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Car Hud Heads Up Display-The Ultimate Buying Guide

Car Hud Display is a fantastic and futuristic device that might have seen in some tech-related movies like Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. The main purpose of this Car Hud Heads Up Display is to keep the driver’s eye always on the road, where they are supposed to be. Along with the interactive features, some of these hud displays will equip the voice command features too which makes the driving very easy and distraction-free. It is often seen that people are distracted by the notifications on their smartphones which lead to accidents. With the HUD (Heads Up Display) installed in the car, it is ensured that you do not have to look away from the road even to check a notification on your smartphone.

Here we present to you a few of the things you should know before buying a heads-up display for your car.

Types of Heads Up Display

There are two types of hud display that you can consider to buy, OBD2 Port supporting model and Smartphone Supporting model. Please refer to this article for the Best Head Up Display for Car with Smartphone& OBD2 Support.

Smartphone Hud Up Display

One model can pair with your phone to display the phone notifications, navigation screen and even to answer the call handsfree with the car hud up based unit. Depends on the features and advanced technology, these heads-up displays are more expensive than OBD heads-up displays. You can get Navdy Heads Up Display & GPS Navigation, best in the market.

Navdy Heads Up Display GPS Navigation

This device will communicate with your mobile phone through Bluetooth and display phone screen, map and notifications and other information on the screen.

OBD2 Port Hud Up Display

The second type is working with OBD II certified vehicle, can connect to Car’s OBDII port and display the details on Car Wind Shield. The display includes vehicle speed, engine speed, temperature, battery level, and warn you on any vehicle errors and faults. There are different features and products available for OBDII based display, and let us discuss more details here.

What are the Essential Parameters of a Heads Up Display?

The HUD head up display can show all required information that a driver should know on the car windshield with the help of a projected display. These important information’s include speed of the car, fuel level, engine check and oil data, directions in which car is moving, altitude, engine speed, water temperature, battery voltage, instantaneous fuel consumption, average fuel consumption, mileage measurement, and much more!

Car Head Up Display Details

With a customizable display setting, one can always limit what information they want to get displayed on the windshield. Usually, HUD Display is coming with 5.5 inch HD display to provide the best viewing experience. This heads up display is a futuristic device which enables us to keep the eyes on the road and still get all the information, without looking down towards the dashboard.

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Will HUD Display Work with My Car?

These HUDs are coming with OBD2 (On-Board Diagnostics) interface enabled, and work with all the cars those have an OBD2 interface.

car obd certified stickerNow how do you know that the car has the OBD2 interface? Well, the answer is simple, open the engine hood of your car and look for a sticker indicating the compliance with the OBD software. The sticker shall look something like above.

How to Connect Heads Up Display?

They are simple to set up as car hud head up display can be directly plugged directly into the OBD2 Connector that is usually located near to the driver seat area. The OBD2 cable supplied with the heads up Display device has enough length to reach from your device to the OBD2 interface.

Most of the car hud head up display works on a simple Plug and Play interface and consumes the power from the OBD2 connector itself. Once you connected and turned on the device, the car will automatically send all the important data to the HUD device via the OBD2 Connector, and the Hud Device project the screen onto your car windshield.

Heads Up Display Working Efficiency and User interface

Those devices which are specially designed as the HUD in your car does a lot more than just display. Similar to the Google glasses, this car hud display can show the way out on the road towards your destination by connecting it with the GPS system of the car.

Car Head Up Display Device

image courtesy: Amazon

Another important feature is a warning symbol that is displayed in case you lost control or running over speeds. A HUD display will always keep you updated about the car’s important parameters, that need to be noticed, without taking eyes off the road.

What is Reflection Screen and Why do I Need?

Most of the cars come with a double glassed windshield that may cause some amount of distortion on the letters while displaying on car windshield from Hud Device. The reflection film (can buy from Amazon for $6.99) coming with this heads up display can place on the windshield to avoid any kind of distortion or double image formation.

Some of these heads-up display comes with an option of a polarized screen which is used to display the information instead of using the windshield directly, another way of preventing double image formation.

HUD Display Automatic Brightness Adjustment feature.

The HUDs nowadays are also capable of adjusting the brightness on them to adapt to the ambient light. If you are driving on a sunny day, the HUD display needs to be brighter for it to be visible on your windshield. The panels on the HUD are capable of adjusting the brightness automatically, according to the outside sunshine to produce a bright and crisp display.

The same situation is also applicable during night driving where it does not need a very bright display as it may cause strain on eyes so that the display brightness will be adjusted accordingly.

Recommended Car Heads Up Display

Based on our experience and the research we did for Car heads up display, here is the list of few from Amazon.

Eoncore Car A8 Hud Head Up Display

Eoncore Car A8 Hud Head Up has 5.5″ large-screen display and OBD2 Interface supports OBD II or EUOBD Plug and Play.  This heads up display is featured with Automatic and manual brightness adjustment mode, free switching between kilometer and mile. This hud display project car speed, engine speed, water temperature, battery voltage, instantaneous fuel consumption, average fuel consumption, mileage measurement, shift reminding, fatigue driving reminding, low voltage alarm, high-temperature alarm, speed alarm, engine fault alarm, fault code elimination.

Echoman EM03A Universal GPS Car Head Up Display

Echoman Heads up Display featured with automatic brightness adjustment to suit ambient light. This card hud can display vehicle speed (kilometers), time, direction, altitude (meters), and over speed indication.

Arpenkin X5 HUD Heads up Display

Arpenkin X5 Heads up Display is compatible with OBD II EOBD System and OND2 agreement cars. This hud display is featured with Automatic and manual brightness adjustment mode and lets you switch KMH and MPH. This car hud can display car speed, engine speed, water temperature, battery voltage, low voltage alarm, high-temperature alarm, speed alarm, and also allows free switching between kilometer and mile, free switching between C and F.

Why do you need a HUD Display?

You might have seen the BMW i8, is a heads up display car enabled with the HUD technology, which is shown in the movie. This may seem like a very futuristic technology for the current times, but who can say what may be unleashed tomorrow in this ever-growing field of Artificial Intelligence, right? The Car Heads Up Display (HUD) is a device that displays all the required information while you are driving, such as speed, fuel level, battery, and engine check light, and most of them support navigational details too.

The HUD display for the car is an add-on feature and a more futuristic way to prevent accidents by giving all the information in a single view. This device helps to keep the focus on the road always while getting important dashboard information. This will offer you distraction-free driving that significantly reduces the chances of brutal accidents.

This heads up display is an advanced system that can reduce the accident chances to very low percentages if used properly. Also, these can be used in highly interactive applications which make use of the car windshield screen for some different purpose rather than just providing a closed environment for the car.

With these car hud head-up display, the safety of the passengers is increased multiple folds, and it will cost less price against the comfort and safety they provide. With these hud displays, we would like to say just one thing, “Welcome to the future of automotive safety.”

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