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12 Best USB C Flash Drives for Android, MacBooks & iPads

The latest smartphones and PCs start to switch to USB C ports. In addition to Android devices, Macs and iPads are using USB C flash drives. It’s a booming fact that the type C port is going to be the future of flash drives and thumb drives. Well, if you’re still roaming around with the standard USB flash drives, consider upgrading to the USB-C flash drives. There are many plus points that you must look for, in case you’re going to get a new USB C flash drives.

Here, we are going to give out a list of some of the best USB C Flash drives that can work with your MacBook Pro and latest iPads.

Samsung Duo Plus USB C Flash Drive

Samsung Duo Plus USB 3.1 Flash Drive 128GB - 300MB/s - Type-C with Type-A Adapter...
  • TWO FLASH DRIVES IN ONE: Cable-free Samsung DUO Plus 2-in-1 Type-C USB flash drive for instant...

The Samsung Duo Plus is for those who look out for speed. This is one of those limited USB-C pen drives that give out phenomenal transfer speeds. This USB Type C flash drive offers a whopping 300MB/s read speed for easy transfer of data.

The USB 3.1 technology and enhanced design made it trustworthy among the pros. The Duo Plus features a dual-drive connector with a USB C and a USB A interface. You can achieve the blazing 300MB/s read speed with the help of the USB C connector.

The presence of both the C and A-type connectors makes it compatible with any smart gadget around you. You can connect it with your iPad, Mac, or even your Android. Thanks to these dual connectors, you can free up a large amount of space, transfer data, etc. in the nick of time.

Also, all your files are safe and encrypted within the device. Its outer casing is waterproof and magnet proof, making it safe for rough conditions. The Duo Plus model, which we described here, is the 128GB version. If you prefer for more storage space, then there’s the 256 GB model also.

Buy from Amazon: Samsung Duo Plus

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SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive USB Type C

Today's Deal: $40.00 Off
SanDisk 128GB Ultra Dual Drive USB Type-C - USB-C, USB 3.1 - SDDDC2-128G-G46,Gray
  • Easily transfer files between smartphones, tablets and computers

When it comes to storage devices, SanDisk stands unmatched. You know that every product from their banner comes with the highest standards. The SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive USB stick is a USB-C Flash Drive that works well with the Mac, iPad, Windows, and even Android.

With this USB C memory stick, you can transfer files between devices at USB 3.1 speeds. You can get around 150 MB/s read, and 40 MB/s write speed every time. The presence of the new USB C has made a revolutionary change in data transfer rates in the Ultra Dual Drive.

Apart from the Type C connector, you also get a traditional USB connector on the other side. This makes it compatible with PCs and smartphones around you.  Also, the  Flash Drive is backward-compatible with USB 2.0.

Hence you can plug it into any USB 3.0 or 2.0 port. The flash drive comes with access to the SanDisk Memory Zone app. You can download it from the respective app stores. With this app, you can perform speed tests, manage storage space, and protect and enable backup files.

Buy from Amazon: SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive USB Type C

Sawake USB Flash Drive

Today's Deal: $3.00 Off
SAWAKE USB C Flash Drive, 64GB USB 3.0 Type C Waterproof Thumb Drive, Dual Drive Memory...
  • ★【Dual Connectors of USB 3.0 & USB C】: This 64gb 3.0 flash drive features USB-3.0 and USB C...

The Sawake USB stick’s a compact storage solution for everyone out there. It comes with the new USB 3.0 with the USB C connector. Being a USB C memory stick, you get good read and write speeds compared to the primary USB A-type connectors.

It offers a good read speed of up to 120MB/s, and write speed up to 30MB/s. This gives an upper hand when it comes to your old USB pen drives gives you lightning-fast data transfer every time.

Now, coming to the design part, this USB C flash drive has an aluminum outer case. It’s strong and works well, even during the worst conditions. Apart from its outer design, the internal build quality is also worth mentioning. It comes with a waterproof, radiation-proof internal buildup to enhance data storage.

Buy from Amazon: Sawake USB Flash Drive

7 Best USB Type C Flash Drives for MacBooks, iPads & Android

Kingston Data Traveler

Today's Deal: $6.00 Off
Kingston Digital 128GB Data Traveler Micro Duo USB 3C Flash Drive (DTDUO3C/128GB)
  • Versatile DT Micro Duo 3C works with newer USB Type C devices such as smartphones and tablets and is...

The Kingston Data Traveler is a compact data traveler that comes in four capacities and two ports, USB-A and USB-C. The USB A supports USB 3.1 connectivity, compatible with most PCs. You can use Kingston USB C with Thunderbolt 3 ports and standard USB 2.0 ports.

The 16 GB variant offers 100MB/s in read speed and 10MB/s in write speed. For the rest, the write speed has a decent increase. They show read speeds that clock up to 100mb/s and write speeds of around 15mb/s.

The Kingston DataTraveler comes in an aluminum casing and is resistant to wear and tear. The USB Type-C connector also has a plastic cap which protects it from dust and scratches.

Buy from Amazon: Kingston Data Traveler

PNY Elite USB 3.1 Flash Drive

PNY Elite 128GB USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C Flash Drive – P-FD128ELTC-GE
  • Usb 3. 1 Gen 1 Type-C Flash Drive, ideal for Type-C enabled PC and Mac desktop and laptop computers,...

The PNY Elite comes with the new USB 3.1 that helps in faster data transfers. It is ideal for type c generic PCs and Mac computers. It also works well with type C smartphones and tablets. With this cool thumb drive, you get a read speed that clocks up to 130MB/s. You get 30 times the transfer speed of what was that with the basic 2.0 USB drives.

The design part favors great portability. It is one of the smallest thumb drives you could ever get. It comes in a small plastic casing and can stand harsh conditions. The device lacks the internal protection circuits and security features that you get with other thumb drives of the same class.

Buy from Amazon: PNY Elite USB 3.1

Richwell 128 GB Flash Drive

USB Flash Drives Memory Stick for iPhone Photo Stick 128GB USB C Thumb Drive 3in1External...
  • Is it annoying to have insufficient memory on your mobile phone? This USB Thumb Drive helps you...

The Richwell flash drive is quite multifunctional that can help transfer files and data faster. It comes with USB C that works well with most of the smartphones and PCs. You can plug it into the lightning port to get around 20 MBps reading and 15 MB/s write speeds. The USB 2.0 so provides a read speed of 35mbps and a write speed of 25 MB/s.

It works quite well with the latest Apple iPhones and Mac. The design is far more portable and stylish. It comes with a 360° rotatable outer case is made of pure metal. The flash drive also favors plug n play. Thus you don’t need any external software or drivers anymore.

Buy from Amazon: Richwell 128 GB Flash Drive

Meco Type C Flash Drive

The Meco USB type C flash drive is so lightweight and compact. It features the new USB 3.0 technology with two USB connectors. With this USB C flash memory stick, you can transfer files from your smartphones, PCs, and even supports the Macs.

It’s broad compatibility, and the ease of storing large files makes it a decent choice for you to consider. Talking about the transfer speeds, we don’t assure high-speed data transfers compared with that of the other devices mentioned above.

Yet, this USB C type flash drive delivers a decent read and write speeds. You can get up to 100MB/s when it comes to reading speed and around 20MB/s when it comes to data write speed. What makes it a good one for you is that it’s portable and compact.

The build quality is also pretty decent, and you can get it online for around 20 Bucks. Also, keep in mind that currently, there are two versions available, the 32GB and the 128GB.

Buy from Amazon: Meco Type C Flash Drive

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Sony USM-CA1

Sony 64GB USB Flash Drive for Type-C Smartphone and Tablets (USM64CA1/S)
  • Downloadable file management software available from Google Play

The Sony USM-CA1 is a tiny flash drive with a USB 3.1 interface. This compact USB C thumb drive sports both the USB A and USB C. This helps you to use them with even the outdated and the modern devices as you need.

Sony USM has a good read speed of up to 130 MB/s and decent write speed that clocks up to 20MB/s. The thumb drive has a metallic casing and comes with a silicon cover. this makes it quite strong and can stand up against impacts.

At present, there are three storage includes the 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB. The Sony USM CA1 lacks inbuilt protection and security feature. But as far as it is from Sony, we could assume that nothing fussing could ever get through.

Buy from Amazon: Sony USM-CA1

MOSDART Type C Dual Flash Drive

MOSDART 32GB Type C Dual Flash Drive (USB-A 3.0 / USB-C3.0) High Speed for USB C...
  • Important - Default format of the drive is FAT32 as this is the format recognized by the smartphones...

The Mosdart is a USB C USB flash drive with the USB 3.0 connectivity. It allows you to connect to Type C enabled devices and USB enabled devices. The LED indicator shows active connections. This USB flash drive comes in 4 capacities and does not have a 256gb version. The read and write speed can clock up to 130 MB/s of 25-100 MB/s average.

With the 32GB model, you get up to 100 MB/s write speeds and up to 50 MB/s write speeds. The flash drive is compatible with most tablets, phones, and PCs.  The devices show a good amount of accuracy even with outdated operating systems. The USB C connector makes its way to even the bulkiest phones. It works well with phones that are having big outer covering.

Buy from Amazon: MOSDART Type C Dual Flash Drive

Patriot Stellar  Flash Drive

Patriot Stellar-C Type-C/USB 3.1 32GB Flash Drive (PIF32GSTRCOTG)
  • Dual connector: USB 3.1 Type-A “regular USB connector” and Type-C

The Patriot Stellar is a compact drive. This one has USB A and USB C. This USB C flash drive comes in two sizes, 32GB and 64 GB. Being a USB C flash drive, you can expect phenomenal transfer rates every time.

This gives a read speed of up to 110mb/s and write speed 20mb/s. It is compatible with  Windows operating systems, as well as macOS. The Stellar does not come with any internal protection or security features. In our view, it could’ve implemented heat and voltage protection circuits. It does not come packed with features but can give a decent performance every time.

Buy from Amazon: Patriot Stellar Flash Drive

Disain USB C Flash Drive

DISAIN 128GB USB C Flash Drive, Type C Flash Drive(USB-A 3.0/USB-C 3.0), High Speed Dual...
  • Dual USB Storage: With a USB Type C connector and a USB 3.0 connector, the USB C thumb drive lets...

The Disain type C flash drive comes with a two in one connector with protective lids and coverings. It features a lightning-fast USB C and a USB 3.0 connectors at its end. This makes it compatible with every smartphone and PC you have.

It works well with the Windows, Mac, and modern smartphones with the lightning port. The presence of the USB 3.0 connector makes this storage card universal.

The Disain USB type C memory stick offers a phenomenal read-write speed. Its read speed encompasses a maximum of 120MB/s while the write speed clock around 40MB/s. Also, USB 3.0 is backward compatible. Hence, you can connect USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 ports. At present, you get four storage variants online. These include the 16GB, 32GB,64GB, and 128GB storage capacities.

Buy from Amazon: Disain USB C Flash Drive

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Silicon Power USB C Flash Drive

Silicon Power C80 64GB Flash Drive Type C Swivel Dual Flash Drive (USB-A 3.0 / USB-C)...
  • Dual interface of USB Type-C and standard USB Type-A 3.0 ports; ideal for your Type-C enabled...

The Silicon Power USB stick we got here is a 2 in 1 combo SD stick. This USB-C flash drive features a dual-drive connector, a lightning USB C, and a USB A on either of its sides.

Having both these connectors make this compact USB type C memory stick compatible with your smartphones and PCs. It’s one among those memory sticks that fall under the Universal compatibility category.

Unlike most of the USB flash drives, it doesn’t come with a lid. Don’t know how that’s going to go as you might feel a bit clumsy when it comes to design. The easy 360° swivel cap acts as protection from dust in the absence of the closing lid.

Being a lightning flash drive, you get a decent file transfer speeds too. It comes close to 120 MB/s in reading data and around 30MB/s while copying. At present, you only have the option to buy the 64GB version.

Buy from Amazon: Silicon Power USB C flash drive

So far, what we’ve got for you were some of the best USB flash drives with C type connectors. As most of the devices developed a year or two don’t feature the lightning C port, we decided to add an adapter into our list.

NONDA USB Type C to USB 3.0 Adapter

Today's Deal: $1.18 Off

The Nonda USB adapter is useful for those who already have a USB flash drive that wants to connect with USB C ports on your Mac or iPad. This is a tiny little Type C to USB 3.0 adapter that can help you convert your USB C connectors into USB A compatible connectors. This little guy here offers up to 5GB/s transfer speed when you couple it with a compatible flash drive.

This USB C adapter is made of good quality aluminum alloy and works well with the Macs. Apart from the Macs, it works well with all other USB devices. Also, make sure you never apply force while inserting as it could damage the connector.

Buy from Amazon: NONDA USB Type C to USB 3.0 Adapter

The USB type C flash drives came with a boom, and we know they are going to keep the competition high for years to come. That’s why we took up the task and made a list of some of the best USB C flash drives you could buy online.

These devices are swift when it comes to file transfer and sturdy when it comes to design. Also, most of them come with different storage versions starting from the 16GBs to the 256GBs. Keep in mind to have an eye on your budget and your need for storage space and then evaluate them to sort out the best one for your needs.

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