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5 Best iPhone Apps for YouTube Music Streaming

YouTube music streaming is more than a just a standard music service. The YouTube music app offers about 30 million+ audio tracks for the users to be accessible anytime. The increase in the popularity of YouTube music streaming, bring a lot of dedicated apps to iTunes Store. The music on the streaming platforms is free and helps in avoiding the unwanted song purchases. Many of these YouTube music streaming services offer a limited music stream for free.

While you use this YouTube streaming app, there is no need to download the album or track at first to use it. The music streaming services also support diverse types of music formats. Here are some of the best iPhone apps to do YouTube music streaming:


Musi is just the answer for YouTube music streaming on iOS devices. It is a great as well as easy to use app allows you to add any video from YouTube to listen to it. Find the video inside the app and add it by tapping the + icon. While playing the song, it shows you the image, song name and the name of video uploader.

You can countless playlists by adding the videos and stream it on any AirPlay inheriting device. The app also comes edit feature allowing you to perfect your music library. Musi comes with the ability to trim music to trash the part you do not want to listen.

Download from: iTunes: Musi

Free Music Player

Free Music, Coming with present innovative technology, the app provides best YouTube music streaming. Free Music is dedicated to giving a lag-free music listening experience. It inherits an intuitive user interface with enhanced equalizer equipped with BassBoost. You can also do your work while it plays in the background your favorite music.

The tool allows more control on your music playing by giving lock screen controls. Create, tailor and regulate the streaming playlists easily. You can also search tracks by artist, title and album sorting. Browse the songs or tracks by date, duration, and name with ease. Listen to YouTube free without paying any charge whatsoever.

Download from iTunes: Free Music Player for YouTube

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Music Tube

Collecting the best music videos from YouTube, Music Tube is specifically present for giving you astonishing music experience. Looking much like an average music player the app can play videos as well. Music videos are listed vertically, and the top section has the popular tracks. Search the songs by genre along with other means to listen the one you want to.

The YouTube music streaming service provider saves songs in the device cache for easy playback. With options like random shuffle and continuous loopback, the app is great in its work. Supporting localization feature, you can glance at the local music as well as albums from diverse countries.

Download from iTunes: Music Tube


Search and listen to million free music trending with SoundTunes. Getting the best YouTube music streaming through the best music collection. The videos are classified according to country wise as well as category wise list. Explore the widespread categories in #Live, #Sports, #News, #360° videos.

The user can control the speed of the video by playing it on 25x, .5x, 1.25x, 1.5x, 2x modes. You can build your music collection with by saving the videos from the widespread collection present in the tool. No need to login in the app to use the features offered. Use the app for music listening without any trouble.

Download from iTunes: SoundTunes

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My Tube.Mate

Browse, search and do YouTube music streaming for infinite hours with My Tube.Mate. The app allows the users to keep the millions of songs on the go and enjoy them whenever you want to. Explore the best music present in diverse genres with ease. It also supports all iPhone and iPad screen sizes.

Play and shuffle your tracks again and again with the advanced as well as a powerful music player. Edit your local playlist by adding and removing the songs easily. The app inherits the lock screen controls to change the track without opening the app.

Download from iTunes: My Tube.Mate

Nearly any song or album from an artist can be listened by the use of music streaming services. YouTube music streaming is a great way to listen to the music when on the move. Build an entire collection of favorite tracks with the help of the apps given above. Without the worry of storage, listen music like millions of people are doing in the current period.

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