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10 Online BSNL Tools You Must Know If You Are A BSNL Customer.

BSNL is providing a lot of online services to it’s customers for almost all requirements. Many of us not knowing what can be done using this online services. There is no need to go to the customer care center’s each time for getting the below given services of BSNL.

Being an online customer, we are always looking into get the things done within the comforts of our own places without any queues and queries.

BSNL in the other hand was in the legacy systems and now transferring into the comfort zone of advanced customer support levels in most of the services it offered.

Here we will see the available online services of BSNL and the procedures on how to avail that services.

1. Broadband & Landline applications:

If you want to apply for an internet connection using the ADSL technology, a portal is there to help you to register your application without going to the customer service centre’s– http://udaan.bsnl.co.in.

BSNL Application Portal

Enter your address and contact details there and the sales personnel from BSNL will contact you soon.

2. Track your application:

The status of your application can be tracked online and you can observe the movement of processes from the same portal. In addition to this you will get periodic emails and SMS for each stages of your application.

BSNL Track Application

Do not forget to enter your mobile number and email while applying. Visit the same page where you have applied and check the status. http://udaan.bsnl.co.in.

3. Register for Selfcare:

After getting the connection, you may register your account in the self care portal to get various information’s and services. Once registered in the portal, you can check your call details, broadband usage, requesting shift of connection etc from the portal itself.

BSNL Selfcare Register

Also you can see the bill details and payment history. In addition to that you can change your broadband password from here. For more details check this page.

4. Check usage of Landline & broadband:

You can check the monthly usage of your Landline and broadband with few clicks. The details of the usage of your land line and broadband can be availed from the Selfcare portal after the one time registration at any time. For more details check this page.

BSNL Broadband Usage Check

5. Know your bills online:

You can observe your bills and download it or take print out of it without waiting for the bill to be dispatched through the post.

BSNL Online Bill

You can also receive your bills via SMS notification and through your email after registering into the http://flash.bsnl.co.in site.

6. Pay your bills:

The payment of BSNL bills are hassle free and easy now a days with the help of the payment portal and the internet banking services.

BSNL Pay Bills Online

If you had an internet banking account /credit card then you can pay your bills online from the portal http://portal.bsnl.in without approaching the collection center’s. Also you can use the payment app for the Android and other platforms.

7. Register complaints:

If you had any complaints regarding the service or bills or any additional features, you can login into the Selfcare portal and post your complaint there.

BSNL Register Complaints

Moreover, you can also avail the SMS facility to register your complaints.

8. Online recharge/top up of mobiles:

BSNL is one among the initial movers among those providing the online recharge and top up of your mobiles irrespective of your location.

BSNL Online Recharge Top Up

Go to http://portal.bsnl.in and click on Prepaid mobile recharge to continue.

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