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These Car Gadgets Can Offer You Best Driving Experience

The list of Vehicle Gadgets that can use in your Car extends from simple Car Charger to Dash Cam. These smart devices can do a lot of things for you. Especially, Dash Cams are built to record the road footage all the time while you drive that can use as legal proof if you end up in any accidents.

We listed the best Car Devices, this include the Car Dash Cams, Bluetooth Adapters, GPS tablets to replace traditional GPS, Car Hud Displays etc. Have a check on this best Car Gadget that can use on your vehicle.

All About Dash Cams and Dash Cam Buying Guide.

Dash Cams are coming with wide recording angle and HD Video quality that can support memory card from 16GB to 256GB in size. There is no reason to make a huge investment on Dash Cams for optional features those are irrelevant for the dash cam users most of the time.  To help the dash cam buyers, we listed all-important Dash Cam Features and Best Dash Cams that will be helpful for a new Dash Cam Buyer.

Smart Car Chargers with Best Features

Nowadays, smart Car chargers are demanded product that can charge your smart devices while you drive your car. Most of the Android phone models and iPhones are hardly survive 24 hours without recharging. Here we listed a couple of smart car chargers those have some bonus functions. These chargers are coming with car finder app, Bluetooth FM transmitter, SD Card support, MP3 Player etc. Please select the charger with the best features that match your need.

iPhone X and latest Android phones are supporting wireless car charging. For those who want to go for a wireless world, we listed the best wireless car charger that you can use with iPhone and Android phones.

Dash Cams with GPS to Record Car Speed & Location

GPS Dash Cam can record the street video with your coordinates, geographical location and most of all, the speed of the vehicle. As you know, after you involved in a bad accident, the speed of the vehicle is a crucial point for law enforcement authorities to ticket you. When you drive at a legal speed, the best dash cam with GPS can prove your innocence, in those nasty incidents without any arguments. We are listing the best GPS Dash Cams available today on the market that can record not only the video footage but your vehicle speed too.

5 Best Built-in GPS Tablets

Why do you want to spend money for a GPS device and pay extra for map updates in every year? You can buy a nice Android tablet with GPS for the same price instead of dedicated vehicle GPS. You can use this tablet just like a vehicle GPS and take advantage of some additional bonus features. The bonus you get when you choose Android tablet with GPS is a large screen display for your map, can watch movies, browse the internet with WiFi or 3G/4G, keep sync with your business or trip calendar and to-do list, check emails, etc. We listed the best GPS tablets those are coming with built-in GPS sensor in the tablet.

Bluetooth Car Adapter Buying Guide

No need to worry about additional wiring or aux pin into your car audio system when you use Bluetooth Car Kit, These gadgets are plug and play, and no additional wiring or setup need to operate. Bluetooth car kit will work with almost all the cars that have an FM Audio System and a 12V Car Cigarette Lighter Plug near to driver seat. This article is a Bluetooth Car Adapter Buying Guide that can Wirelessly Connect Smartphone to Car Audio System through a dedicated FM Channel.

Car Hud Heads Up Display

The Car Heads Up Display (HUD) is a device that displays all the required information while you are driving, such as speed, fuel level, battery and engine check light, and most of them support navigational details too. This heads up display is an advanced system which can reduce the accident chances to very low percentages if used properly. Also, these can be used in highly interactive applications which make use of the car windshield screen for some different purpose rather than just providing a closed environment for the car. Here we present to you few of the things you should know before buying a heads-up display for your car.

Automate Android Phone before you Drive

We are living in the world of Voice Activation and Automation. Why can’t you automatically turn on Android Bluetooth when you enter into the car? There is a list of tasks we perform on the Android phone before we start driving in every morning.  The tutorial is essentially a guide to get you done with the process, but the grant plan is to get you acquainted with NFC Tag writing process. This article, we describe to automate all major task that you accomplish on the Android phone before turn on the car ignition key.

We listed the best Car devices that can enjoy while driving and sometimes can save your money and life. This list is not ended here, we will keep updating more car devices in this to extend your driving experience.

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