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10 Best Apps to Translate Any Language to your Own

Translation apps are your lifesaver when you travel to a different place where you can’t depend on your native language. These smartphone apps are powerful to give an immediate translation to a different language on demand. You can input the line or word to translate by speaking, typing or as a picture input using your smartphone camera. Translating a picture of words into a different language is a cool essential feature.

This app helps you to avoid manual typing as well as it makes you get a translated text just with a simple click on your camera. Just imagine without this cool feature, you are trying to type Chinese characters and this going to be a hilarious task for you.

Google Translate

Google Translate

This popular app is from Google for language translation that supports to translate more than 103 languages just by typing through Google Translate over your smartphone. There are multiple ways to input your language to the smartphone for translations. You can speak, type, write, or take a picture to translate and the apps return back the translated text into the same format like voice, text or picture.

Use the app in offline mode when there is no internet connection, get access to more than 50 languages. Access the instant native language interpretation while texting to others and having a bilingual conversation on the go. Take the photos or import them for higher quality translations in the most familiar manner.

You can use Google Translation without an Internet connection once you installed on your device. This app translates in offline and it is very useful while you are traveling when you unable to access the Internet. You can save your translations in advance and access from any device 
(Camera input and offline translation are available for Android 2.3 and above).

Draw the text characters instead of typing over the app and get the translation in the most comfortable manner. Star as well as save the translated words along with phrases for using them in future. Google Translate is one of the most popular translation app available for iOS and Android.

Download from: iTunes | PlayStore

Dictionary Offline – Dict Box

dict boxDict Box is a fast and easy to use translation app that can give translation and pronunciation for any foreign language text. Translate the word just by pointing the camera towards the word as well as get it on your web browser and other apps.

The app also corrects any type of misspelling through the word correction feature available in it. Find similar phrases as well as sentences and install more dictionaries along with more languages.

Get the reminder with the translated text at a predetermined time with Word reminder feature of the app. Review the words with flashcards and get better assistance with the available picture dictionary of the app. Backup your commonly used translated words to the cloud to access them whenever you want to in the future.

Download Dictionary Offline: PlayStore | iTunes

Microsoft Translator

Microsoft TranslatorAccess the perfection while translating any text or content with Microsoft Translator app. Supporting more than 60 languages, you can easily get native language translation of the text, conversations, camera photos as well as screenshots. Voice translation is also supported by translating the speech and allows the addition of two people to get a translation in a split-screen mode in a bilingual talk. Just connect your device and have in-person talking with up to 100 people in multiple languages.

Get alternate transactions as well as meanings of a single word to express your feelings and messages in a better way. Download the preferred languages to access them offline without any trouble. You can easily pin and save your frequent translations for future reference.

Download Microsoft Translator: PlayStore | iTunes

Dict.cc Dictionary

Dict BoxFunctioning much more than a dictionary, Dict.cc is a good translation app that fulfills your need to get the foreign-language text in your language. You can easily get translation and dictionary services for more than 50 language combinations. The translation app provides about more than 50,000 thousand German-English translation to the users.

Suggest as well as provide new translations and corrections to the app for improving it. Every translation is open for checking by the other contributing users. The downloadable vocabularies are daily changed and updated to offer new words along with their translations.

Download Dict.cc Dictionary: PlayStore | iTunes

Naver Papago Translate

Naver Papago TranslateGet real-time text and voice translation with Naver Papago Translate. The intuitive app allows the users to get a translation of the one-on-one conversation with a foreigner. There is no need to enter the text, as you can easily take a picture of the text and highlight it to get a real-time translation. Use the dictionary provided to get further meanings other than the translations offered by the app.

Use the phrasebook available online as well as offline in the translation app to give out basic expressions. More than 10 languages are supported by the app to give you the best translation in the needed time.

Download Naver Papago Translate: PlayStore | iTunes

Day Translations

Naver Papago TranslateAccess highly accurate translation of any foreign language text and get it in more than 100 languages. Have instant interpretation of text coming from any language with the simplistic as well as the minimal user-friendly interface of the app. The translations go to the app’s servers for processing as well as giving a fast seamless experience to the people.

You can easily track the content submitted to the app. With the feature, you can easily know how much time is remaining to get the perfect translation. Other than machine translations, you can easily get the human translations. Auto quote for human translations is available for the users to get simple translations in a matter of seconds.

Download Day Translations: PlayStore | iTunes


TripLingoTripLingo comes with the support for 100 countries allow the people all over the world to access in every language. Get the instant translation of over 2,000 phrases per languages and up to 13 languages with the app. The translation app also aids in giving voice translation for more clear understanding. Over 30,000 professionally translated audio files are present in the app and an instant voice translator feature aids in translating over 41 languages.

Need the immediate translation of anything present in front of you, then just point the camera towards the content. Get audio lessons from the app in order to know the language easily and understand the common phrases.

Download TripLingo: PlayStore | iTunes


Waygo TranslatorAn award-winning leader in the translation services, Waygo sums up as the perfect travel translator and dictionary app for Chinese, Japanese and Korean. The translator app works in offline mode and gives translated text instantly when you place your phone’s camera over foreign language text. Read the text in English as soon as you place the camera over the content without any data connection.

View the pictures of the food dish that you are translating from Chinese to English. Along with the translation, see the pronunciation of the words assisting you in speaking them fluently. Easily share your translations through SMS, Facebook, Twitter as well as Email to send to other people encountering the same trouble.

Download Waygo: PlayStore | iTunes


iTranslate TranslatoriTranslate is a good alternative for Google Translate apps. This app supports around 80 languages to translate. iTranslate can translate words, phrase, and text in over 80 languages.

 With iTranslate you can select between lots of different dialects, choose a male or female voice and even control the speaking rate.

The premium app supports voice input and while you speaking, the app recognizes your voice, transform it into text and translate it into another language. In addition to this, iTranslate gives you dictionaries for many languages to precisely solve that problem. You can get suggestions while you’re typing, turn your phone to the side and use both hands for typing with the bigger landscape keyboard. You can share end translations to your friends via Email, SMS, Facebook or Twitter or simply copy a translation and use it in any App you like. You can browse through recent translations or save a translation for later offline access.

Download from iTunes | Google Play

Word Lens

This app instantly translates printed words using your built-in video camera, in real time. You may need purchase language packs separately from within the app. You can buy as language pairs for your need like English ⇆ Russian
+ English ⇆ Portuguese
+ English ⇆ German
+ English ⇆ Italian
+ English ⇆ French
+ English ⇆ Spanish etc.

Special features include Reverse Words (spell all words backward), Erase Words (digital white-out), on the go translation etc. The results appear immediately on your video screen when you need it, anywhere in the world. You can use a smartphone camera to take a picture and translate it or you can look up translations by typing them in.

Download from iTunes | Google Play

Best Translation Apps for Android & iPhone

Google Translate app supports translation in offline. This helps you to get the translation even without internet connection. These apps are not only useful while you travel. If you ever learned a second language in your school, this is a nice guide to refresh your language skill or practice while you playing with the smartphone.

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  1. Day Translations is a free translation online translator which offers quick and accurate translations right at your fingertips. Simply type in the word or phrase that you want to translate and the Free Online Translator will help you out.

    App Features:
    Free high-accuracy text translation
    Support and translation in over a 100 languages
    Instant translation
    Simplistic, user-friendly UI

    Links to download the free Day Translations app:

  2. DayInterpreting is a professional, human-powered translation company that serves a host of clients around the world that needs translation, interpreting and other language services.

    The beauty of the interpreting app is the there is no need for specialized equipment or phone line. It allows the client to connect to an experienced linguist with the touch of a button anytime, anywhere as long as there is Internet connection.

    The DayInterpreting app makes use of cellular connectivity so you can immediately get connected to an expert interpreter through an intuitive one-touch interface. You do not need to memorize a toll-free number or scroll through a long list to find the language you require.

    In this age of smart communication and online services, it is easy to order a taxi, order food, book flights and accommodation and access other services by mobile phone, so there’s no reason why you cannot have access to language services instantly.


  3. There are so many language translating apps available which provide instant translation of any language. But google translate is one of translate app use by worldwide and its very easy to use. I am using google translate from many years and i definitely recommend to use it.

  4. Translation app are now trending but as per my observation most of people are using google translate, Due to its user friendly interface and easy to use. However, all the apps which are listed in blog are good and but Microsoft and google translator now competing each other.

  5. You should add “Document Translator” to this list. It is a very easy to use and the translation quality is excellent. To me, the most important part is formatting should be maintained after translation. The other feature I use a lot is that I can also easily translate text inside scanned documents using the text extractor feature. This is a great app with excellent features.


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