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8 Best Apps to Send and Receive Fax with iPhone

There are dedicated iPhone Fax apps that can send Fax from iPhone directly without using any traditional Fax machine. With a Fax app for iPhone, you can receive faxes and fax PDF documents or pictures from iPhone or iPad. These online fax apps are coming handy, and you can replace traditional fax devices with the iPhone. Most of these apps are supporting the US, UK and Canada numbers and few of them will give you a Toll-Free Fax number to send the Fax when you buy Fax credit.

Even though these Fax apps for iPhone are coming free, they need Fax credits that need to purchase to send Fax from your iOS device. The credit required to send fax depends on the delivery location and the number of pages you fax. The price might be a bit higher compared to the traditional fax service. However, for business users, these fax apps are must-have if you are spending most of the time on business trips.

Here are the best iPhone Fax apps to Send and Receive Fax with an iOS device that can replace the traditional Fax machine.

eFax – Mobile Phone Fax app

eFax app puts the power of a fax machine right on your phone or tablet. With the eFax app on iPhone, you can send and receive faxes on the go and instantly available on eFax mobile app and eFax account. 
You can create and send faxes using an iPhone camera, cloud storage, or email attachments like a mobile fax machine.


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eFax app lets you use cover sheets and contact lists to easily personalize and send faxes using phone contact list or eFax contact list.
 This app allows sharing faxes via email as PDF attachments.

Monthly Cost: Two plans of $16.95 (eFax Plus) and $19.95 (eFax Pro) | Setup Cost: $10.00 (eFax Plus) and $19.95 (eFax Pro) | International Fax: Supports International faxing and fax numbers | Get E-Fax Number | Download from Apple Store: eFax-Mobile phone Fax | Free Trial Link: Sign up for eFax today and get your own local or toll-free fax number that lets you send and receive faxes by email. Sign up Now!

FAX.PLUS – Receive & Send Fax

FAX.PLUS iOS app delivers pretty much everything you should expect from an advanced yet easy to use fax app. The HIPAA compliant online fax service supports to send or receive fax with other platforms like Android, Windows PC, etc. The fax app has a built-in scanner app to send e-fax direct from devices. You have the option to upload documents from your local storage or your cloud storage or even benefit from a powerful scanner and create a digital copy of your documents to be faxed.

You can retrieve the sent or received Fax from fully encrypted archives later. FAX.PLUS app also enables you to get a dedicated fax number from over 40 countries worldwide to send and receive faxes on the go. While the free plan lets you send up to 10 free pages, you can subscribe to a range of different plans with different features that starts with $4.99 per month.

Monthly Cost: Up to 10 free pages | Subscription plans start with $4.99 per month | International Fax: Supports International faxing and fax numbers | Download from Apple Store: FAX.PLUS – Receive & Send Fax | Free Trial: 10 Page Free Trial.

iFax – Send & Receive Faxes

iFax offers unlimited inbound fax and local or toll-free US / Canada fax number or local number for other countries. You can receive a fax directly to the iPhone or any other iOS device. This app fully integrated with cloud services like Dropbox, Box and can transfer documents from these cloud services.


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The documents list includes PDF and photos that can directly send from your photo library. Templates are available with a professional, customizable cover page template. The cost determined by the number of pages (in 5-page increments) and destination.

Monthly Cost: Starts from $0.99 to $12.99/month | Setup Fee: None | International Fax: It comes with an international faxing feature. Supports fax to the United States (Local or Toll-Free), Canada, UK (Local or Toll-Free), Australia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Israel & Turkey | Download from Apple Store: iFax – Send & Receive Faxe from iTunes

FAX from iPhone – Send Fax

This fax app for iPhone can send a fax from the iPhone or iPad on the go and supports to send a fax to 50+ international countries. This iPhone fax app is featured with an advanced document scanner and image processing to make sure the best possible quality for the document.

You can combine multiple documents into single fax and also preview any document before sending it by using this Fax app. The app supports most of the file types such as PDF, DOC, JPG, PNG & TIFF, HTML, etc. The cost per page is in the range of 0.25USD to 0.6USD depends on the credit package.

Monthly Cost: US$ 5.99 for One-week subscription with 3-day free trial & one-month subscription starts from US$ 19.99 | International Fax: Fax from iPhone in 90+ international countries | Download from Apple Store: FAX from iPhone – Send Fax from iTunes

FaxFile – Send Fax from iPhone or iPad

FaxFile app for iPad and iPhone supports documents, including PDF documents or pictures to send. In addition to international fax number support, the FaxFile app can send a fax to toll-free numbers and direct dial non-toll free numbers. You can use this iPad fax app to fax multiple documents to multiple fax recipients simultaneously.

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The built-in cloud drive supports to directly browse Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Apple’s iCloud Drive storage for compatible fax documents. This app supports a direct image scan and sends Fax later. To use this fax app, you have to purchase fax credits through the app.

Download from Apple Store: FaxFile from iTunes

Breezy – Easy Print and Fax for iPad, iPhone

Breezy lets you print or fax any document directly from the iOS device.   The Breezy app allows sending faxes with the purchase of Breezy Fax Credits. 

You can access documents in other applications by selecting Breezy.

Download from Apple Store: Breezy – Easy Print and Fax for iPad, iPhone from iTunes

JotNot Fax

JotNot Fax turns your iPhone and iPad into a portable, outbound fax machine. You can use JotNot Fax to send PDF files to any US or Canadian fax number from anywhere.

 Sending Fax from iOS devices requires credits. You can add credits to your account through an In-App Purchase. When you send a fax, JotNot will calculate the number of credits required and will prompt you to purchase any additional credits needed. If you are sending multiple faxes, you can also buy credits packs under the Settings menu.

Download from Apple Store: JotNot Fax from iTunes

MaxEmail Fax

This app allows you to send and receive faxes from your iPhone. Using the MaxEmail Fax application, subscribers of MaxEmail Internet Fax & Voice Mail Service can send and receive faxes. They can send these faxes directly from their iPhone no matter wherever they are, no fax machine or phone line is needed.

ios-MaxEmail Fax

You can send faxes by taking a picture of the document or attach PDF files directly from your DropBox, Google Drive, or any WebDAV service. The additional features include receiving faxes and voicemail, view faxes received on your MaxEmail number, listen to voicemail received on your MaxEmail number, send any received faxes out as a new fax.

Download from Apple Store: MaxEmail Fax from iTunes

Fax App – Send Fax from iPhone

Any iPhone or iPad can turn into a portable fax machine with Fax App.   With this Fax app, you can scan any document with an advanced integrated document scanner app and fax them anywhere in the world. The Fax App support to scan and fax contracts, receipts, any kinds of documents, paper notes, schedules, etc. The advanced scanning technology enhances the images by removing shadow and noise and performing the automatic perspective correction. This Fax App supports to send and receive fax over 90+ countries.

Download from Apple Store: Fax App from iTunes


BoomFax lets you send faxes from your iPhone. This app allows sending single or multi-page faxes right from your cell phone.


The faxes never stored on BoomFax servers, and you will get a notification as soon as the fax document is successfully delivered.

The additional feature includes PDF support
 sign of relevant documents, and you can send it to email or upload it to Dropbox.

International Fax: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, France, Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Israel, India, Portugal, Italy, Hong Kong, Puerto Rico, Australia. | Download from Apple Store: BoomFax from iTunes

Fax Burner: Send & Receive Fax

Fax Burner is a free iOS Fax Machine that turns the iPhone or iPad into a fax machine. The Fax Burner service will provide a toll-free number for 24 hours every time you want to send a fax from the iPhone. You will get notification fo incoming fax, and forward the fax copy to the email. Fax Burner only offers US numbers for Fax. With Fax Burner, you can use the electronic signature and also complete integration with Dropbox.

Download from Apple Store: Fax Burner from iTunes

Most of these iPhone fax apps filled with nice additional features like iOS contact integration, cover pages, and templates, electronic sign capability make these apps more user-friendly and easy to use. These iPhone fax apps let you send fax online from iPhone, and most of these iOS Fax apps are featured with Cloud service, capable of saving received documents into your cloud account and can send the documents or pictures from cloud service.


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