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10 Best CamScanner Alternative Apps for Android

You can simply turn your smartphone camera into a document scanner with the CamScanner app. But the app is no more available in some countries like India due to security reasons. Don’t worry, there are tons of CamScanner alternative apps to help you scan documents on your Android phone.

Here, we have listed some of the best alternatives to the CamScanner app for Android users.

Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan Camscanner alternative

On top of the list, we have the Adobe Scan as the best alternative to the CamScanner document scanning app. The adobe scan can scan any documents using the camera on your android phone.

You can convert any printed document into a PDF file as the OCR can detect text from the image. Scanned documents on your phone can be saved or shared with other apps. Adobe also gives Cloud storage for paid users, which lets you sync documents across your phone and computer.

Adobe Scan auto-detects the page and captures without a touch of a button. There are easy touchup options to remove and edit imperfections, marks, and stains. You can use most of the Adobe Scan features for free.


  • Auto-capture documents
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition)


  • Needs Adobe Cloud subscription for many features

Key Features: OCR technology | Auto-correction scanned documents | Auto-capture | Businesscard scanning | Convert saved photo into Doc | Adobe cloud storage

Download: Play Store (Free, In-App Purchases)

Microsoft Office Lens

Microsoft Office Lens

Microsoft office lens has also emerged as a strong alternative to CamScanner. The app lets you capture information from documents, handwritten notes, receipts, or any files containing text or images.

With Microsoft Office Lens, you can click images and save the document as PDF, Word, and PowerPoint files. You can save the files to Microsoft OneNote, OneDrive, or on your phone itself.

The Edit function in Office Lens lets you make corrections before saving a document or a page. There are different editing tools on the Microsoft lens. The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) helps you reduce your work by recognizing texts from images.


  • Auto enhance images
  • Scans papers and boards


  • Need to use Microsoft Word for further editing

Key Features: High-quality capture | OCR | Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage | Recognizes handwritten notes | Scans whiteboard and blackboard

Download: Play Store (Free)

Google Drive

Google Drive

Google Drive can be your personal document scanner right on your phone. Apart from backing up your files, it has a hidden feature that lets you scan documents.

Most of the Android smartphones come with Google Drive inbuilt. The features of Google Drive are pretty easy to use. You can simply open the app and tap on the add icon and then you will get a scan option.

You can capture any documents either in printed format or as an image. Make changes to scanned documents such as paper orientation, image quality, and paper size with the onscreen tools. Along with that, you can enhance scanned images using different filters.


  • Completely free to use
  • 15GB Google Drive cloud space
  • Easy to use


  • Limited editing options
  • No OCR

Key Features: Saves files to Google account | Instant scanning | Inbuilt app for Android | Completely free

Download: Play Store (Free)

Notebloc: Scanner App


Notebloc is also a decent alternative to CamScanner. The app offers you to scan documents and convert the file to PDF. Notebloc has features to scan multiple pages at once.

Notebloc is helpful when you are scanning a book. You can scan two pages at a time with the app. It also has an OCR text detection. There is an automatic correction of perspective to fit the scanned copy to the page.

You can apply different filters to scanned documents. There’s also a separate black and white mode that can capture and scan the documents. Notebloc app comes free with some ads. You can go for the premium version to get a neat, ad-free experience.


  • OCR text detection
  • Scans multiple pages
  • Angle correction


  • Annoying ads
  • No cloud storage

Key Features: Supports multiple document type | OCR feature | Scans multiple pages | Auto corner adjusting | Cleans the scanned copy from shadows

Download: Play Store (Free, In-App Purchases)


turboscanTurboScan is aa multipage document scanner app for Android users. The app can scan documents, receipts, whiteboards, and images. It can scan multiple pages and save them in a high-quality PDF or JPEG file.

The TurboScan app has tools to control brightness, rotation, and color in just one tap. The scanned documents can be shared through email, dropbox, etc. It also has the feature “Email to myself” which can be used to get the document right in your inbox quickly.

The SureScan feature assures a quality, brighter, sharp scans even in low-light conditions. The free version can scan and share up to three document pages. You need to go for the premium version to get more features.


  • Good clarity under low-light
  • Emil to myself for quick saving
  • Multipage editing


  • Free version limits 3 pages in a single document
  • Most features come with PRO

Key Features: Multipage capture | Multipage editing | Email to myself feature | Copy and reuse saved pages | Superfast saving | SureScan for lowlight | Edge detection

Download: Play Store (Free, In-App Purchases)

ScanPro App

ScanPro App is a powerful tool to scan documents, receipts, QR codes, bar code, whiteboard, and sketchbooks. You can easily scan documents using a scan pro app and get a high-quality scanned version.

The app has automatic text recognition, even for printed papers. You can save the scanned documents as PDF or JPEG.

Additionally, you can use the ScanPro App to sign a document or highlight a part on your PDF file quickly. ScanPro does not come with cloud storage. But, you can choose Google Drive, Dropbox, or any other cloud service to save scanned files automatically.


  • PDF and JPEG exporting format
  • Fax option from the app
  • Page enhancements


  • Most features available only in PRO+
  • No integrated cloud storage

Key Features: Export as PDF or JPEG | Send scanned docs as fax | One-tap printing | QR Code scanning | Filters and enhancement

Download: Play Store (Free, In-App Purchases)

Tiny Scanner

The tiny scanner is also one of the best scanning apps. You can use the app to scan receipts, documents, images. The app is very simple and easy to use.

The Tiny Scanner can automatically detect the edges of the document. The scanned document is also saved in the device automatically as a PDF. It can scan colors, greyscale or black and white.

The Tiny Scanner app protects your document with a passcode. The app can work on both phones and tablets. The scanned documents can be shared using Dropbox, OneDrive, Evernote, or via email.


  • Easy to use
  • Quick processing


  • No text recognition
  • Limited features

Key Features: Export to PDF | Fast processing | Scans photos from gallery | 5 Monochrome profiles

Download: Play Store (Free)

Smart Lens

Smart Lens is a powerful, simple app to scan your personal and official documents on the go. It can scan high-quality images using your smartphone camera.

The text recognition feature is not just limited to English. The Smart Lens app can recognize over 100 languages around the world. Whether you are scanning a document in English or French, you get the original text, which you can edit later.

Smart Lens’ Google Translate integration helps you translate text from different languages quickly. Guess what, you can save a foreign language document in your language.

The contact card scanner is also an interesting feature. Scan someone’s business card and the app can recognize contact numbers, email, URLs, QR Codes to get you the right information.


  • Multilanguage support
  • Inbuilt translation
  • Text Scanner


  • Not a great interface
  • A bit slow processing
  • No handwritten note support

Key Features: Text recognition (OCR) | Detects 56 languages | 100+ languages translation | Offline language recognition | Scan history | Contact card scan

Download: Play Store (Free, In-App Purchases)


vFlat is another alternative to CamScanner with many powerful features. It can flatten the curved pages to give a perfect vertical shot effect. It can also be used to scan multiple pages.

The vFlat has auto page number detection and a sorting feature. You can easily make a digital book out of multiple scans with pages in order.

The app does not process images faster, compared to other apps. Since the app is in the development stage, scanning and enhancement features are limited. Interestingly, you can request developers to add new features and expect it in future updates.


  • Curve flattening
  • E-book Library
  • Free to use


  • Slow processing
  • Many features are under development

Key Features: Page flattening | Book scanning | Feature request option | Page detection and numbering | Auto sorting | Image enhancements | E-book library

Download: Play Store (Free)

PhotoScan by Google Photos

PhotoScan is another document scanning tool from Google. If you do not like Google Drive, go with this Google Photos add-on app. It is basically a photo scanner app for Google Photos.

The primary feature of the PhotoScan is to scan and save old printed photos. It can scan and save glare-free, sharp digital copies of your images. The same works well with documents as well.

If you are looking for an all-in-one tool to scan and save old images and documents, PhotoScan is worth a try. Perspective correction and edge detection are some of its features.


  • Auto enhancement
  • Photo scanning
  • Completely free-to-use


  • Not a complete document scanning solution
  • Limited options to edit

Key Features: Old photo scanning | Edge-based cropping | Perspective correction | Smart rotation | Easy touchup | Free to use | Upload to Google Photos

Download: Play Store (Free)

All the apps we mentioned above are indeed going to help you scan your documents on the go. Each app differs in its own way. It is a bit hard to say which one you need at the moment. But, all the above CamScanner alternative apps are worth a try, for sure.

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