7 Best Head Up Display for Car with Smartphone& OBD2 Support

Last Updated: April 30, 2018
Best Head Up Display Car

Heads up displays can project your vehicle information navigation map and turn by turn instructions on your car windshield. This hud display can help you to read all vital information of your vehicle from the hud display without losing your attention while driving. There are two types of hud display technology in the market. One model can pair with your phone to display the phone notifications, navigation screen and even to answer the call handsfree with Car hud up display. The second type is working with OBD II certified vehicle that can display vehicle speed, engine speed, temperature, battery level, and warn you on any vehicle errors and faults.

We listed the best hud display for car those can connect to smartphone or vehicle OBD port to display the information on the hud.

Navdy – Heads-Up Display & GPS Navigation

When you consider car heads-up display, Navdy is one of the best hud for the car, comes with more advanced technology product that built with Augment Reality display. This head up display can project the images into your car windshield in a crystal clear quality even in bright sunlight and of course in the night time.

Navdy Heads Up Display GPS Navigation

The hand gestures can activate the device functions like call answering, Siri or Google Assistant functions right from the device built-in camera while you drive. Navdy has inbuilt GPS powered with Google Map to assist you while driving. In addition to this, Navdy Heads up display can connect with your smartphone to answer a call, Map functions, voice commands, and even for phone notification heads-up display on the car windshield. You can customize your Navdy dashboard with the required parameters like speedometer, compass, fuel meter, etc.

Key features: Augmented Reality Display | Natural Hand Gestures | Smartphone pairing | Support Android/iOS | built-in GPS | Built in Offline Google Map | Messages & Notifications Display | Dashboard Customization | Display vehicle Fuel level, speed, compass, etc. | Buy from Amazon

Garmin Speak with Amazon Alexa

Garmin Speak is new Alexa based device from Garmin. This brings a hand’s free operation while driving with Amazon Alexa voice commands. This Alexa Dot like device from Garmin can control with Alexa commands. This tiny device can stream music, play audio books, check the weather, read the news and respond to all Alexa commands like your Alexa Dot. garmin Sapek let you order item, create shopping list and check to-do list while driving with voice commands.Garmin Speak with Amazon Alexa

The beauty of this device, this can assist you to provide turn-by-turn spoken directions with Garmin. This device is not capable to show you the entire map but can display lane guidance arrows to keep you on the right direction. Please be aware, this device is going to use your Smartphone data connection while driving and you have to download Garmin Speak App to your smartphone before you start using this device.

Key features: Work with Alexa Voice Commands | Smartphone pairing | Support Android/iOS | built-in GPS | Weather/calendar/to-do/notifications | Garmin Directions | Garmin map lane arrow Display | Buy from Amazon

Garmin HUD (Head-Up Display)

Garmin head-ups display is for those who want to get their direction and turns on the windshield instead of looking on the GPS or smartphone Navigation Map screen while driving. This can project all map information from our smartphone on the windshield using Garmin Head-up display. Garmin Head-Up display is coming with additional film do attach on your Windshield to make the best display quality in day and night. This hud display from Gramin can pair with your smartphone via Bluetooth. You can use Garmin StreetPilot for iPhone, or NAVIGON for iPhone/Android/Windows Phone 8 apps (additional purchase required) to sync up with this car head display to project the Map and directions on your car windshield. The device can be charged using the USB port attached to it,

You can’t get any vehicle speed or fuel information with this heads-up display. Garmin HUD for displaying the navigation map on your windshield with the support of smartphones.

Key features: Display GPS Maps and Turn by turn instructions | Comes with Headup display film | Supports iPhone and Android Garmin Map Apps  (StreetPilot & NAVIGON) | Buy from Garmin

Techstick Car HUD Head Up Display

Techstick car hud display connects with your vehicle OBD II or EUOPD port to view all vital information about your car on the Hud. This heads-up display will support all OBDII Certified vehicle to display the vehicle information through this hud display. The 5.5 HD large multi-color display make sure the maximum clarity while the display on the hud. This vehicle information includes the mileage measurement, car speed, engine temporary, etc., can show on the hud. The automatic brightness adjustment is essential to display at the best level based on the day-night light. The device powered from the car and automatically turn on and turn off with car engine to protect the car battery from the drain. In addition to the above features, this car hud display can warn about low battery, high temperature, engine fault, etc.

Key features: 5.5” HD multicolor Display | Auto brightness | Display Milage, Speed, temperature, Avg fuel consumption | Support KM/h or MPH | Support fault code elimination | Battery drain protection | Warning alarm on Engine failure, high temperature, low battery, etc.| Buy from Amazon

Ref: Car Hud Heads Up Display-The Ultimate Buying Guide

SEI GPS Head-Up Display

This head up display is an extended featured to display only the speed of your car while driving. There is no need to pair your smartphone or any other device with this car hud. The built-in GPS will detect your car driving speed and display on the shield.

SEI GPS Head Up Display

In addition to the speed display on the hud, you can set five-speed warnings that can generate an alert sound when you exceed that set speed. This simple head-up display using your car’s cigarette lighter port for the power supply and windshield to display the speed.

Key features: Display speed | Auto brightness | KM/hr or MPH mode | Speed Warning Alerts | Buy from Amazon

Techstick Car HUD Heads Up Display

This car hud is coming with 5.5” display and reflective board to make sure maximum clarity on display in addition to the auto brightness feature. This head up display can offer you a speed warning, supports to switch between KM/h or MPH based on your region.

Techstick Heads Up Display

This is one of the best hud display for the car that can display all most of your vehicle information such as speeding Warning, Fuel Consumption, Temperature, Driven mileage, etc. This device is capable of warning you while driving against low voltage, high temperature, over speed, engine fault, etc.

Key features: 5.5” HD multicolor Display | Auto brightness | Display Milage, Speed, temperature, Avg fuel consumption | KM/h or MPH | Support fault code elimination | Battery drain protection | Warning alarm on Engine failure, high temperature, low battery, etc. | Buy from Amazon

Arestech Head Up Display

Arestech car hud display work with OBDI certified vehicles. This car heads up can display coming with multicolor, to measure and view the driving mileage, speed, engine speed, average fuel consumption, etc. This hud display supports fault code elimination and also allow the user to switch between kilometer and mile. The display can connect to the car power supply and capable of auto power on and off with vehicle started and shutdown, effective protection of the car battery. Automatic and manual brightness adjustment mode make sure the maximum best display in different light conditions without glare.

Key features: 5.5” HD multicolor Display | Auto brightness | Display Milage, Speed, temperature, Avg fuel consumption | KM/h or MPH | Support fault code elimination | Battery drain protection | Warning alarm on Engine failure, high temperature, low battery, etc. | Buy from Amazon

BZseed Head-Up Display

BZseed Head-Up Display supports smartphone GPS navigation by pairing your smartphone with this heads-up display. This car hud display device is coming with own display screen instead of projecting to the windshield. This makes sure the maximum clarity of display even when you drive in a sunny daylight. This support iPhone and Samsung devices to display the Map screen on the hud.

BZseed Head Up Display

The device is coming with additional mobile phone holder to hook in your car. This also not supporting any vehicle information to display on the hud.

Key features: Support iPhone & Samsung | Display Map Screen on Hood | Build in in hud display | Additional Smartphone Holder | Buy from Amazon

The car hud display listed above are working in two ways, one can sync with your smartphone and work with hands-free call and other voice assistant commands with navigation and notification display. The second type car hud display is for displaying your vehicle health status and warn you on failures and over speed. based on your requirement, select one of the hud display for your car.

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