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Use This Shortcut to Change Auto-Lock Timer on Your iPhone Anytime

Though it is good that your iPhone auto-locks if you leave it open for a few minutes, it can be annoying at times. When your kids are using your phone and if they bother you frequently to unlock it, it will be disturbing for you. To make things easier, you can make use of the shortcuts app to create a shortcut for changing auto-lock settings to save time.

Let us get started.

Create Shortcut to Launch Auto-Lock Settings on your iPhone

If you want to change auto-lock timeout, you can manually do that by navigating the Settings menu on your iPhone. However, if you need to modify auto-lock timeout regularly (eg. during walking/cycling), you can create a shortcut to open the auto-lock settings based on a trigger event. Let’s see how to do that.

On your iPhone, launch the Shortcuts app and tap + icon on the top right to create a new shortcut.

In the new screen, enter a name for the Shortcut (eg. Auto-lock). If you want a customized icon for your Shortcut, tap on the icon located on the top left of the screen.

Then, on the new screen, you will see two tabs Color and Glyph. If you want to change only the color of the icon, tap Color. Or you can tap Glyph to select your desired one from the 100+ icons shown. Tap Done to save your selection and return to the main menu.

create shortcut and set icon iphone

In the Shortcut app screen, tap Add Action. Then, type “URL” on the search box and tap URL from the list of options shown.

Next, enter the following command on the textbox provided


Then, tap Open URLs shown under the section Next Action suggestions. (If you don’t see any suggestions, type “URL” on the search box and select Open URLs from the list of options displayed).

shortcut to open autolock settings iphone

Now, if you click the Play button shown on the bottom of the screen, the shortcut will run and open the Auto-lock settings screen.

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Create Automation for Shortcut

Let’s say that whenever you are going for your morning walk, you want to keep your phone unlocked so that you can easily change the music or podcasts while working out.

If you go for a walk at the same time daily (eg. 7 AM), then you can use that time as a trigger. Or if you use Bluetooth headphones while walking, you can run the shortcut whenever your headphone is connected. Or if you use FitBit or a similar device to track your workouts, you can run the shortcut when that device is connected.

Open the Shortcuts app and tap the Automation icon on the bottom of the screen. Next, tap + icon on the right to create a new Automation.

Create Bluetooth Automation on iPhone Shortcuts App

In the new screen, tap Create Personal Automation.

Here, in the New Automation screen, you will see a lot of options like Time of Day, Arrive, Leave, Email, etc. If you wish to open auto-lock settings at the same time every day, then tap Time of Day and select the desired time. Or you can tap Bluetooth and select your headphones so that the auto-lock settings will open whenever that device is connected.

create automation for bluetooth device

After configuring the triggering event, tap Add Action and type “shortcut” in the search box. Next, tap on Run Shortcut from the list of options.

create automation to run shortcut iphone

In the Actions screen, tap on the faded text Shortcut. Now, you will see the list of all shortcuts stored on your device. Go ahead and tap on the Shortcut you had created for the auto-lock settings. (eg. Auto-lock) Then, tap Next followed by Done
to save the automation.

automation list iphone

Now, the auto-lock settings menu will open automatically whenever the condition is satisfied.

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We hope this shortcut will save some time if you need to change your auto-lock settings regularly based on a certain condition.

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  1. I can’t get this to work correctly. Briefly, I’m trying to automatically launch the timeout settings when I start YouTube music so I can listen in the shower without the screen locking.

    If I have the trigger be when I open the You Tube music app, nothing happens when I open that app. However if I change the automation settings so that the trigger is both when I open AND close the app, the shortcut runs as soon as I open YouTube music. Unfortunately, the action of automatically being switched to the timeout settings screen causes the “close you tube music” trigger to happen and I seem to be stuck in an endless loop of getting automatically switched to the timeout settings screen whenever I try to set the focus back to YouTube music. Does that make sense?

    I also tried having the trigger be when I connect to my shower speaker blue tooth device. But when testing it I turned on the bluetooth device and nothing happened.

    What am I doing wrong here?


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