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10 Best Procreate Alternatives for Android Users

If you are a digital graphics and design user, you would agree that Procreate stands among the top-recommended drawing apps. The app offers a buffet of customizable features and an aesthetic User Interface. The tool suite is hard to beat. Procreate empowers the digital artist to create Ultra HD art canvases and outstanding work designs. Unfortunately, the Android user seems to be at a disadvantage since Procreate is available only for iPad.

In this article, we present you with high-performing Procreate alternatives that can run on Android devices.



For lovers of oil and watercolor painting, ArtRage is a highly recommended drawing app. The focus here is on old-fashioned, classic artwork meant for veteran-level artists. The UI and tool options have been designed accordingly to make it look like a ProCreate for Android.

You have the option to keep good control over parameters like lighting direction, and wetness. Samsung Galaxy Note users can be happy using ArtRage as S-Pen compatibility is enabled. Additionally, the option of special effects using tools like gloop pen and glitter tube makes it rank on top.


  • Ideal for watercolor and oil painting
  • S-Pen Compatible
  • Near real-life drawing experience
  • Presence of special effect tools


  • Non-intuitive User Interface

Key Features: Classic Painting Tools Suite | Special Effect Options | S-Pen Support | Special Blend Modes

Download: ArtRage ($4.99)

Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Adobe Photoshop SketchOne of the top competitors of Procreate, Photoshop Sketch from Adobe, stands neck-to-neck. The artistic tool library is gigantic with brushes, pencils, and other equipment to please different painters’ levels.

The User Interface is sleek and easy-to-use. Brush-customization is the differentiator for Photoshop Sketch with huge variants to choose from. Users also have the freedom to merge and stock multiple layers in their artwork. If performance and customization are your priority, Photoshop Sketch is the drawing app for you.


  • Wide range of brush customizations
  • Seamless integration with Adobe tools – Photoshop/Illustrator/Capture
  • Multi-layering capability
  • Free-version available


  • Learning the tool can take time

Key Features: Extensive Tool Suite | Adobe Tools Compatibility | Smooth Performance | Enhanced Layering Features

Download: Adobe Photoshop Sketch (Free, Premium)

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Autodesk SketchBook

Autodesk SketchBookBe it the stylish User Interface or the range of built-in tools; SketchBook is a deserving alternative to Procreate. The star feature of the SketchBook app is its elegant and intuitive UI, making it a popular drawing app.

Artists prefer the app because of the ability to handle large-sized canvases with utmost precision. Free-of-cost availability makes SketchBook a sought-after app for artists and sketchers.


  • Support for Gesture-based UI
  • Ease of handling large canvases (up to 100 mpx)
  • Multi-layering capability
  • Pro-level artwork tools at the disposal


  • Performance can be sluggish at times

Key Features: Intuitive UI | Precision Drawing | Free to Use

Download: Autodesk SketchBook


ArtFlowAre you a fan of drawing with the Stylust? Then ArtFlow drawing app suits you well. With support for Apple Pencil, you can sketch and design impressive artwork with high precision and control.

The palm rejection feature acts as a blessing against accidental touching and zooming while drawing. NVIDIA DirectStylus support makes the sketching experience simple on Android. A wide variety of artistic tools, including brushes and filters coupled with buttery smooth performance, makes ArtFlow popular. Additionally, there is the option of file export in multiple formats (JPG, PNG, and PSD).


  • Suits precision-drawing due to Stylus support
  • Palm rejection feature
  • Accelerated performance
  • Large canvas support


  • Not the best Layering feature

Key Features: Stylus Pressure Support | Palm Rejection Option | Large Canvas Precision | Export File Format Options

Download: ArtFlow

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ConceptsThis Procreate alternative on Android is ideal for doodlers who love creating fun storyboards and cartoons. Precision doodling is a key feature with support for the digital pen. The User Interface is sleek and good-looking.

With the right amount of brushes, paints, and other required tooling, Concepts makes a great drawing app. The advanced Layering mechanism gives the artist complete control over their artwork. Besides, vector-based sketching functionality makes motion and adjustment of painting simplistic. A variety of paper types and infinite canvas make Concepts achieve a different level of drawing app.


  • Vector-based sketching for movement of work
  • Drag and drop gesture functionality
  • Enhanced layering feature
  • Tool wheel for easy selection of brushes and paints


  • Fonts are average

Key Features: Tilt Pressure Handling | Decent Layering Mechanism | Multiple Paper Types Option | Palm Rejection | NVIDIA DirectStylus Support

Download: Concepts

MediBang Paint

MediBang PaintThe MediBang Paint is one of the most easy-to-use procreate alternatives for Android. The User Interface is super intuitive. The focus is on keeping the app minimalistic.

MediBang is not the most feature-rich drawing app. But, it possesses a sufficient variety of artistic tools like brushes and fonts to create inspiring artwork. The option to save your work on cloud storage makes switching devices seamless. MediBang is more apt for kid artists rather than seasoned professionals.


  • Minimalistic look and feel
  • Speech-to-text feature
  • Enhanced stroke stabilization
  • Provides easy file transfer among devices


  • Not feature-rich
  • Precision can be improved

Key Features: Lightweight UI | Comic Creation Options | Easy Cross-Platform File Transfer | Tons Of Free Resources

Download: MediBang Paint

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Tayasui Sketches

Tayasui SketchesThe idea behind this drawing app is simple; doodle and sketch. Favorable for artists who like to keep it simple. Simple UI, along with a limited number of tools, makes the user experience uncluttered.

The performance is buttery-smooth, as Tayasui Sketches is lightweight. It runs smoothly even on low-spec Android devices. The brush size and opacity can be easily manipulated using a brush editor option. Surprisingly, the drawing precision is much sharper than many other top drawing tools.


  • Fun app for doodling enthusiasts
  • Brush editor is handy
  • Blending mode for adjusting transparency


  • Not feature-rich
  • The tool suite is minimal

Key Features: Simplistic UI | Ultra Realistic Tools | Stylus Support | Precision Brush Strokes

Download: Tayasui Sketches


PaperColorThe drawing experience using PaperColor is as life-like as it gets. It feels almost like you are drawing on paper. The learning curve is simple, thanks to the intuitive UI. That being said, it falls behind Procreate in the variety of tools in-built.

For improving your drawing skills, PaperColor provides you with a base map option. An actual picture is placed below the drawing editor to make the sketching simple. To sum it up, Papercolor makes doodling and learning the art of drawing a fun-filled experience.


  • Simple UI
  • Suited for beginners
  • Real-like painting experience


  • Not feature-rich
  • The tool suite is minimal

Key Features: Paper Type Variants | Base Map Feature | Signature Option

Download: PaperColor

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Drawing Desk

Drawing DeskDrawing Desk makes it to the top Procreate alternatives on Android. Characterized by its lightweight and easy-to-use traits, the Drawing Desk helps make simple designs.

Offering over 1000 coloring pages, you don’t need to worry about pages while creating attractive artwork. The interactive color-palette makes choosing different themes and colors exciting. Drawing Desk is a decent Procreate alternative on Android with a decent toolset and effects.


  • A large number of color pages
  • An interactive palette for color picking


  • Filters are below par
  • Low variety of fonts

Key Features: Kids Desk Mode | Vivid Color Palette | Special Effects Support | Pro Tools Library

Download: Drawing Desk

ibis Paint X

ibis-Paint-XIf you wish to experiment with your art with an immense variety of professional tooling, ibis Paint X is the drawing app for you. The tool library is huge, with over 2000 options to choose from; brushes, paints, fonts at your disposal.

The high-precision brushing and top-class layering features make this Procreate alternative worth mentioning. The presence of a gradation map makes the tone of your artwork stand apart. ibis Paint X is adored by both adults and kids alike.


  • Super stable brush strokes
  • Enormous tool library
  • The layering feature is flawless


  • Filters are less

Key Features: Huge Tool Library | Stroke Stabilization Feature | OpenGL Technology for Smooth Drawing | Extensive Layering Support

Download: ibis Paint X

Procreate is an iPad-only painting and sketching app that has set a standard of its own. With this list of apps, users can enjoy a delightful and eye-catching drawing experience. Whether you are a minimalist or an experimentalist, we have the ideal drawing app for you.

We hope you choose the right Procreate alternative for Android using this list. Please leave your thoughts below in the comments section. Let us know if you think of any other tool deserving of making it to this list. Happy painting, fellas!

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