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12 Best Calorie Calculator Diet& Tracker Apps for iPhone and Android

Are you on a strict diet control? There are Android and iPhone Calorie Calculator apps to help you out. When you eat food, you must know approximately how many calories each food offer to your body. This will help you to track your diet and maintain a healthy eating habit. Smartphones are the best bet to help you in this regard. They can scan and calculate the food calorie and track of your intake.

Here are some best Calorie Calculator Diet& Tracker Apps that calculate the food calories and warn you to burn the extra ones.

Lose It! – Calorie Counter

Lose It App

With millions of members using and trusting the app, Lose It is the best one to lose weight and count the calories. Make sure to enter your details and weight to achieve at the end. Lose It will calculate the calorie intake as per your details. Either search the food in the app or scan it to feed the data. Not only by these but by taking a snapshot you can track the calories, water, and micronutrients.

Just plan your meal and set targets to check on foods that help you reach your goal. Once you are done with the food section, the app has the facility to connect to trackers, apps, and devices. The apps and trackers include Google Fit, Fitbit Scales and others that keep a constant check on your health and exercises. As this is free, you can try the premium to benefit at a faster rate.

Download Lose It: iOSiTunes

Google Fit: Health and Activity Tracking

Google Fit AppGoogle Fit is an app that counts move minutes and heart rate. Move minutes are nothing but the time you move without sitting. It indirectly implies that the more you move the calories burn. But it just counts the steps you take for climbing stairs, taking a walk and other activities. You can benefit for any move or activities by adding to Google Fit journal.

Heart points also rise up as per normal or intense activities. WHO and AHA prefer 30 minutes of brisk walk to reduce heart problems. The health progress can be checked once you sync with your favorite apps and devices to the app. Also, check the history to see your activity.

Download Google Fit: iOS

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Calorie Counter by FatSecret

Calorie Counter by FatSecret AppThis free Calorie Counter app is easy to use. Either log in with your FB or Google account and you are good to go. With the help of image recognition, just take a picture or use a barcode scanner of the food to track the nutrition. You can make use of food and exercise diary to note your food and record burnt calorie data. A diet calendar will take care of your calorie intake and burn.

To maintain the diet, set reminders for meals, and track your weight. And then your progress will be pinned to the journal. If you are not satisfied with your progress, FatSecret Professional will be at help. For more features, choose to upgrade for premium. It consists of water tracking, advanced meal planning, and more.

Download Calorie Counter: iOS | iTunes

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Step Counter – Pedometer Free & Calorie Counter

Step Counter AppThe pedometer app is designed by Google Play’s best team and is one of the handy and free Calorie Counter. Just press start to begin the step count, even with the screen lock. To save battery, it has an inbuilt sensor to track steps. With the help of graphs, you can check your calorie count, walking distance, and time. Graphs will show daily, weekly and monthly changes. While step tracker is in progress, set your theme to enjoy a good look. By keeping your data safe, it does back up your data to google drive.

Download Step Counter: iOS

YAZIO Calorie Counter, Nutrition Diary & Diet Plan

YAZIO Calorie Counter, Nutrition Diary & Diet Plan AppThis app is yet another free food calorie counter. Along with this, it also helps you plan the diet and lose weight. Register for YAZIO and scan the meal to search it locally. You can track the nutrients and calories in the food. If you like any foods, add it to favorites. And that food can be copied to other days too. You can try from as many as 2 million foods in the calorie counting table.

While keeping an eye on food, weight tracker, exercise tracker, and calorie calculator is also present. Google fit, Wear App can be tried to make sync with the app. YAZIO Pro is a paid version wherein you can lose weight at a faster pace. It will include more fibrous food and avoid fatty foods. And tracks BP, body fat, and blood sugar. As usual, ads won’t pester you in the paid version.

Download YAZIO: iOS | iTunes

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker

Spark People Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker AppThis app is offered by SparkPeople which lets you lead a healthy life. Its main priority is to support you achieve your goals. Let it be any type of diets such as vegan, keto, or any, it is easy to track and count the calories. If you are unable to decide on what to eat, SparkPeople will. They will help you with planning a week’s meal.

Even you can read articles written by dietitians and nutritionists. If you want, you can find the right food from its huge database and calculate carbs, fat, and others. Hundreds of Demo exercises are shown by licensed trainers for cardio and strengthening your muscles. By using apps and devices like Fitbit, Google Fit, you can track fitness, weight, and diet. SparkPeople website also supports you by posting healthy recipes and healthy lifestyle articles.

Download Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker: iOS | iTunes

Calorie Counter – MyNetDiary

Calorie Counter - MyNetDiary AppMyNetDiary educates you on how to control the most common types of diabetes. This app guides us on food habits and exercises so that you can lead a healthy lifestyle. While trying to bring a proper change in habits, it will check the change in blood glucose levels. You can select food from their catalog, track nutrients, water intake, and get to know the carb count.

A constant check will be done on food dairy so that the diet you follow should result in proper weight. If needed, select the option to track medication and insulin levels. The app will set pre-and post-meal targets, it will highlight any out of range values. In need of hours, it will track lab results such as BP, heartbeat, A1C, and fat. With the help of graphs, you can see the progress in your change inhabits. Auto-sync is on to back up and access from other devices.

Download MyNetDiary: iOS | iTunes

Calorie, Carb & Fat Counter

Calorie, Carb & Fat Counter AppIt is one of the leading apps in the Health and Fitness category by Virtuagym. Select from weight loss and gain, build muscle goals. It also has many diet plans for athletes, cardio, low carb, high protein, and more. Even its food database is approved by experts and nutritionists. To achieve fitness goals, this app combines all the results from protein, carb, fat, and calorie count. You can relax and learn exercise with 3d animations. See your progress tracker and get rewards for eating healthy food.

Download Calorie, Carb & Fat Counter: iOS | iTunes

MyPlate Calorie Tracker

MyPlate Calorie Tracker AppMyPlate Calorie Tracker is available only on Android phones. In this app, just update your profile, receive goals, and set a calorie goal daily. Once you select food from the database or scan by barcode, you can get to know the amount of macronutrient intake. The progress section will show a summary of all your data.

The app will also track your water intake, weight loss or gain, exercise, and calories. So plan your meal either by customizing or taking advice from MyPlate (LiveStrong) community. Calorie Tracker can be used once you sync with the website. For more updated data and faster response from the support team, upgrade to Gold Membership($9.99/month).

Download MyPlate Calorie Tracker: iOS | iTunes

My Diet Diary Calorie Counter

Calorie Counter - MyNetDiary AppThis app is yet another food calorie counter that is widely used. The app coaches on weight, diet, and fitness by having a constant check on calories, food, fat, and carbs. There are more than 1 lakh food recipes that can be added to the menu. Let it be any type of diet like Paleo, gluten-free, or any other, provide the details on nutrition content. With this, the app will count the micro and macronutrients in the food.

TheDiet Dairy will also calculate the calorie, weight, BMI, and diet summary. Not only by dieting but also by doing exercise, the calorie count can be in control. For that make use of fitness trackers that track walking, steps, cardio, and others. You can log them to check the calories burned. Even get daily tips on how to be fit.

Download My Diet Diary Calorie Counter: iOS | iTunes

Argus Calorie Counter Diet, Activity, Step Tracker

Argus Calorie Counter Diet, Activity, Step Tracker AppIn order to lead a happy life, Argus gives you all in one feature. Argus is free and has the best calorie counter and a heartbeat monitor. Just sign up and fill in the details and goals. You can log the meal details just by scanning the barcode. It counts macronutrients and nutrients of all the foods from the grocery store or any restaurant.

To have an active day, switch to the sleep alarm tracker to follow your sleep routine. To burn calories, watch workout videos that Argus creates as you select a time. Step pedometer, multi-activity GPS tracker, health charts, and analysis are some more trackers. The pedometer is designed such that it uses less battery. For you to get more ideas and change in habits, read the Argus articles and tips on health, weight, and fitness. If you wish, you can invite your friends and family, and connect with new friends via the social network.

Download Argus Calorie Counter Diet, Activity, Step Tracker: iOS | iTunes

Simple Calorie Count

Simple Calorie Count AppThis app is really a simple one for the calorie count. Just by entering your details, it will create a diet menu. It will evaluate the progress on a weekly and monthly basis. By checking the calorie intake and burned, an icon on the homepage will show the rest of the calories to burn. The food diary will log daily meals and can be exported to an HTML file or SQLite. A recent change in the app is named Simple Diet Dairy. Some changes such as customizing, adjusting goals, the graphical representation of nutrients, and total protein count on the home screen.

Download Simple Calorie Count: iOS

Calorie Calculator & Diet Tracker Apps

Well, it is good to take an adequate amount of calories in a day. But anything excess than normal is always poison. Your Android app can help you ou to track your diet. These diet tracker apps also coming with a feature to calculate your food calories. Whether it is Android or iPhone, these apps can scan the food and calculate the calorie for you. These Calorie apps are good for those who consume food without thinking about it. Let’s use the apps to track your intake and warn you when your daily quota is full.

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