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5 Best Song Finder App for Android and iPhone

Whether you are a singer or music lover, looking at the lyrics is a common thing that many of us do. Many songs are peppy in the genre and do inherit fast rapping summing up more like half-eaten words that our ears are not able to catch. Through a song finder app on the device, you can easily enjoy and sing along with the song. With the help of song lyrics search by a music player easily allows getting the right lyrics instantly on your smartphone screen. The process is simple, open the music identifier app for a minute and quickly play that song lyrics on the app to get the song correctly. These apps work like a lyrics search app instead of depending Google or any search engine.

Hundreds of apps are available to assist finding the song lyrics of any particular song. Here is a list of Android and iOS Song finder apps functioning also as a music player with lyrics search feature.


Known as the world’s most popular song finder app, Shazam is the primary way for many to identify music with one tap. You can sing the songs along with their actual music lyrics or watch the music videos through this song search app. With the presence of Shazam Offline, identify songs even when you are not connected to the internet on the go.


Just log into the music finder app to synchronize all the data to across any or on all devices. When you long-press the Shazam button on the home screen, you can trigger Auto Shazam – which automatically identifies the music playing around you without the need to tap every time you hear a song. Any lower end device can use it without any storage vows as it comes with reduced size.

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Use SoundHound for song search, lyrics finder and as a music identifier for Android and iOS device. You can search the song on song finder app with no hands, just say ‘OK Hound’ to interact with your voice. Each song you discover stays in your personal history. In addition to this, you can build playlists and explore music in real time as well as get karaoke-style lyrics to hum the tune with LiveLyrics.


Access Music Map feature of the music identifier app to find out what is being played near you and listen to the tunes. You can view the lyrics when playing back the song on YouTube. You can connect Spotify playlists to ensure a more vibrant playback experience on the app.

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Lyrics Mania

Get millions of lyrics in your pocket with Lyrics Mania song finder app. Know “what song is this” and find the song by lyrics with the app on your device. This Song finder app for Android comes with integrated music player associated with world’s most massive lyrics database. Lyrics Mania also comes with support with an external player bringing the lyrics in real-time notifications. With this Song lyrics search app, you can get the song lyrics you hear when the music is in streaming.

Lyrics mania

Through the musicID, the identification of the song playing near you is possible straightforwardly in a second. The song lyrics search app does come with the support of latest smart wear gadgets such as Android Watch and Apple Watch.

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Get the annotated lyrics of any song with Genius on your device. The song finder gives you access to its continuously expanding list of 1.7 million+ songs. The Genius music finder app contains the verified facts and content from artists and producers. Being crowdsourced, the lyrics present on the music identifier app are the result of input given from a large number of dedicated fans.


This Smartphone music app helps you to find the verses of the songs that are played around you quickly. Just hold the phone in an upright position and tap the Soundwave button to let the app get the lyrics of the song. Over the app, see the interviews of the famous artists talking about the music you like to hear.

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Instantly find lyrics of any song playing around you with MusicID song finder app. The service of this Android and iOS Music app is free and allows the user to see the album art in all its glory. You can also add a note to yourself to remember why and where you chose to identify the lyrics of the fantastic song. Know more about any song or tune with the music finder app and see the more similar music of diverse artists.

Music ID

The MusicID app does give out the movie and TV information about the artist as well as its biographical data to aid in the process. The Android and iOS lyrics search app is a great way to find songs by lyrics. A user can also buy the songs that you like the app with a single tap.

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Need to know more about a tune or particular song? Or to know what song is this? then use these song finder apps to search the song for you. With these lyrics search apps, you can simplify the song search process and identify the song without any interruption on your Android or iPhone. Identifying songs is now comfortable, and there is no need to worry about what’s this song. With Android or iPhone device and one of the lyrics find apps, you can do the song search seamlessly and find them instantly.

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