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8 Cool Features of Google’s New Nexus6 Phone, Nexus9 Tablet and Google Player.

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Google launched new Nexus family devices which includes Nexus 6 phone, Nexus 9 tablet and Nexus Player, all powered with Android Lollipop. Google changed the entire hardware and OS for all these gadgets instead of stretching the same technology into bigger size. Google introduced Nexus 6 Android phone powered with Android Lollipop which is built by Motorola, and Nexus 9” tablet launched with same OS manufactured from HTC.

In addition to these gears, Google launched Player to compete with Apple TV, Roku and other media players. Google integrated its voice search technology with in the new Player TV Remote and the device is coming with voice-activated remote. The best feature that introduce by Google on Nexus 6 is turbo charging and long backup time. Once you connect your Nexus 6 for 15 minutes with charger, it can run up to next 6 hours. The large device battery (3220mAh) is offering 24 hours of use from one full charge.

Nexus 6 is built with 6” display with latest Android 5.0 operating system to compete with big screen smart phone market. Nexus 6 Quad HD display made with Gorilla Glass 3 and powered with Quad-core Krait 450 CPU 2.7GHz processor with the Adreno 420 Graphics Processor.

google nexus6

The other features include 13 megapixel rear camera with optical image stabilization capture, 2MP front camera, dual front facing speakers, Qi Wireless charging, large battery to serve 24 hours talk time and 10 hours video play back time.
The phone is coming with Micro USB, Nano SIM, Bluetooth 4.1, NFC and two memory sizes of 32GB, 64GB without external memory card slot.

google nexus 9

Nexus 9 is built with a brushed metal side with Android Lollipop OS is a sleek device to catch the attention. Google made this device compatible with external keyboard and Google selling separate magnetically attached responsive keyboard.

HTC built this tablet with front-facing HTC BoomSound™ speakers and 64bit NVIDIA Tegra K1 Dual Denver 2.3GHz processor and 192-core Kepler Graphics Processor.

google nexus 9 keyboard

Nexus 9 has a dual microphone, 8MP Rear camera with autofocus and LED flash and the front camera powered with the 1.6MP sensor. This tablet is powered by sensors GPS, Ambient light sensor, Gyroscope, Accelerometer, and Magnetometer. The device offering two storage sizes of 16GB and 32GB and no external memory card slot.

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Google is trying to capture the Game and Media market by integrating external gadgets to the Player device. Gamepad launched with Nexus player is going to be a wonderful device for all Android Game Lovers. The gamepad can integrate with Google Player and can control your favorite Android games on your TV. Gamepad also offers to sync your games, score with your friends online.

google player

Google Play offers the synchronization from your Android device to the TV while you play movies from your tablet. You can start a movie on your tablet on the same spot where you stop watching on TV. You can Cast your favorite entertainment apps from your Android or iOS device, Mac or Windows laptop, or Chrome book to the TV using Google Play.

Google’s new gadgets are dedicated giving a unique experience in the smart device market with the support of Android Lollipop. Let us see how these devices are going to perform in the consumer market especially Google Play with other streaming devices including Apple TV.

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