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Top 7 Free Android Scanner Apps for Smartphone

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Imagine that you have a few documents to be scanned and you are nowhere near a scanner. The only thing that will help you in situations like this will be your beloved android phone with a scanner app. If you have a document scanner app on your Smartphone, then you have nothing to worry.

You can easily make a scanned copy of the documents starting from a receipt to a list of official files in no time. There are plenty of scanner apps available in the PlayStore store that can easily match the quality of a real scanner. We have selected a few apps that might come in handy for you in the time of need. We can definitely assure you that the quality and comfortability provided by these apps are just awesome.

Cam Scanner

There is absolutely no doubt about the best scanning app available in the market. Over 50 million people have already installed Cam Scanner across 200+ countries. This app can be useful when you want to scan your notes, invoices, receipts, certificates, etc. Exactly.

Android Cam ScannerYou can get almost anything and everything done with it. The clear and high-quality extracts that you obtain from using this app can actually make the process fun. If you are a fan of simple yet futuristic design structures, Cam Scanner is really your thing. This app also lets you secure your important docs and sync it across multiple platforms (For registrants only).

PlayStore Link: Cam Scanner

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Evernote is one of the best apps for any type of users. If you are an android lover, then you can be an Evernote lover too. It is really simple to work with Evernote. Scan anything into a PDF and now save it to Evernote.

Android EvernoteThe app is available for all Android devices. It also has an added benefit that most of the other scanning apps lack. Evernote is also capable of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) that let you in converting scanned images to editable data.

PlayStore Link: Evernote

Tiny Scanner

Turn your android device into a useful scanner with Tiny Scanner. This is a must-have app that can help you turn your Android device into a pocket document scanner and save the document as images or PDFs. With the help of this document scanner app, you can scan just about anything you come across in your daily life.

Android Tiny ScannerThis pdf document scanning app is so fast and designed for your phone and tablet. In short, with this app, you can turn your mobile into a mini scanner that you can take with you wherever you want.

PlayStore Link: Tiny Scanner

Fast Scanner

Fast Scanner can help you attain maximum result while scanning your important notes, documents, envelopes, whiteboards or any other paper text. With the Fast Scanner, you can easily scan your document. Turn your Android mobile into a scanner that you always wanted it to be.Android Fast ScannerYou can even print or mail the documents as multiple pages in future. But most importantly these pdf files can be saved on your device and can be opened in many other apps.

PlayStore Link: Fast Scanner

Genius Scan

Genius Scan, like any other scanner app, allows you to scan documents swiftly and promptly without depending on an external scanner. The main advantage is that this app comes with a great UI. With this app, you can easily scan the documents on the go and transfer them as multiple page JPEG files or PDF files. You can also unlock the Genius scan+ features that will allow you to export your scanned files anywhere you want.Android Genius Scanner

The Genius Scan scanner comes with other facilities like perspective correction, image post-processing and much more. If you think that the scan is not aligned or if the light is not perfect, do not worry. Genius Scan does that for you.

PlayStore Link: Genius Scan

Google Drive

Most of you might know that Google Drive is a safe place for storing all your files. It helps you to back up your data safely so that you won’t lose them by chance.

Android Google DriveBut did you know that even Google drive has an option to scan your paper documents? It does. You can also invite others to check, edit or leave any comments for your files or folders.

PlayStore Link: Google Drive

Office Lens

Office Lens is a product of Microsoft. Like other scanning apps, it will help you to store images of your documents and enhances the photos that you took to make the documents more readable.

Android Fast ScannerWith this app, you can also convert images not just to PDF files, but also to Word and PowerPoint files. If you are not keen on the design, but just want to get your work done smoothly, this app is for you.

PlayStore Link: Office Lens

It is better to keep one of this app on your Android Phone and start using to scan your shop recipes and other valuable documents to convert hardcopy into Digital form.

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