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Your iPhone Has Hidden Photo to PDF Converters; Here’s How to Use Them

It is always convenient to save some documents as photos on the phone, just in case you have to use them in an emergency situation. Sharing the image may not be the best idea, and that’s why everyone prefers PDFs. If you have such a document or picture on your iPhone and want to share it with others in PDF format, there are plenty of ways to do it.

Let’s find out the best possible methods to convert a picture into a PDF from your iPhone.

Photo Print to PDF on iPhone

Like any other phone or computer you use, iPhone has its own printing service called AirPrint. Although you need AirPrint compatible printers to use with your iPhone, we can use the same to convert anything into a PDF.

Before attempting to save an image as a PDF on your iPhone, make sure you have the Files app installed. If you accidentally deleted it, get to the App Store and install the Files app.

The iPhone allows printing photos using AirPrint, from where we can “print it to PDF” directly. Let’s see how.

First, open the Photos app on your iPhone, and open any picture you want to convert to PDF format.

Tap the share icon at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Share Photo from iPhone Photos

Swipe up the share sheet and select “Print.”

Print Photo in iPhone

From the printing screen, make sure no printers are selected, and then tap the “Print” option at the top.

Print a Document on iPhone

Now, another share sheet will pop up from the bottom of your iPhone. From this, select “Save to Files.”

save files option iphone

Choose a folder and file name in the Files app and select the “Save” option.

Save to Files App on iPhone

Your image is now saved as a PDF document in the Files app. Go ahead and check the Files app for the saved PDF file so that you can view and share it.

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Convert Photo to PDF from Files App

If you already have the photos saved in the Files app, it will be a cakewalk to convert them into a PDF. Follow the below steps in order to convert any picture into a PDF from the iPhone Files app.

Go to the Files app if you already have photos saved there. In case you don’t, head to the photos app, share any picture, and select “Save to Files” from the share sheet. then, save the file within any folder you want.

Now, in the Files app, find the image you want to convert into PDF. Long press the file to see the actions menu.

Choose “Create PDF” from the menu, and there you go. The image will instantly convert into PDF and be saved in the same folder. You can then open the PDF, annotate the PDF or share it with anyone.


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Use Siri Shortcut to Convert Picture to PDF

We said this earlier: “there’s always a shortcut for that.” The Shortcut app on your iPhone is one of the best things Apple did lately. It lets you create actions that no app can do. Converting a picture to PDF using Siri Shortcuts on your iPhone is quite an easy task and here is how you can do it.

First, install our Shortcut to convert pictures to PDF on your iPhone.

Once you are done with the installation part, head over to the Photos app and select a picture you want to save as a PDF.

Tap the share icon at the bottom.

Share Photo from iPhone Photos

From the share sheet, select the “Convert Picture to PDF” option.

Convert Picture to PDF on iPhone

A prompt will ask you to choose the folder to save the PDF file. Do it and save the PDF files within the iPhone Files app.

Save to Files App on iPhone

We also have a guide to convert iPhone photos to JPEG before sharing. Read here.

Share Image to Books App

This is an odd method to have but works perfectly fine. You can share an image to the Books app to make it a PDF file in no time. Let’s try it out.

First, open any photo and select the share option.

You will see many app icons in the share sheet. Swipe them to the left and tap the “More” button at the rightmost end.

More Apps from the Share Sheet

Choose “Books” from the next screen.

Share to Books App on iPhone

Now you will be taken to the Books app. There you can find the “Untitled” book at the top which is your photo saved as a PDF document. Tap the three-dots button next to it.

More Options for EBook on iPhone Books App

Select “Share PDF” to send the PDF file to any app.

Share PDF from iPhone Books App

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Sharing an image in PDF format keeps it in full quality. Moreover, the recipient can print the photo without losing any colors or quality in PDF format. If you ever plan to share a picture or a document with someone, make use of these hidden PDF converter tools on your iPhone.

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