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All in one Solution to Extend iPhone Battery Life and Storage Memory

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There are several solutions to increase iPhone storage space if you start to get a low memory warning. The steps include cleaning the apps never used, remove huge game apps,  delete the duplicate media files, etc. Even though you clean the space and clear out media files, your phone is going to be full again with media files and apps within a couple of weeks.

In addition to this low memory issue, most of the iPhone users are also struggling with iPhone battery backup. It is hard to run the iPhone for more than one day without charging. Just like the typical memory cleaning solutions, there are several tips to extend iPhone battery life. These workarounds include disabling background refresh, change email push to fetch mode, etc.

There is nothing wrong with trying these tips with your iPhone. But that is not the end of the world!!!  There are a couple of hardware gadgets available in the market to extend iPhone backup time and memory. These gadgets are good enough to meet your requirements if you are a frequent traveler or the one looking for additional battery juice and more storage space.

These gadgets are packed with an additional battery and built-in memory to resolve the iPhone’s memory and battery issue in one shot. The additional memory offered with these devices is either built-in or with an external card slot. This SD card slot gives you the freedom to choose your memory size with an external micro SD card.

kuke iphone pack

These gadgets are coming like a pack of thin rechargeable external battery with built-in memory concealed inside of a protective form-fitting case for the iPhone. It offers the full protection of a hard-shell case while doubling the battery charge for your iPhone.

Usually, media files on iPhone are stealing most of your memory. This external memory is just built for saving media files like photos and videos and you can’t rely on this memory to save your apps or iTunes files.iphone battery and memory pack

You can charge the internal phone battery and the space pack battery at the same time. You will get combined backup time from both internal and external battery while you use your phone. Some of these devices have an additional slide switch to power from the external battery.

When you select the gadget, keep in mind that these devices specially designed for the particular phone model. Since different iPhone models are built with different sizes (form factor), you have to be careful to select the right one to match your iPhone model.

Most of these gadgets are coming with dedicated iOS apps to interact with the gadget. These apps offer to automatically back up all your photos, documents, and other files you have on your iPhone to the device memory.

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