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12 Best Heads Up Displays (HUD) for Cars with OBD2 & Smartphone Support

Heads Up Displays can project your vehicle information, navigation map, and turn-by-turn instructions on your car windshield. There are two types of HUD display technology. One can pair with your phone to display the phone notifications and navigation screen and answer the call hands-free with the car Heads Up Display. The second type is the OBD2 Heads Up Display or HUD that connects to the OBD II port of the vehicle. It can display vehicle speed, engine speed, temperature, and battery level and warn you of vehicle errors and faults.

We listed the best hud display for cars that can connect to a smartphone or vehicle OBD2 port to display the information on the hud.

Best Car Hud Display

  • Head-Up Display with OBD 2: AUTOLOVER Car HUD Heads Up Display with 5.5” HD multicolor Display and Battery drain protection.
  • Dash Hud Display: LEANINGTECH P10 Car HUD Device with Multi-color TFT LCD 30-degree view angle Display and Warning alarm on Engine failure, high temperature, low battery, etc.
  • Minimal Head-Up Display: SEI GPS Head-Up Display is the minimal head-up display for the car to display the vehicle speed.
  • Hud Display for Mobile Phones: Garmin Speak can get directions, connect with Android or iPhone, and works with Amazon Alexa voice commands.

A8 Car HUD Heads Up Display

Techstick Heads Up Display

This car HUD comes with a 5.5” display. The reflective board is to make sure maximum clarity on display in addition to the auto-brightness feature. This car head-up display can offer you a speed warning. This Heads up display can switch between KM/h or MPH based on your region.

This is one of the best HUD displays for the car that can display most of your vehicle information. This includes speeding Warning, Fuel Consumption, Temperature, Driven mileage, etc. This device is capable of warning you while driving against low voltage, high temperature, over speed, engine fault, etc.

Key Features: 5.5” HD multicolor Display | Auto brightness | Display Milage, Speed, temperature, Avg fuel consumption | KM/h or MPH | Support fault code elimination | Battery drain protection | Warning alarm on Engine failure, high temperature, low battery

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VJOYCAR V70 Universal Car HUD Head-Up Display

VJOYCAR V70 Universal Car Hud Head-Up Display

The head-up display can be used as GPS Speedometer and display Engine RPM, Overspeed Warning, Mileage Odometer, Coolant, Turbo Pressure, etc. The display is equipped with a 2.2” HD TFT LCD colorful screen.

The hud display can measure the speed with built-in GPS. You can see the number of satellites and driving direction on this Hud display. It can alarm and warn you of Overspeed, low voltage, etc.

Key Features: 2.2” HD TFT LCD | Auto brightness | Display Milage, Speed, temperature, Avg fuel consumption | KM/h or MPH | Battery drain protection | Warning alarm on Engine failure, high temperature, low battery

VJOYCAR V70 OBD2 Gauge Cluster HUD Heads Up Display, Car Computer OBD ii Scanner Speed...
  • 【HUD Display】Classic 5.8" Large Screen HD LCD HUD for cars, with driving speed MPH or KM/H and...

Arestech Heads Up Display

Arestech Windshield HUD Head Up Display

Arestech car hud display work with OBDI certified vehicles. This car heads up can display coming with multicolor. This head-up display unit can measure and view the driving mileage, speed, engine speed, average fuel consumption, etc. This hud display supports fault code elimination and also allows the user to switch between kilometer and mile.

The display can connect to the car power supply and is capable of auto power on and off with the vehicle. This is to protect the car battery from draining. Automatic and manual brightness adjustment mode makes sure the maximum best display in different light conditions without glare.

Key Features: 5.5” HD multicolor Display | Auto brightness | Display Milage, Speed, temperature, Avg fuel consumption | KM/h or MPH | Support fault code elimination | Battery drain protection | Warning alarm on Engine failure, high temperature, low battery

Arestech 5.5 inches A8 OBD2 Windshield HUD Head Up Display with Display RPM MPH Speeding...
  • Compatible Attention* 5.5 inches colorful large screen head up display. Available for most cars with...


VJOYCAR R1 HUD GPS Speedometer Universal 3D Head Up Display

The VJOYCAR R1 is the new 3D mirror HUD that’s pretty powerful. It is a universal GPS-enabled Head-up display that shows real-time speed and distance covered. The 3D reflection display can show you the driving speed, time, and trip distance all in one place without getting distracted. This car HUD also shows the current altitude at which you’re driving apart from the speed and the distance.

The satellite sync time data is also pretty much useful and accurate. The R1 is pretty easy to install. It comes with a USB cable adapter that fits right into your Cigarette Lighter port. Once connected, this head-up display powers on whenever the vehicle is turned on. There is a smart light sensor on this car HUD that adjusts the reflected data precisely so that you would face any issues while driving.

Key Features:  3D display | Auto brightness | Displays Speed, Time and Distances covered | KM/h-MPH Toggle | Over speed alarm | Driver fatigue alarm |  Auto power ON/OFF

VJOYCAR 3D HUD Head Up Display Universal GPS Speedometer for Cars Digital Speed MPH KM/H...
  • 【HUD 】WHY HUD? My car dashobard has speed.「When driving speed at 60MPH, head down for 1...

Car Hud Heads Up Display-The Ultimate Buying Guide


Vgeby Car HUD

If you’re too much dependent on GPS navigation, then the Vgeby Car HUD phone holder is for you. It, in a way, improves your driving without letting you take your eyes off the road. It comes with an HD image reflector that makes the display reflect things very clearly, even during low lights. The large screen and HD display let you keep a 6” smartphone with ease.

The HUD phone holder is easy to install and comes with a non-slip mat design. It keeps your phone or a HUD unit intact the whole you drive. The reflective panel on this holder is adjustable. You can align it accordingly easily within a range of 45°.

Key Features: HD Image Reflector | ABS plastic + organic glass |  Anti-slip Pad | Accommodates up to 6″ phones

VGEBY Car HUD Phone GPS Heads Up Display for Navigation HD Image Reflector Head Up Display...
  • Head Up Display Phone Holder Mount come with a HD Image Reflector, makes the display reflect image...

Lttrbx T600 Car HUD

LEANINGTECH P10 Car HUD Head Up Display

This is not a Head-Up display but acts as a car hud on the car dashboard. This Car Hud connects the car’s OBD2 interface with the OBD cable. P10 Hud can display vehicle speed, engine RPM, water temperature, fuel consumption, etc. This built-in TFT LCD Screen is coming in multicolor. The display can view at a 30-degree angle. P10 supports three display languages; English, Chinese, and Taiwan.

This hud display is dedicated to seven different functions to display different driving statuses. The HUD can display vehicle speed, engine RPM, water temperature, voltage, instantaneous fuel consumption, average fuel consumption, driving distance measurement, driving time, etc.,

This car HUD can warn the driver of low voltage alarm, high water temperature alarm, over-speed alarm, engine fault code alarm, etc.  The HUD comes with an anti-slip mat to hold the hud steady on the dashboard.

Key Features: Multi-color TFT LCD Display with a 30-degree view angle. | Auto brightness | Display Milage, Speed, temperature, Avg fuel consumption | KM/h or MPH | Support fault code elimination | Battery drain protection | Warning alarm on Engine failure, high temperature, low battery

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Lttrbx. T600 Universal Car HUD Head Up Display Digital GPS Speedometer with Speedup Test...
  • 🚙【WORKS FOR ALL VEHICLES】– Unlike other Car HUDs, you do not need to worry about the...

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Pyle Car HUD

Pyle Universal 3.5’’ Car HUD

The Pyle HUD features a multicolor 3.5” display with integrated light sensors. It can give all your trip info like the current speed, direction date, and time. This HUD 3.5” windscreen projector features an inbuilt dual-core processor chip. With its light sensors, this car HUD can automatically adjust the brightness to let you see even at night or during broad daylight.

Apart from the speed, time, and direction data, this HUD offers navigation alerts. The Pyle Car HUD is easy to install and use. You can easily mount it onto your dashboard while being connected to the car cigarette lighter. Once connected, this car head-up display turns on whenever you turn on your vehicle. It is one of the best Heads Up Displays that comes at a good and reasonable price tag.

Key Features:  3.5” HD multicolor Display | Integrated Light Sensors |Auto brightness | Displays speed, Direction, and time |  Dual-Core Processor Chip | Speed unit toggle | OBDll HUD interface | Auto power ON/OFF

Today's Deal: $5.79 Off
Pyle 3.5’’ Car HUD - Head-Up Display Multi-Color Windshield Screen Projector Vehicle...
  • ESSENTIAL DRIVING DATA - Displays speed & driving direction, the crucial data every driver wants to...

ACECAR T1800 Universal Car HUD Head-Up Display

TIMPROVE Universal Car HUD Head Up Display

This universal head-up display works with internal GPS to display the speed of the vehicle. The hud dimply is coming with 3 inch TFT LCD display and is compatible for all vehicles. You don’t need to connect the device to the car’s OBD2 port. The hud device calculates the vehicle speed with internal GPS.

The dashboard hud can display driving direction, vehicle speed, driving distance measurement, driving time, low voltage alarm, over speed alarm, satellite time and number, and altitude. You can switch the unit between KMs and Miles. The device has overvoltage protection to save your battery drain out.

Key Features: Multi-color LCD Display | Auto brightness | Display Speed, Direction, Satellite, Voltage | KM/h or MPH | Battery drain protection | Low battery alarm

ACECAR Upgrade T800 Universal Car HUD Head Up Display Digital GPS Speedometer with Compass...
  • 🚙【What is HUD?】 Short for Head Up Display. It displays driving data on its 4.3 inch TFT LCD...

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Garmin Speak with Amazon Alexa

Garmin Speak with Amazon Alexa

Garmin Speak is a new Alexa-based device from Garmin. This brings a hand’s free operation while driving with Amazon Alexa’s voice commands. This Alexa Echo Dot-like device from Garmin can control with Alexa commands.

This tiny device can stream music, play audiobooks, check the weather, read the news and respond to all Alexa commands like your Alexa Dot. Garmin Speak lets you order from Amazon, create a shopping list, and check your calendar while driving with voice commands.

The beauty of this device this can assist you in providing turn-by-turn spoken directions with Garmin. This device is not capable of showing you the entire map but can display lane guidance arrows to keep you in the right direction. Please be aware; that this device is going to use your Smartphone data connection while driving, and you have to download Garmin Speak App to your smartphone before you start using this device.

Key Features: Work with Alexa Voice Commands | Smartphone pairing | Support Android/iOS | built-in GPS | Weather/calendar/to-do/notifications | Garmin Directions | Garmin map lane arrow Display

Garmin 010-01862-01 Speak with Amazon Alexa, Black, Pack of 1
  • Ask Alexa in your car to play music from Amazon Music, Pandora , Sirius XM and more; Additional...

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Sherox Car HUD

SHEROX 3.5 Car HUD Head Up Display

The Sherox Car Head-up display is a small and compact HUD unit that comes with a. 3.5” display. This HUD connects with your vehicle through the OBDll port to give you crucial vehicle-related info. It offers 4 display functions. These include the vehicle speed, temperature, battery voltage, and travel mileage. There is also an easy way to toggle the speed unit.

The 3.5” display unit on this car’s HUD is pretty clear and authentic. There is an automatic brightness adjustment mode that adjusts the light according to your environment. Apart from the vehicle-oriented display, this car’s HUD even includes an over-speed alarm. The alarm is adjustable and can be set to different speed levels. A thing to note is that a bit of visual blur might be encountered at times.

Key Features:  3.5” HD multicolor Display Multi-color | Auto brightness | Displays Mileage, Speed, temperature, Avg fuel consumption | KM/h – MPH toggle | OBDll HUD interface | Battery drain protection | Warning alarm on Engine failure, high temperature, low battery, etc. |

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SHEROX 3.5" Car HUD Head Up Display with OBD2/EUOBD Interface Plug & Play Vehicle Speed...
  • SHEROX CAR HUDA simple, elegant, accurate, and brightly lit solution, without all of the unnecessary...

Heads Up Display for Tesla

Color Tree Car HUD with Tesla Support

The Lakobos Car HUD is an exclusive HUD, or Heads Up Display, made for your Tesla cars. It is one of the best Heads up displays in terms of build quality. The Tesla HUD comes with a floating optical virtual display that shows pretty much everything you need without taking your eyes from the roads. This is an OBD2 HUD that lets you keep track of your car’s info. Hence you get pretty much every info related to your vehicle accurately. These include the vehicle’s speed, range, and more.

Apart from that, there is also the fog lamp indicator, brake light warning, door indicator, time, high beam and low beam, current car gear, and many more. The multi-color HUD runs on a powerful AI-based chipset. There is Bluetooth and GPS, and this enables you to get real-time navigation. With Bluetooth, you can connect your smartphones and get all the vehicle-related info right at your fingertips.

Key Features: Multicolor Display Multi-color | AI-based chipset | GPS and Bluetooth | Auto brightness | Displays Mileage, Speed, temperature, Avg fuel consumption | OBDll HUD input | Includes Gear, Turn, Fog lap, and headlight beam indictors | Smartphone connectivity

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Sygic GPS Navigation and Offline Map

The Sygic GPS is a great navigation app that you can trust to get the HUD feature right on your phone. It includes lots of smart navigation features, offline GPS mode, and a simple UI. This app is some much useful if you have a HUD holder. With the HUD display unit, you can project your routes onto your windscreen, which makes driving a lot easy. The app also uses GPS to calculate your current driving speed.

You can even set speed limit alerts within the app. With the app, you can connect your Dashcam units also. What’s more, the Sygic app gives smarter routes and fuel-efficient navigation. There is the Sygic store from where you can get exclusive add-ons that are compatible with the Sygic app. You can get the Heads Up Display (HUD) unit if you’re looking for a good driving experience.

Key Features: Voice-guided GPS navigation | Offline maps mode | Smart routing | Speed limit warnings | Dynamic Lane Assistant | Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity | HUD compatibility

Download Sygic Navigation App: Android | iPhone (Freemium)

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The HUD can help you read all the vital information about your vehicle (through OBD2 Port) and project it on the head-up display. This is convenient to see your vehicle information without losing your attention while driving.

The car HUD displays listed above are working in two ways. One can sync with your smartphone and work with hands-free call and voice assistant commands with navigation and notification display. The second type of car hud display is for displaying your vehicle’s health status and warning you of failures and Overspeed by connecting the OBD2 port. Based on your requirement, select one of the OBD2 HUD displays for your car.

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