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All in One Mobile Vlogging Kit from Joby: Best Mobile Rig for Vloggers

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The widespread of new generation video recording gadgets and social media has attracted a lot of people to vlogging. A lot of people are using smartphones or other video recording devices to shoot small videos and share them with their friends. A lot of people are opting for their career as vlogging. The fun and enjoyable moments while vlogging is the main reason people love to vlog. If you are a vlogger, with certain accessories, you can improve videos you take to a large extent.

Joby comes with some of the accessories that help the vloggers to make their videos better. Let us take a look into the Joby vlogging kit you might need as a vlogger.

Joby GorillaPod Vlogging Kit

The Joby Gorillapod mobile vlogging kit is a vlogging kit that comes with almost all the accessories that you required for vlogging, excluding your video recording device. Joby Gorillapod comes with its own mini gadgets that can improve the visual and audio quality to a great extent.

Joby Mobile Vlogging Kit

The Joby Gorillapod mobile vlogging kit contains all the essentials that a beginner required for vlogging. All the accessories that help the user to shoot good quality videos can be easily mounted and used.

The Joby Gorillapod mobile vlogging kit comes with its own mobile microphone, mini LED light, flexible tripod, and a lot of connectors and cables. Let us discuss the accessories that come along with the Joby mobile vlogging kit.

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Flexible GorillaPod Smartphone Rig

The main part of this vlogging kit is the Gorillapod phone rig with adjustable legs that come pre-loaded in the kit. The legs can support up to 1 kilogram of weight. The gorillapod rig contains a tripod shaped leg. The legs are designed in such a way that it is easily flexible and converted into different shapes for convenience.

Joby Gorillapod

The kit also contains 2 removable arms that can be connected to the Gorillapod mobile rig. it can also be used to connect other accessories. The connection between legs and other devices is done with the help of mounts that are already included in the kit.

The structure also contains an attachment on top of the device holder other than the two arms. This can also be used to attach other accessories. The whole structure can be customized to use according to the recording device used by the person.

Wavo Mini Microphone 

Joby Gorillapod’s mobile vlogging kit includes a good quality microphone named Wavo mobile microphone. The microphone can record crisp and awesome audio when connected to the video recording device. It can be easily connected using the 3.5 mm cable that is already being provided with the vlogging kit.

Joby Wavo Mobile Microphone

The microphone also includes a dead cat accessory that removes the sound of the wind to a great extent. This feature delivers distortionless audio to your videos. Using this accessory can provide you great audio quality when compared to the default voice recorder in the device used.

Beamo Mini LED Light and Diffuser

The next accessory in the Joby Gorillapod mobile blogging kit is the Beamo mini LED light. The LED light also comes with a diffuser. The Beamo mini delivers some great LED light which will help you while shooting in low light conditions.

The  Beamo LED light can be easily controlled by the application provided by the Beamo company. The brightness and light mode can be easily controlled using this application.

Joby Beamo Mini LED Light

While using a selfie camera, the light may seem too bright. To avoid this difficulty, the Beamo mini comes with a diffuser that can provide soft and dim light. The diffuser will light up your skin and give you a great skin tone in low light. The diffuser reduces the light emitted but is very convenient while using the front camera.

The Beamo mini is a great accessory if your video recording device does not come with an LED flash. The LED is also waterproof so you don’t have to worry about the vlogging kit falling in the water.

Connectors and Cables

The Joby Gorillapod Mobile Vlogging kit comes with a few great cables that are very much helpful while setting up your device. The kit comes with a 3.5 mm jack cable that helps you to connect the microphone to the video recording device.

TRS, TRRS, and a lighting adapter are included in the kit. The lightning adaptor can be used to connect an iPhone to the microphone by converting the  3.5 mm port into lightning charging port. This is a great functionality since most people use an iPhone for vlogging. 

Support For GoPro, DSLR Camera, and Smartphones

Devices like GoPro, DSLR cameras, and smartphones can be easily connected to the mounting system in the Joby Gorillapod mobile vlogging kit. This can be easily done by the mounts that are provided in the kit itself.

The structure also provides the option to easily change the camera orientation from portrait to landscape by just adjusting the structure. DSLR of weight up to 1kg can easily be mounted onto the kit. If you are using the two extra arms provided in the kit, you can connect more than one device and personalize your video recording. 

The large variety of useful accessories, cables, and mounts make the Joby Gorillapod mobile vlogging kit stand out among other vlogging kits. The great functionality and usefulness provided by the kit make it one of the easily recommendable vlogging kits for beginners.

Joby Wavo On-Camera Vlogging Compact Microphone

The Wavo On Camera Vlogging microphone is a super compact and portable microphone that is ideal for high-quality audio recording and video shooting. The microphone is mainly focused on vlogging so the audio quality is great in this device.

Joby Wavo On Mic Camera

The microphone is focused on avoiding crowd noises in any recording situation. The shock mount that comes along with the device provides superior shock isolation that offers great stability. The microphone also has multi-device support. It can support devices like DSLR cameras, smartphones, and action cameras with TRS, TRRS cable support.

The Joby Wavo On Camera compact microphone is a great choice for vloggers due to its great audio quality and portability. The microphone can be easily connected using a 3.5 mm cable that is already provided with the device.

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Joby Griptight Pro Telepod

The Joby Grip Tight Pro Telepod is a handheld vlogging stick. It provides great features including the Cold Shoe PRO and Pin Joint Mount for various setup options. It also contains a Bluetooth Impulse remote shutter which helps the user to click images from a distance.

Joby Telepod Pro Kit

The Joby telepod kit has 4 different working modes. The handgrip, monopod, elevated stand, and tripod are the 4 different models. The stand can support weight up to 1 kg. The telepod mobile helps in holding a smartphone and using it as a vlogging device.

The Joby Griptight Pro telepod is specially designed for vloggers. They come with the ability to function as a handgrip, monopod, elevated stand, and tripod which is very convenient. The versatility and usability provided by the telepod make it one of the most convenient tools for vloggers.

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Joby Freehold Universal Phone Grip

The Joby Freehold universal phone grip is a great choice for vloggers who use smartphones as their recording device. Freehold phone grip can be easily attached to the device. Using this grip makes it much more convenient while using a smartphone for vlogging.

Joby Freehold Universal Phone Grip

The Joby Freehold Universal Phone Grip contains an elastic finger ring which helps for great grip and stability. The device also has a quick Mount connector that helps you to attach up to 2 other accessories.

The Freehold Universal Phone Grip also has a tripod adaptor and universal support for all of the major smartphones. The phone grip helps in easier usage of the smartphone while vlogging which makes it a great addition to a vlogger’s accessories.

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If you are a Vlogger or wish to start vlogging, these accessories can help you in a lot of ways. These accessories can turn your normal video into much more good looking ones. Make your best moments even more enjoyable using these accesories. Happy vlogging.


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