7 Best Smart Sprinkler Controllers with iPhone and Android Apps

Last Updated: November 7, 2018

New generation Smart Sprinklers can perform better than conventional sprinkler timers. Smart Sprinklers avoids a lot of hassles and gives you more control and freedom in managing your garden or lawn. The Smart Irrigation system makes garden maintaining efficient and automated with full function control over an app. The smartphone powered sprinklers can get live weather and soil conditions. They use all these data to function without any direct inputs. They also work with smart home assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant.

We have compiled a list of Smart Sprinklers to help you choose the best one. Get one to keep your lawn healthy, save water and keep your water bill low.

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller is the most sought out. 8 or 16 Zone configurations are available. The Smart Irrigation Controller also comes with Amazon Alexa smart assistant integration. This second generation Smart Sprinkler Controller has WiFi to connect to the dashboard app and to the internet.

The dedicated Android and iPhone app allow to set custom irrigation schedules, timing, frequency, and customized zones. This sprinkler controller also works with Google Assistant, Nest and Smart Things. You can voice command to turn your sprinklers on and off with Amazon Alexa. A dedicated web interface lets you do everything from your laptop.


This Alexa sprinkler gets weather data from your location. Based on this information, the sprinkler can adjust irrigation schedules. The automatic adjustments include features such as skipping rain and winds. This prevents wastage of water and runoff.  The device does not have any display or status indicators on the panel and you have to depend on the phone app to work with it.

Anybody can install this Alexa irrigation controller without any special tools or expertise. A compatible outdoor weather resistant enclosure is available from Rachio. With this weatherproof enclosure,  you can install the controller outside of your home or office. This Smart Sprinkler Controller is EPA certified and may avail up to 100% rebate from your water provider.

Features: 8 or 16 Zone Configurations | Intuitive Android and iPhone App | Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant | WiFi Connected | Web Interface | Weather Intelligence | Rain Sensor Interface | Custom Schedules, Timing, and Frequency | Customized Zones | Outdoor Enclosure Available | Easy Installation | Buy from Amazon

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Orbit B-Hyve Smart Sprinkler Controller

B-Hyve Smart Sprinkler Controller from Orbit is another feature rich smart irrigation Controller. With WiFi connectivity, you can track and control every function through an app. The dedicated app is available for Android and iPhone to display all relevant information.

Is that not enough? Then you can pair it with your Amazon Alexa smart home assistant. It allows you to control Smart Sprinklers with voice commands. The Orbit website has a tutorial for Alexa commands. Unfortunately, this Alexa sprinkler does not support Google Assistant yet.


You can set schedules, timing, slope, soil type, plant type, and the controller. The Irrigation system will adjust the watering plan with live weather feed and sensor data. It prevents wasting any water and keeps the plants green and healthy. With smart technology and weather based schedules, this irrigation controller going to save money on water bills.

The controller also has an integrated LCD display to show all information. The navigation buttons allow direct access the functions. The device enclosure is sturdy and weatherproof. It also comes with a lock to provide extra security. This smart irrigation gadget is easy to install needing no special tools or expertise. The device comes in 6 or 12 zone configurations. The B-Hyve is EPA certified, makes it eligible for up to 100% rebate from your water provider.

Features: 6 or 12 Zone Configurations | Android and iPhone App | Works with Amazon Alexa | Not Google Home Compatible | WiFi Connected | Custom Schedules | Rain Sensor Port | EPA Certified | Outdoor Installation | LCD and Buttons | Weatherproof Enclosure with Lock | Buy from Amazon

Rain Machine Mini 8 Smart WiFi Irrigation Controller

This Alexa controlled irrigation controller device is Cloud Independent. As a result, it is completely operational even without internet. This allows full manual control. The controller app is available from Google Play Store or Apple Store. The app dashboard displays all the information you need in realtime and the web portal allows access to the dashboard from any computer. This sprinkler controller is Amazon Alexa compatible, smart way to control the device is through voice commands.



This WiFi-connected Rain Machine Smart Sprinkler Controller is beautiful and compact in design. It allows up to 8 sprinklers with an extra rain sensor. The device gets real-time weather data from many sources on the internet several times a day. This WiFi irrigation system calculates the right amount of water your plants need with the data. It adjusts your watering schedules according to the data.

The device has a set of capacitance touch interface and some status indicators. The interface is splash proof. LED backlight buttons allow operation even in the dark. This Mini 8 is EPA certified. Its water and energy saving features allow you to get rebates from your local water agency. The device itself is not weatherproof. So you need to buy an extra weather-resistant enclosure for outdoor installation. It only takes 15 minutes to install.

Features: 8 Sprinklers and Rain Sensor | WiFi Connected | Accurate Live Weather Feed | Cloud Independent | Android and iPhone App | Web Interface | Works with Amazon Alexa | EPA Certified | Optional Weather Resistant Enclosure for Outdoor | Buy from Amazon

Rain Bird ST8 WiFi Smart Irrigation Controller

Replace your old irrigation timer with this smart irrigation controller from Rain Bird. This smart irrigation from Rain Bird is WiFi connected. Rain Bird is offering better results and efficiency and you can control the device in three ways. You can use the control panel and LCD, Local WiFi or with Android or iPhone apps.

The Rain Bird controller app is available both for Android and iPhone. It can control many controllers in the range without the internet. The app can also send you periodic notifications along with status information. You can check the status of your sprinklers and garden anywhere from the world right through the app. It is also possible to pair it with smart home assistants like Amazon Alexa. This way you control the functions with voice commands. This is an Alexa based irrigation system and not compatible with Google Assistant.

The monochrome LCD screen on the device displays all important information. The navigation buttons allow you to set all functions such as schedules and timings. The device monitors local weather and self-adjusts the schedules. This prevents overwatering. The controller accepts up to 8 sprinklers and a rain sensor. The ST8O version is outdoor fixable with a weather resistant enclosure. The model ST8I is indoor only. Both models are EPA certified allowing to avail rebates.

Features: 8 Sprinklers and Rain Sensor | 3 Way Control | WiFi Connected | Inbuilt LCD and Buttons | Android and iPhone App | Periodic Notifications | Voice Control with Amazon Alexa | No Google Home Support | Outdoor and Indoor Models | Weather Resistant | EPA Certified | Buy from Amazon

Netro Sprite Smart WiFi Sprinkler Controller

Sprite is a smart and cloud-connected irrigation sprinkler controller from Netro. Its design is beautiful and compact. You can get this smart watering controller in 6 or 12 zone configurations. Sprite can connect to the Cloud through WiFi. It gets real-time weather information from the cloud. The cloud saves the historical data, schedules and user interaction knowledge. The sprinkler controller can also access gardening data for almost 10000 plants.


This smart watering controller can connect to many Whisper sensors. The sensors can measure temperature, sunlight and moisture level. Therefore, the watering process is dynamically adjusted with this data.

The dashboard app is available for Android and iPhone. It gives you full control of your garden on your palms. The Artificial Intelligence enabled app can learn user interactions. This helps it better adapt to your style. The app suggests the best watering timings depending on location, season and soil type. The company claims to add a web interface soon.

The Sprite irrigation controller works with smart assistants Amazon Alexa and Google Home. The installation takes only 15 minutes. You do not need any professional expertise for that. This Alexa controlled smart irrigation controller is indoor use only. It does not have an EPA certification or a rain sensor interface.

Features: 6 or 12 Zone Configuration | Compact | No Rain Sensor | WiFi | Cloud Connected | AI Enabled | Connects to Multiple Netro Whisper | Android and iPhone App | Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant Compatible | Indoor Use Only | No EPA Certification | Easy Installation | Buy from Amazon

NxEco Smart Irrigation Sprinkler Controller

Do you have a large lawn or garden? And want a single sprinkler for it? Look no further. The NxEco is a next-generation Alexa controlled smart irrigation controller. It supports 8, 12 and 36 zones and also has a rain sensor port. But you need to buy one separately.

The WiFi or Ethernet lets you connect it to the internet. This will allow remote monitoring and control through an intuitive app. The smart irrigation controller has a control panel, LCD, navigation buttons, status indicators, and a smart knob. The buttons let you control all functions even when you do not have the phone. This allows users to change the settings if required, and for additional security, the access is password protected.


The app is available for Android and iPhone. The sprinkler app has features such as scheduling, zone management, the rain delay and automatic watering. The app also allows full manual control. A web interface can control up to 500 devices, good for large corporate offices. You can access it from any standard web browser.

This smart irrigation controller supports both Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant. They give you voice control over your new smart irrigation controller. The device is EPA certified to use water and energy in the most efficient way. The device is not weatherproof itself. But a separate cabinet is available from NxEco.

Features: 8,12,36 Sprinklers with Extender | Rain Sensor Port | WiFi and Ethernet Connectivity | Android and iPhone App | Inbuilt LCD and Buttons | Password Protected Web Portal | Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant Compatible | EPA Certified | Optional Weather Proof Cabinet | Buy from Amazon

Aeon Matrix Yardian Multifunctional Sprinkler Controller

Yardian from Aeon Matrix is a multifunctional smart sprinkler controller. This Alexa controlled smart irrigation controller does surveillance of your garden or lawn. The controller includes an HD camera that allows live streaming and motion detection.

The cloud saves the images and videos. You can connect the controller to the internet via WiFi. The cloud will also provide live weather data to optimize the watering plan. This smart irrigation controller does not have a display or navigation buttons on it. Use their Android or iPhone app to configure everything after installing. The app has functions like scheduling, zone management, and rain skip. This smart sprinkler controller allows voice control with Amazon Alexa. However, it does not support Google Home Assistant and also does not have a web interface.


You can install this smart irrigation controller under 15 minutes. The smart sprinkler is available in 8 or 12 configurations. There is also a port for a rain sensor. One of the valves can be set as a master valve. Many Yardian controllers can work together to manage more than 12 zones.

The device is EPA certified. It guarantees efficient use of water by allowing soaking cycles and preventing runoff. The enclosure of the controller is made of with materials that are UV resistant. It also does not catch fire. So it is ideal for outdoor installation.

Features: 8 or 12 Zones | Rain Sensor | Surveillance with HD Camera | Live Streaming | Motion Detection | Animal Repellent | WiFi Connected | Android and iPhone App | No Inbuilt Control Panel | Works with Amazon Alexa | Not Compatible with Google Home | No Web Interface | EPA Certified | Outdoor Installation | UV Resistant | Fire Proof | Buy from Amazon

Smart Sprinkler Controllers with iPhone & Android App

Choosing one from these can be confusing. But it is easy to choose one if you know your requirements. All these controllers come from reputed brands with all functions you need most. If you want more features than that, spend some more money on those. Whichever the option is, you are definitely going to save time, water and money in the long run.

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