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A Nice Weather Forecast for Your Windows Outlook Calendar.

Have you ever wanted to watch a weather forecast on your calendar while you plan a trip or a meeting? Here is a handy, always-there weather forecast, ready for viewing at the launch of your calendar. You will get 2 weeks advance forecast on your calendar and it will automatically update everyday. Thanks to Weather Underground, for their nice iCal save option.

Load the Weather Underground site in your browser link, enter a city name or zip code in the Search box, then click Go.

CA Weather

For instance, here is the screenshot of two example one with Cupertino, CA, USA and other one with Cochin, Kerala, India.

Cochin weather

Once you click on search button after entering city, you can see weather forecast of that location.

Next step, look on top right of the page you’ll see an “Add to My Favorites” link, there has one blue arrow near to RSS button.


You can simply click on the ICAL link to add this particular weather forecast iCal file to download your PC.


Once you downloaded file, clink the file to open, it will add to your outlook calendar automatically.


Every week, this calendar will update with the next weekly forecast. A one-line-view of the weather in iCal probably won’t completely meet your needs for weather info, it does give a nice “at a glance” view at the upcoming weather and you will get few more details while your mouse on the forecast calendar.

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  1. How do I get rid of the weather app on my Outlook Calendar? After using it for more than a year, it has become a nuisance, often adding several lines of weather data to a calendar square, pushing appointment data off of the viewable area. I need to delete this thing. Any suggestions?

    • @Ben, PLease go to your Windows Outlook Email setting and you will be able to see the Weather Calendar links in internet calendar. Delete the link associated with the weather calendar. If you are using the Outlook for your Google Calendar, please delete the calendar rom Google Calendar setting. Hope this will help you to resolve your issue.


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