Best Flash Drive for iPhone to Backup Photos, Videos & Contacts

Last Updated: October 17, 2017
iPhone Backup Flash Drive

The demand for large size iPhone USB Flash drives is booming up with the introduction of iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. The iPhone users start to depend on their phones to take videos and capture precious family moments in HD photos. For iPhone owners who want to back up their iPhone 8 & iPhone X videos, photos, and contacts, there are 256Gb flash drives for iPhone is available on the market. These USB flash drive for iPhone is coming with lightning connector to directly connect with iPhone. This iPhone USB drives have one more port, that is regular USB port that allows you to connect the drive to your Windows or Mac PC to explore the iPhone backup files and transfer to PC if required. We listed the best USB Flash drive for iPhone that can be used to backup iPhone photos, videos, contacts, etc.

SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive

Key features: Flash Drive Size: 32/64/128/256GB | Auto backup iPhone photos& videos | USB 3.0 | Encryption software | Support WMV, AVI, MKV, MP4, and MOV format play | OS Support Windows/Mac | Download SanDisk iXpand Drive App | Buy from Amazon

SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive

Sandisk iXpand is a dedicated flash drive for iHone to backup your photos, videos and other files. This drive is coming with a free app called SanDisk iXpand Drive app that let you easily manage your iPhone photos, videos, and files. This app supports to play the media files in the popular video format and music format direct from the drive on the iPhone. You can set auto backup photos and videos by using this app, and the drive will automatically backup iPhone media files when you connect with iPhone. The flexible lightning connector allows you to connect on the iPhone port almost with any type of case. The built-in encryption software on this Sandisk iXpand makes sure all your backup files are secure. USB 3.0 ports offer a fast file transfer between the drive and PC, and this USB flash drive supports both Mac and PC without formatting further.

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HooToo iPhone Flash Drive

Key features: Flash Drive Size: 64/128GB | Auto backup iPhone photos& videos | USB 3.0 | Support WMV, AVI, MKV, MP4, and MOV format play | OS Support Windows/Mac | Download iPlugmate App | Buy from Amazon

iPhone usb flash drive

This USB flash drive for iPhone is available in 128 GB as the maximum capacity.The extra extended lightning port can insert to iPhone port with almost all protective cases. HooToo iPhone flash drive will ask to install the supporting app when you connect the flash drive first time with iPhone. This iOS app for this iPhone USB flash drive can play all major video format file and songs direct from the drive on iPhone and iPad. This premium built aluminum body provided a sleek appearance to the device and this iPhone drive is highly portable by size. USB 3.00 standard port make sure maximum speed (80 MB/s reading and 30 MB/s writing) while you transferring back the files from flash drive to PC, and the drive supports both Mac and Windows OS.

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SanDisk iXpand Base for iPhone

Key features: Drive Size: 64/128/256GB | Auto backup/restore iPhone photos& videos | Buy from Amazon

SanDisk iXpand Base iPhone

Sandisk is offering another product for those who want to perform a regular backup of their iPhones while charging. This iXpand charging base from Sandisk is coming with internal memory that can automatically backuiPhoneen while charging. This 15W base is capable to charge and backup iPhone in the same time with the same cable and connector. This iXpand base is an ideal solution for those who want to auto backup iPhone in every night while they charging. The supporting Sandisk app is capable to recognize files that are not backed up yet and start to back up those files immediately after you connect your iPhone to the charger base unit. The restore option on the iPhone backup app lets you restore the entire photos, videos, and contacts into a different phone when you upgrade.

Leef iBridge 3 Mobile Memory for iOS

Key features: Flash Drive Size: 16/32/64/128GB | One-click backup/restore iPhone photos, videos& contacts | Shoot photo& video direct to drive | USB 3.0 | Drive Lock | OS Support Windows/Mac | Buy from Amazon

Leef USB flash drive for iPhone is coming with the feature to direct shoot your photos and videos to the drive. So when you use iPhone camera, the phone can snap a picture and save directly to the drive instead of using phone memory. This iPhone USB flash drive also supports automatic backup including your contacts. The option to create a passcode or touch ID to lock the drive is an excellent feature and keep others away from seeing the data on the Leef iPhone flash drive.

time2 USB iFlash Drive for iPhone

Key features: Flash Drive Size: NA | Support 256GM microSD | Multiple microSD card support | USB 3.0 | Drive Lock | OS Support Windows/Mac | Buy from Amazon

time2 USB iFlash Drive iPhoneThis iPhone flash drive has microSD card slot and supports up to 256GB MicroSD card. The benefits of this drive with external card slot is, you can interchange as many as cards you want for different iPhones backup. YOu can use this iPhone SUB flash drive for iPad devices iOS devices. The USB 3.0 port supports up to 140 MB/s reading and 70 MB/s writing speed.

Omars iPhone Lightning Flash Drive

Key features: Flash Drive Size: 64GB | Speedy transfer with USB 3.0 | Dedicated App  to Backup | Encrypt backup files | Backup/Restore contacts | Video/Audio playback from drive | Lock files with touch ID | Support FAT32 and exFAT | Buy from Amazon

OMARS iPhone USB Flash DriveOmars iPhone external storage is coming with 64GB size with USB 3.0 port to connect your PC. This an ideal external storage for iPhone that let you take photos and save photos, videos, and audio directly into the drive, that can bypass to save file son iPhone memory. The drive app can encrypt your files and also lock the drive with touch ID or PIN.

Silicon Power iPhone iPad Flash Drive xDrive Z50

Key features: Flash Drive Size: 32/64/128GB | Extended Lightning Connector | Exclusive File Management App | USB 3.1 Gen1 Connector | Multiple Media Support | Anti-cap lost design | Buy from Amazon

Silicon Power Flash Drive iPhoneSilicon power sleek designed iPhone flash drive is coming with maximum 128GB size. This iPhone USB drive supports file transfer between iOS devices and PC, work as a medium to transfer files.

Apple already increases the size of iPhone 8 memory to maximum 256GB. Since there is no memory card slot to add an iPhone external storage, you can use these USB flash drive for iPhone listed above. SanDisk iXpand is one of the best flash drives for iPhone that support up to 256GB size. These USB flash drives for iPhone can free up your iPhone memory and keep a backup of your photos, videos, and iPhone contacts.

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