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How to Use Your iPhone as a Spirit Level

Your iPhone can be a replacement for many devices. Well, some of the utilities and features with the iPhone are quite unusual and unexpected. Did you know that you can use your iPhone as a spirit level? Yes, you can measure the level using iPhone. It is one of the most helpful features on iPhone.

Find out how to use your iPhone as a spirit level or surface-level measuring tool.

Use iPhone as Spirit Level Tool

First off, in case you are unsure what a spirit level is, it is a tool that is used to measure the level of a surface or an object. You can thus level any object to a surface without even a small slope.

As you know, iPhone packs plenty of sensors. These sensors can do more than what you think of. The gyroscope and accelerometer sensors on your iPhone can do more than just tilt controlling games or auto-rotating the screen. Level-measure capability is one of them.

Find out how to measure the level of a surface using the iPhone, when you do not have an actual spirit level.

iPhone Level on Measure Apps

  1. Open Measure app on iPhone.
  2. Tap “Level” at the bottom.
  3. Place your iPhone on the surface.
  4. Read the surface level degree from the screen.

You can measure the surface level by placing the iPhone from various orientations. To measure the level of a flat surface, place the iPhone as normal. To measure something that is so small to place the iPhone, you can hold your iPhone in portrait or landscape orientation.

Level Measure on iPhone

Similarly, you can measure the surface level of any object using your iPhone. Since the sensors and digital data is used for the measurement, you can expect an accurate result. Readings should be more accurate than a manual spirit level when you do it with your iPhone.

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