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How to Change iMessage Number on iPhone

You can now use two SIMs at a time on your new iPhone. Using an eSIM on iPhone as the secondary SIM card, it is possible to make and receive calls using both lines. While setting up your new iPhone, you might have used one of the numbers for iMessage. Now, you must be looking to change the iMessage number to the secondary line.

In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to change the iMessage number on your iPhone.

Add Number to iMessage and Change Default Number

When your friends iMessage you, they can see the registered mobile number in iMessage. They will only be able to send SMS to the secondary number. This method helps you change the iMessage number on iPhone to the second number only, or let you receive iMessage on both numbers.

A Quick Tip to Send iMessage from MAC using Phone Number

iPhone Profile Settings

  1. Launch Settings on your iPhone and tap your name at the top.Name Phone Number Email Settings on iPhone
  2. From the next screen, tap the Name, Phone Numbers, Email option.Edit Contactable Numbers and Emails on iPhone
  3. Tap “Edit” against the title “CONTACTABLE AT.”Add Email or Phone Number for iMessage and FaceTime on iPhone
  4. Click on Add Email or Phone Number.Add New Phone Number iPhone
  5. Choose to Add a Phone Number from the popup menu.Enter and Add Phone Number on iPhone
  6. Enter your secondary phone number on the next screen.Verify Phone Number on iPhone
  7. Enter OTP to verify your phone number.iPhone Messages Settings
  8. Now, go back to the Settings main screen.
  9. Scroll down and select Messages.iMessage Send and Receive Settings
  10. Under iMessage, tap “Send & Receive.”
  11. Under “YOU CAN RECEIVE IMESSAGES TO AND REPLY FROM”, select only the number you want to use as your iMessage number.

Change iMessage Number on iPhone

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There you go. You have successfully changed the iMessage number on your iPhone. If your friends used to text you in the old number on iMessage, you can ask them to text you on the other number. If you select both numbers to send and receive iMessage, others can send you iMessage on both.

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