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How to Get BSNL Usage Summary Quickly in BSNL App

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BSNL has recently introduced the facility to get the usage summary of your BSNL landline, Broadband and Mobile connections in the “My BSNL” App in Android, iOS, Windows. This facility introduced as an update to the existing users in the already installed App. Now this App is capable to provide you the bsnl usage summary of Landline, Broadband and Mobile connections. Here we will see how to get the usage summary of the Landline connection using BSNL App.

Before we start, If you want to install the app in your Android phone or tablet now, you can get it from Google Play store by following this link for My BSNL App.

bsnl usage summary logo

Open the My BSNL App in your Android/iOS and Windows device. After the update, the button “Usage” will be appearing in the App. Now Tap on “Usage” to get the usage summary of our connection.

bsnl usage summary appIn the next window, it will show the selection for Landline, Broadband, GSM/CDMA mobile connections. For customers with broadband connection, both Landline and Broadband options will give almost similar results except minor changes. Now we can select the Landline option here, to get the details of our landline and broadband connections.

bsnl usage summary app

Now, the App will show the phone numbers and accounts connected to My BSNL App. We have to select the required number to see the details. If you are yet to connect any of your Landline number to the My BSNL app, you can connect that using the details available in your bill and then these steps can be followed again to get the details.

bsnl usage summary app

The app will now connect to account and will fetch the details from the server. It will display many details about your connection like the landline and broad band plan and usage summary like local call duration and amount and STD call duration and amount as on today. The unbilled usage is the usage from first of this month up to the current day.

bsnl usage summary app

These details are very much helpful to the users where those wanted to control the monthly bills by controlling the usage. It is good to see these details are in our fingertips whenever we wants that.

You can also track your postpaid mobile usage details and Broadband usage from this App. For that, we need to select the Broadband / Mobile options from the selection menu. For getting broadband details, the app may prompt for the broadband user id first time only before displaying the details.

We have to enter this broadband user id which is available in the monthly bills as “service id”. After entering the details, the app will show the corresponding usage of your Broadband or postpaid mobile connection.


  1. Because of some issues in the BSNL app I switched to some other app called BSNL Pro to check BSNL broadband usage , speed, and to check my plan. Till now there is no issues with that and even login is not required. All you need to do is to be connected to BSNL wifi, then only it works but performance is perfect
    App Name: BSNL Pro
    Im linking playstore link , if you want you can make use of it.

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