | Smartphone: iOS/Android |Touchscreen: No | Buy from Amazon:

This Smart WiFi Thermostat’s adaptive recovery method enables them to determine the duration for achieving right temperature transition at the right time. The geofencing technic track user’s position. This can turn on your room heater or cooler in advance to make you comfortable and also save energy when you leave home. The Smart alert send the push notification for filter change and extreme temperature conditions.

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Honeywell Smart WiFi Thermostat

Smart Control: Amazon Alexa | Smartphone: iOS/Android | Touchscreen: Yes | Buy from Amazon

With Amazon Alexa as a voice assistant, these touchscreen support thermostat comes with a With the smart technology and efficient control, the energy can be saved on an annual basis. Advanced fan/comfort control and the indoor humidity sensor provides maximum comfort and can be controlled using smartphone or tablet.

Honeywell RTH9580WFLocking Touchscreen enables data protection and smart security on your schedules. This touchscreen allows users to set their own favorite background image. When you setup this WiFi thermostat, you can change the color of the screen to match your interior, and also control from anywhere with iOS and Android devices.

Venstar T7900 Colortouch Thermostat

Smart Control: Amazon Alexa | Smartphone: iPhone/Android/Amazon/Blackberry | Touchscreen: Yes | Buy from Amazon

With Amazon Alexa based voice assist, this WiFi Thermostat can be controlled using iPhone, iPad, Amazon, Blackberry and Android smartphones. This Smart Thermostat allows control over humidification and dehumidification, provides multiple stages of heating & cooling and dual fuel capability. With touchscreen facility and ability to set a favorite background, they are equipped with adjustable timers and APIs for 3rd Party Monitoring and Controlling.

Radio Thermostat CT50

Smart Control: NA | Smartphone: iOS/Android |Touchscreen: Yes | Buy from Amazon

Radio Thermostat CT50 enabled with Wi-Fi uses Wink App to control home using iPhone or Android. Providing multiple stages of heating and cooling, these thermostats are designed to work by determining the location of the user. When no one is home, they save energy and WiFi Thermostat set the home till the next return using geolocation. Open API enables the user to set their own interface and comes with Auto Change Over mode. The power app of this WiFi Thermostat gives you a runtime reports with a minute-by-minute data about room heating and air conditioning systems. The alert notification warns you about the onboard filter replacement and compressor protection notifications.

Vine Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat

Smart Control: NA | Smartphone: iOS/Android |Touchscreen: Yes | Buy from Amazon

This Smart WiFi Thermostat allows control with the help of iOS or Android and provides multiple layers of encrypted security. Bright Colour 3.5”LCD Touchscreen with large dials and Programmable Nightlight that makes operation easier by providing better visibility. Using iOS or Android apps or Web portal makes energy scheduling at ease. Many more advancements yet to come for smart homes.

When you shop around for Smartphone gadgets for Google Home or Amazon Echo, these WiFi Thermostats should be number one on that list those work well with these Smart Home Device voice commands.

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