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8 Best Fortnite Gaming Controllers for iPhone and Android

Epic Games managed to get the million target within no less than a week in all major platforms too. Things were quite quick when it came to the small screens and people are going crazy over this battle Royale game. But we’ve often heard mobile gamers complaint about their lack of good gameplay due to the limited size.

Therefore, after quite a bit of analysis, we’ve finally made a list of some of the best Fortnite mobile gaming controllers that suit both the Android and the iPhone.

Luckyiren Mobile Gamepad

The Luckyiren Fortnite game controller works well with both the iPhone and the Android. It is suitable for smartphones of the screen range 4.5” to 6.5”. This gamepad comes with good quality ABS plastic LR buttons and consoles with a smooth finish. The triggers are quite good in quality and snaps into the gaming screen. With this innovative mobile-console pair design, you can play favorite games with four fingers and can easily navigate through games.

Luckyiren mobile gamepad

The ergonomic design also sees to it that the console doesn’t slip easily and stays strong inside your palms. Apart from the Fortnite, you can use this gaming console to play other battle royale games like PUBG, Rules of Survivours etc.

Buy from Amazon: Luckyiren mobile gamepad

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Youni Mobile Gamepad

The Youni mobile game controller comes exclusively to meet your Fortnite gaming needs. This mobile gamepad is made of special metal sensors that are easy to attach and provide a good gaming experience throughout. The sensitive buttons give you great responsive triggers each tip you tap on them. The design is more or less quite simple and features a foldable clasp that gives your controller a greater amount of stability.Youni Mobile Gamepad

Moreover, you can easily move, turn, aim and shoot by using your index fingers and favors multi-finger gaming more precisely. The Youni gamepad is compatible with the Android as well as the iPhone and supports all phones of the size range of 4.5” to 6.5”. As the design part is simple, you can make them compatible with other games by adjusting the triggers and their sensitivities as per requirement.

Buy from Amazon: Youni mobile gamepad

Mobile Kings Game Controller

The Mobile Kings gaming controller exclusive gamepads developed to meet the standards of Fortnite and other hardcore battle games. The sensitive triggers guarantee more accuracy with an average of 4 shots per second. Also, thanks to the ergonomic console design, you get the most of it everytime you take your smartphone for gaming.

Mobile Kings Game Controller

The console lets you keep your phone intact inside it and the triggers are attachable according to your gaming interface. This mobile gamepad is compatible with the Android as well as the iOS. The reason for its broad compatibility is simply due to its simple design. Moreover, the Mobile Kings gaming controller is compatible with most of the shooting games out there. You can use this cool gaming pad to play the PUBG, Critical Ops etc other than Fortnite.

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Novatronek Mobile Game Controller

The Novatronek gamepad is an exclusive iOS and Android compatible gaming controller. It features the modern ergonomic design combined with the Dpad. The gaming device is designed to let you place your phone inside the pad’s mobile compartment. Also, it can reduce the hand fatigue and brings out immersive gaming experience. You can turn, move, aim and control the games easily through the removable Dpad and switch arms.

Novatronek mobile gaming controller

Also, as they are removable, you can change the switches to match with other games with ease. Moreover, the detachable clips on the back of the trigger help you to hold your phone firmly into the controller console. This gaming pad can invariably fit all smartphones of the range 4” to 6.5” and give greater gaming responses. So, yeah, no matter if you own the iPhone X or the Galaxy S9, the Novatronek gaming pad got you squared.

Buy from Amazon: Novatronek mobile gaming controller

WeeDee Mobile Game Controller

The WeeDee mobile gaming controller is compact and is designed to fit firmly into your palms. It features an adjustable gaming joystick and fire key triggers that give good accuracy. The triggers are quite good in quality and snaps tightly into your gaming screen. The design also makes it easy to fit in and avoids slipping.

WeeDee Mobile Game Controller

This Fortnite game controller can help you reduce the chaos and confusion while using your fingers as you get dedicated Dpads and triggers. With these triggers and Dpads, you can easily turn, move, shoot all at the same time. The controller can handle smartphones of the size range 4.5” to 6.5” without any fuss. Moreover, you could flip the controller whenever you wish to touch the screen without distracting the game. Apart from Fortnite, you could also play other battle royale genre games such as PUBG or the Survivor Royale.

Buy from Amazon: WeeDee mobile game controller

Prugna Mobile Game Controller

The Prunga mobile gamepad consists of a basic rocker, L1R1 trigger, and an aim key. As the gamepad is of a simple design, you don’t really need anything extra as attachments. All you need to do is to just clip the switches and Dpad console straight into your smartphone. The best part is that the installation is easy and there is no need for batteries and wires.

Prugna Mobile Game Controller

Additionally, you could adjust the Dpads and the switches according to your phone and game’s requirement. This makes it one of the most widely compatible mobile gaming controller. Apart from Fortnite, you can also use this game controller to play other hardcore battle games such as the PUBG, Critical Ops etc.

Buy from Amazon: Prugna mobile gamepad

Aovon Mobile Game Controller

The Aovon mobile gamepad works exclusively with the iPhones and the Androids and helps you play most of the battle royale games out there. This cool mobile game controller features four sensitive triggers and four aim joysticks for smooth gameplay. The sensitive triggers and joysticks, provide greater game responses than any other basic games controllers. The design is quite simple and compact. All you need to do is to just attach the triggers and Dpads according to your game’s standard.

Aovon Mobile Game Controller

Unlike other gaming devices mentioned above, the Aovon mobile game controller doesn’t have a mobile housing. All you get are the triggers, Dpad, and joysticks. Due to this reason, most of the smartphones and the iPhones are compatible.

Buy from Amazon: Aovon Mobile Game Controller

Omuky Mobile Game Controller

The Omuky mobile game controller is a smartphone joystick which supports almost every games on the Android and iOS platform. This cool gamepad fits right into your hand thanks to the ergonomic design and good quality grip. Also, the back bracket works as a stand and provides tilt adjustments. With the sensitive Dpad and triggers, you can move, aim, and shoot accurately with ease.

Omuky Mobile Game Controller

The joystick favors 180° spinning thanks to the integrated swing arm. It gives you easy gaming and can be flicked according to your needs. The Omuky game controller lets you keep your device inside its compartment to enable easy gameplay. Additionally, the grip comes with a mobile charging hole that helps you to charge your device while gaming. This gamepad is compatible with most of the Android and iOS smartphones. It works well with devices of the range 4.5” to 6.5”.

Buy from Amazon: Omuky mobile game controller

Ocamo Mobile Game Controller

The Ocamo gaming controller is yet another cool mobile gamepad that works well with the Androids and the iPhones. The Ocamo game controller is exclusively designed to meet the standards of Fortnite and PUBG. It comes with an improved Ergonomic design that increases your gaming experience by giving accurate responses each time.

Ocamo Mobile Game Controller

The LR triggers are features of metal buttons and anti-slip pads. It provides much greater stability during your game time. The unique design of the clips also aids in a secure installation process. The buckled back clip also provides better grip and stability to you while you are gaming.

Buy from Amazon: Ocamo mobile game controller

The mobile game controllers are a must if you prefer something more than the basic gaming feels. It’s far more important to equip a gaming controller if you are a hardcore battle Royale genre fan. We’ve listed some of the best Fortnite game controllers that are on the brighter side of the budget and robust. We believe you’ve got the best one that suits according to your needs. So yeah, go forward and be the first to experience the most immersive Fortnite saga.

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