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12 Best Flashcard Apps for Android and iPhone

Flashcards are an incredible way of memorizing huge dumps of data whether you are preparing for an upcoming exam or learning a new language, etc. Flashcards apps can help jot down a huge amount of data in a relatively short time span. In fact, people use it to memorize things in a jiffy which could be at the last minute of an exam or before you go onto the stage for public speaking.

Searching for the best flashcard app might be a tedious task but why we are here to help. Here is a list of best flashcard app that you can try.


Often hailed as one of the best flashcard apps, Quizlet is truly a worthy app if you are gearing up for something whether it’s a new language or code or anything else. The app at its core lets users create flashcards based on their interests, add definitions, and play along. They can either undergo a quiz based on the flashcards they have created to test their memory. The app has multi-language support spanning over 18 different languages in which, you can create flashcards, share with your friends and more.

It has a huge set of downloadable card sets including six study modes and more. The best thing about Quizlet is that it is available in both premium and a freemium version with the former removing any ads, support to uploading your own images to create flashcards, etc. It has a Night Theme as well as offline access feature and has been rated as one of the best study apps ever.

Simple to use & configure
Supports text-to-speech

Limited in scope
Limited interoperability

Price: Contains Ads | Offers in-app purchases | Download on AndroidiOS

AnkiDroid Flashcards

The flashcard app is based on the Spaced Repetition method which is a great way to learn something new. It is a fully-featured application available on both Android & iOS and lets you learn and memorize things faster and easier. It has a huge library of downloadable card packs that you can choose from or create your own.

The app lets users recall answers to any questions, flip the card to find the right answer. The flashcards are often repeated on the basis of how well you understand any particular piece of information. The app doesn’t have the best user interface than any other app but does get its work done with comprehensive statistics, night mode, and a quick way to learn things without straining your head.

Fully-featured flashcard app
Easy to setup & use
Syncs automatically with other devices

Occasionally crashes

Price: Free | Download on Android

StudyBlue Flashcards & Quizzes

Get ready for your progress with StudyBlue flashcards & quizzes. The app isn’t as feature-rich as Quizlet but lets you create flashcards and share them with your friends. It also lets users create groups to share and work with flashcards. It is easy to use and can help you master any subject you want. The app is being used by more than 10+ million students who have already created 400+ million flashcards on it.

StudyBlue aids in providing flashcards recommendations as well as has a syncing feature that aids in getting all your study materials saved on other devices right on the click of a button. You can add images that you take from your phone and recordings to better memorize any topic on the go and share it among the group without any hassle. You can study with modes like shooting word match, drop-down word match, crosswords and more on this app available on both iOS and Android so try the best flashcard app right away.

You can upload images & recordings
Stats to track progress
Multi-platform & collaborative

Limits 5 cards preview on freemium
Expensive paid version

Price: Free | In-app purchases | Download on AndroidiOS

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Surely rated as one of the best flashcard app, Carm.com is a feature-rich flashcard app that contains a flashcard editor that lets you create detailed flashcards by adding details and more. The app contains user-generated flashcards and has more than 75 million flashboards available at your disposal on a click. Simply search for any topic and you’ll find hundreds of decks on each topic that you can choose to play with, memorize and more.

The app uses a spaced repetition method that helps get information to your brain faster than simply rote learning from a piece of paper that you would otherwise forget at the time of writing an exam or appearing in a public speaking contest or anything from coding to other tasks.

The app is free to use and offers a decent fair of features including cross-platform syncing and more while a paid subscription charged at $5 per month will unlock some extra features that you can use.

Intuitive & easy to use
Cross-platform sync
Works on efficient Spaced Repetition method

It is a bit buggy at times
Supports audio function for foreign languages
Pricey per month subscription plan

Price: Free | Contains In-app purchases | Download on AndroidiOS 


StudyStack makes learning an easy task. Rated as one of the best flashcard app, StudyStack lets users download flashcards from within the app. Next, up, they can create their own flashcards as well after which, the app itself creates a few games that will help you master the information by memorizing via playing the games. It includes games like a hungry bug, hangman, matching, crosswords and other activities that make the app come alive when you are using it.

The UI is simple and straightforward and could use some work, which is a positive point but it’s not all gold here. The app is buggy so that does send you off the course at some point. Since the topics are limited, the scope is limited and the app isn’t that good for group learning. It also has a lot of ads and the search system is not competent and requires exact cases to search for that matter.

No advertisements
Easy to use

Topics are somewhat are limited
Not made for group learning
The app is buggy

Price: Free | Download on AndroidiOS

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It could be formulas or facts or procedures or anything from dates to faces and others require memorization. It is not a simple task to remember a huge amount of information without undergoing a rote learning method. But hey, there are more ways to do it. Here’s a flashcard app called Studies that allows you to memorize extensive topics without compromising on your retaining capabilities. The app has flashcards spanning over different topics including Life, Love, Spanish, Physics, Medicine, Art, Law, Flight, Comedy and other disciplines.

The app can be used to put anything from text, pictures, and other files into the flashcard which helps transform your learning experience. Set up a schedule on the app for effective learning over a short period of time and view your statistics and progress on the go. The app throws a lot of quizzes, flashcards sourced from various apps, syncs via iCloud and offers immersive study sessions that you would love.

Sync via iCloud
You can find flashcards across all topics

Can be frustrating for first-time users
Occasionally crashing issue reported

Price: $4.99 | Download on iOS

Flashcards by Rolandos

Flashcards by Rolandos is definitely a powerful app as it has managed to come up on top 10 lists of many tech websites when it comes to the best flashcard app list. Talking about it, the app is not that powerful or feature-rich but what you get is a complete app in its purest form. The user interface is modern yet simple, easy to understand and use, and takes cards stacks to another level as you share it with your friends via a special code assigned to them.

The app doesn’t entertain any ads and neither has any in-app purchases unlike many other apps listed here so that puts it forth if you are looking for a budget-friendly flashcard app. It features an effective way of learning to be its language learning or memorization or any simple topics. You can search for cards faster via any keywords and in fact, you can pull one exactly that you need.

Free & contains no ads
Simplest UI
Helps study effectively via cards
No registration required

Not that powerful or feature-rich
Faces some issues with cross-device sync

Price: Free | Download on Android 

Lexilize Flashcards

Lexilize Flashcards MakerLexilize Flashcards is rather a language learning app that supports around 118 foreign languages including German, Spanish, French, etc. The app features an auto-translation function as well as audio support for pronunciation for any language. It also features predefined words set for 41 languages and a lot more.

Lexilize Flashcards is a powerful app that helps gauge the vocabulary of any new language and has 5 different games to memorize words and more. The best thing about the app is that it works without the internet and it is completely free, although some of the features either listed or not listed here might need a premium subscription for that matter. The app is a cheaper alternative to Duolingo.

Supports 118 foreign languages
Offers audio support for pronunciation
Works without the internet

Cannot sync with other devices

Price: Free | Contains in-app purchases | Download on Android


BrianscapeBrainscape is not your every flashcard app but rather an efficient higher learning flashcards app available on both iOS and Android. The app itself gives a lot of credit to its spaced repetition method and uses a rating system where users rate their cards and the app uses it to either frequently turn up those cards or not when studying. An app is a perfect place for learning a language as well as it features bite-sized concepts and tests, fun trivia, and more. The app teases your brain to learn something faster than any usual method and also has a dashboard that is equipped with tracking and showcasing your progress and mastery.

The app brings user-generated flashcards on-board although you can create your own for any topic and that will be showcased as it. Brainscape comes with a hoard of topics including astrology, bartending, sciences, maths, etc.

Extensive library of flashcards
Dictionary & translation integration

The app is fairly buggy
Doesn’t allow browsing cards on Android
User-generated content might be incorrect

Price: Free | Contains in-app purchases | Download on AndroidiOS 


AnkiAppI get it that no other flashcard app any website would attract you but this is different. AnkiApp is one of those flashcards app that works on artificial intelligence (AI). It uses the Spaced Repetition method as any other flashcard and provides you an optimum learning curve thanks to the artificial intelligence (AI) plugged it. The AI itself analysis the cards, tracks provide and showcases cards that you need to work on. This does make studying even the most difficult topics like Medicine, Kanji, or Chinese characters an easy task as the app tends to train your brain rather than just showcasing some information on it.

It is a polished app with all the features you would find including a dashboard to track your progress, a night mode to activate during the night. The app has a text-to-speech feature that has multiple language support. AnkiApp also can be accessed offline, unlike many other apps out there, so overall, I must say you should give it a try and you’ll love it for sure.

Easy to use
It uses Space Repetition method
Automatic backup & sync

It does experience occasional bugs
Might have errors in user-generated content

Price: Free | Download on AndroidiOS


BufflYou would find a flashcard app with all the features and yet ineffective and those with fewer features but effective practices. Buffl falls in the second category as it doesn’t have pre-created flashcards but let you learn anything and everything that you add in a jiffy. The app lets you memorize concepts, words, definitions and more on your phone. What’s best is that you can simply create flashcards on your laptop or PC online and sync it with the phone to learn on it later.

The app is one of the best when it comes to creating flashcards faster than ever, simply choose layouts, add content and there you go. Buffl works on a boxed-card system which is a proven way of learning things and it does work. The app is simple as it gets with no hustle and bustle of any unwanted features so you get the app in its purest form.

Sync automatically between devices
Clean & uncomplicated user interface

It is not feature-rich
Inability to sort or search cards

Price: Free | Download on Android, iOS


TinyCardsTinyCards from Duolingo is a brilliant language learning app. It appears like an easy to use app that works on an interval or spaced repetition method where the cards for any word or phrase appear at intervals based on the progress users made on those cards. The app has a lot of pros including the fact that it is easy to use and has a huge dump of topics to choose from while you can create your own if you want. The app itself features animated flashcards among others and keeps the fun rolling each time you unlock new levels raising your memory strength bar.

Take quizzes and ace it spanning over topics like history, chemistry, biology, and many supported languages that you can work on with TinyCards.

Uses spaced repetition method
Extensive library of flashcards
Free & easy to use

Cannot access in offline mode
Gets buggy at times

Price: Free | Download on AndroidiOS

Instead of writing down crucial points and memorize everything, write it on electronic flashcards on your phone and the app will do everything from presenting it as a quiz with options or as a matching-making exercise or just bare knowledge on the go.

You would find a lot of flashcard app on the Google Play Store or App Store for iOS devices in a jiffy. However, finding the best could be a task but not anymore. Above, we presented you with the list of best flashcard apps for Android and iPhone you from should try and also a few pros and cons on the same. All the apps listed here have a varying degree of features, UI, and efficiency in terms of overall functioning. Some are feature-packed and some are not while being effective in their own senses. So, tell us which one do you like?

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