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10 Best Song Finder Apps for Android to Identify Music on the Go

A song finder app can be a godsend in times when you cannot find the name of a song. You may have heard a soothing hymn on the radio and trying to figure out its name. Even if you don’t have the song details, you can use a song identifier app to find the song.

Here are some of the best music recognition apps to find songs on your Android device.


Song Finder

Shazam is one of the most popular song finder apps. It allows you to find artists, lyrics, videos, and even playlists. Shazam also works very quickly to find the name of any song you want. It is a powerful music recognition app and works with Apple Watch and Android Wear as well.

You can listen to Apple Music, Google Play Music, or Spotify playlists using Shazam too. It even allows you to add songs to the playlists as needed. There are also options to watch music videos from Apple Music or YouTube.

You also get time-synced lyrics in the app for the best sing-along experience. Shazam can be used together with other media-playing apps like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and more. It allows you to share songs with your friends on social media as well.


  • Stylish and alluring interface
  • Allows watching music videos
  • Time-synced lyrics


  • Can be slow to respond at times
  • Auto Shazam keeps enabling itself

Key Features: Support Apple Watch and Android Wear | Works pretty fast in recognizing songs | Can identify artists and find lyrics | Easy to use with other apps | Allows listening to online playlists

Download: Play Store (Free)

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Musixmatch Song Finder

Music Recognition App

Musixmatch is a unique song identifier app that focuses on providing full lyrics. The app interface makes searching for any song very easy. The Floating Lyrics feature further enhances the experience by bolding words in real-time.

You can also find a translated version of the lyrics for the song using Musixmatch. You can play songs from any of your favorite streaming services using Musixmatch. It supports Spotify, YouTube, Pandora, Apple Music, SoundCloud, Google Play Music, and more.

Musixmatch also allows searching for a song by title, artist, or a single line of the lyrics. There is a Lyrics Card feature in Musixmatch. It allows you to share song lyrics on amazing backgrounds. You can even play YouTube videos in the app and collect songs in the Spotify playlist.


  • Easy to search songs by lyrics, artist, or title
  • Can get you album art for your songs
  • Allows playing YouTube videos


  • Contain ads
  • Keeps running in the background

Key Features: Best song recognition app for getting lyrics | Available for Android Wear devices | Remarkable features for enjoying music | Works with all major streaming services | Lyrics Card feature

Download: Play Store (Free, In-App Purchases)


Song Identifier App

SoundHound is one of the most widely used apps to find songs. It supports voice search function as well. The music recognition app allows you to choose different music categories when identifying music. This makes it very easy to organize your tracks using the app.

The songs and lyrics you found using the app will be stored in your account. There is a Music Map as well to help you recall where you heard the song. You can also link your Spotify account with SoundHound to add songs to your playlists.

SoundHound allows you to explore different genres and find new favorites with real-time lyrics too. This gives you an immersive sing-along experience with the recently discovered music.

You can also check out trending songs on SoundHound charts across multiple genres and categories. It has a built-in YouTube music player too.


  • Easy to organize your tracks
  • Allows finding trending songs with ease
  • Works with Spotify



  • Turning off display stops playback
  • The interface feels a bit complicated

Key Features: All discovered songs and lyrics stored in personal account | Music Map to save your music journey | Supports voice search | Integrated YouTube music player | Real-time lyrics

Download: Play Store (Free)

Beatfind Music Recognition App

Best Song Recognition App

Beatfind is designed to uplift your music listening experience. The song identifier app syncs the discovered music with a flashing strobe light effect. This is done using the smartphone flashlight, which makes it a fun experience.

Beatfind also adds many exciting animations to blend with the beats. It is a very simple and easy-to-use song finder app. You just need to click on the search icon at the bottom of the screen to start the hunt. Beatfind will search for all the details in no time.

It even allows you to explore album songs and read artist biographies. There is an option to discover the top tracks of your favorite artists too. You can play a music preview of the song identified to ensure that it is the right one.

You can play the full song on Spotify, Deezer, or YouTube. Beatfind also allows you to do a quick web search about the identified song. You can even share it with your friends via social media apps.


  • Lightweight app
  • Allows sharing tracks on social media
  • Artist biographies


  • Persistent ads can be annoying
  • May not work for all genres

Key Features: Quick results for song and artist search | Flashing strobe light effect for a party mood | Stunning animations to match the beats of the songs | Allows previewing the identified song | Easy to discover top tracks of preferred artists

Download: Play Store (Free)

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Music ID

Song Finder

Music ID is one of the simplest apps to find songs. It instantly recognizes the music playing around you. You can also get album art for your favorite artists using the song finder app. Music ID even allows you to add a note to each identified song. This way, you can remember when you heard the song first.

It may not be a feature-rich song identifier app, but Music ID does well as a minimalistic tool. You can search for similar songs or other tracks of the artist in Music ID. It even gives you a detailed movie and TV information about the artist.

There is also an option to read the biographical data of your favorite artist in the app. Music ID can be the best song recognition app for those who want a lightweight search tool.

It comes with impressive music recognition capabilities and gives links to YouTube videos as well. You can also look for artists and songs using soundtracks tags. The only downside is that there is no support for lyrics.


  • Fast performance for identifying songs and artists
  • Gets you the original album art
  • Provides links to YouTube videos


  • Does not show the song lyrics
  • May not work for all music genres and categories

Key Features: Minimalist design | Detailed artist profile | Movie and TV information | Allows searching for similar songs | Easy to comment on identified tracks

Download: Play Store (Free)

Genius Song Finder

Song Finder

Genius is another one of the most popular apps to find songs on Android devices. It has a cool and elegant interface that makes navigation very easy. You can also check the top charts using the app or browse for songs in its massive library.

Genius even claims to have the world’s biggest collection of song lyrics and crowdsourced musical knowledge. You get the real-time lyrics feature with Genius, which allows you to have a great sing-along activity.

The app allows you to search for any song and see its lyrics instantly. You can even download the lyrics of the identified songs and access them when you are offline.

Genius song finder app allows you to play videos for the discovered tracks too. It has a huge music video library to make things easier. You can also learn more about your favorite songs and artists using Genius.


  • Stylish and clean interface
  • Allows playing videos for identified songs
  • Great collection of song lyrics


  • Real-time lyrics may not work smoothly
  • Can be confusing to contribute to the lyrics

Key Features: Real-time lyrics | Massive music video library | Verified information about songs and artists | Allows checking trending songs | Lyrics can be downloaded and accessed offline

Download: Play Store (Free)

Music Detector

Apps To Find Songs

Music Detector works just the way its name suggests. It identifies any song in a matter of a few seconds. The music recognition app is created to be expressly fast and deliver the most accurate results. It works with every type of music sources, such as radio or online music player.

It is very easy to use the song identifier app. You just need to open the Music Detector when the song you need to identify is playing. It will work to give you details like the song name, artist, album, and other relevant details instantly.

All the information is stored in the music finder history. This allows you to access the details later as needed.

Music Detector also allows you to check out the lyrics of the song and play the video. It may not be a feature-rich app to be the best song recognition app out there. Yet it still does the job in finding the track accurately and gives you all the details you need.


  • Simple and clean interface
  • Gives more accurate results than other apps to find songs
  • Lightweight and easy on system resources


  • In-app purchases and ads
  • Limited features

Key Features: Fast results for identifying a song | Works with all types of music sources | Music finder history | Options to play music videos | Easy to search with song lyrics

Download: Play Store

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Soly – Lyrics and Song Finder

Apps To Find Songs

Soly is one of the lesser-known song finder apps. However, it works like a charm indeed to find the song you need to identify. Soly gives you the option to search for the lyrics of the song easily. Besides, it allows you to play the song on YouTube as well.

The music recognition app comes with an inbuilt music player. This allows you to play the songs on your smartphone with ease. Soly also has a floating lyrics feature that allows you to sing karaoke in the app.

You can also find songs and lyrics in different languages using Soly. The music history in Soly keeps all the details of the song identified intact. This way, you can check them out later as well, along with offline lyrics.


  • Super fast and reliable to use
  • Allows finding songs in many languages
  • Music history saves details of the identified songs


  • Frequent ads make it annoying
  • Does not work with other media player apps

Key Features: Stylish and modern user interface | Option to search lyrics separately | Best song recognition app with an integrated music player | Simple lyrics downloader | Supports playing songs on YouTube

Download: Play Store (Free)

Music Identification

Music Recognition App

Music Identification app works the best when you want to search for a song when on the road. It gives you all the relevant details of the track, such as the song name, artist, band, and more.

The song identifier app also gives you a link to the site. This allows you to look for more info about the song you need to identify. Visiting the link in the Music Identification app gives you a wide range of options.

You can search for similar songs, similar artists, the top track of the singer, and more. There are also options to learn more about the song and artist. It even allows you to check YouTube videos and read tweets mentioning the track.

Music Identification app claims to have the largest music collection in the world. The unique link generation feature makes it much different from other commonly used apps to find songs. It gives you a lyrics preview to see with a link to the full lyrics.


  • You can get every detail possible with the app
  • Identifies songs almost instantly
  • Unique link generation keeps the app light


  • May not perform well for songs with a strong bass setting
  • Following links may seem annoying for some

Key Features: Lightweight and fast music recognition app | Generates links for the identified songs | Wide range of options for getting the details of the song | Lyrics preview | Allows launching internet radio of the artist

Download: Play Store (Free)

Music Finder Free

Song Identifier App

Music Finder Free is a basic song identifier app that comes with some amazing features. It suggests you the song name almost immediately you play a track. The music recognition app is lightweight and does not consume much of the resources.

Music Finder Free has a dedicated edge panel widget for Samsung Galaxy Edge phones. That makes it the best song recognition app for Samsung smartphone users. The dedicated widget helps you to find all the details of the track.

The song finder app has somewhat limited features when compared to the other popular apps to find songs. However, it can still perform well to identify a song that you may have heard in a club or on the radio. There is no manual search option.


  • Simple and clean user interface
  • Suggests the song name very quickly
  • Very easy to use on any Android smartphone


  • Annoying intrusive ads
  • Does not work with other media player apps

Key Features: Edge panel for Samsung smartphones | Lightweight and free to use application | Allows listening to songs on YouTube and Spotify | Easy to find the song name, artist, and album | Catches tracks over the mic well

Download: Play Store

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An Alternative to Song Finder Apps

There is an easy alternative to using dedicated apps to find songs. You can use the Google Assistant on your smartphone for a quick search as well. Just launch the app by saying “Hey, Google!” and ask, “What song is this?

You will get suggestions from the virtual assistant almost immediately. However, if you need something more than just finding the song name, then you will need a song finder.

The above-mentioned song finder apps work greatly to identify what is playing in the background. They catch the track over the phone’s microphone and give you instant results. Some of them even allow you to do a manual search for the song.

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