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Liuyang RGBIC Smart Floor Lamp: Light for Your Every Mood

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Smart lamps are becoming much popular these days and among them, corner lamps with RGBIC technology are everyone’s favorite. Such tall-standing smart-looking floor lamps lights up your bedrooms, hallways, and even gaming setup with tons of colors and lightning effects. The Liuyang Smart Floor Lamp is no different; it not only adds to the ambient lighting, but performs according to your tasks as well.

Here we got the Liuyang smart floor lamp on our hands and here are our first impressions with this modular smart lamp for your home.

Liuyang Smart Floor Lamp: Overview

Very light weight in design and modular concept to adjust the lamp size

The Liuyang Smart Floor Lamp is not just another lamp that lights up your home. Of course, it does that too, but the way it adds convenience to the operation and the output makes it a smart one. Unlike other single-piece tall-standing corner lamps, this ones from Liuyang has a modular design means you can adjust its height according to your wish. The detachable light tubes makes it easier to set a height and put it to anywhere.

Liuyang Smart Floor Lamp Overview
Liuyang Smart Floor Lamp as Monitor Ambient Light

The smart floor lamp comes with a Smart Control that helps you manage the device with voice commands via Alexa and Google Assistant. You can also control the Liuyang Smart Floor Lamp via the Smart Life App and choose from millions of colors and other dynamics.

With its RGBIC Effects, which is the latest light displaying technology, you can set multiple vibrant colors at the same time. The independent controlling chip that is built-in the light sinks you in an experience that is nothing less than a flowing rainbow.

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Design and Build Quality

180º Light Spread with unique design

The Liuyang Smart Floor Lamp deviates from the rest of the traditional ones. So much so that it almost goes unnoticed in the corner of my room, unless it casts its light there. This is one of those smart lamps that deliver more than how it looks.

Liuyang Smart Floor Lamp Design
Liuyang Smart Floor Lamp with Face to Wall & face to You

Works well facing the wall and away from the wall

The Liuyang Smart Floor Lamp uses a vertical strip of LED that is aesthetically appealing too. But it does not come in a ready-to-use package, it requires a bit of assembly and installation. The plastic housing and connectors for the detachable tubes were not as sturdy as I thought. We’ll talk about it in a bit.

Liuyang Smart Floor Lamp Tube Connection
Liuyang Smart Floor Lamp Module Connector

Spring loaded contact point for better connectivity

Once assembled and installed, and placed on a surface, it stands at the height of 69-inches. The base stand is where you can find the basic control buttons and its built-in microphones for the music sync feature.

Liuyang Smart Floor Lamp Base Stand
Liuyang Smart Floor Lamp Base with Control Buttons

The whole lamp consists of four light tubes including the base tube. Liuyang Smart Floor Lamp lets you detach unwanted tubes and resize the lamp height if you do not need all of them at a time. This makes it a space-saving, clean-looking, slim, and sleek standing lamp.

And while at it, it not only brightens up the corners and small spaces but adds rich and vibrant colors as well. This is why it also takes care of the mood lighting. At just 3.21 pounds, the Liuyang Smart Floor Lamp is lightweight and makes for a convenient lamp to move around as needed.

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Installation and Setup

Once out of the box, the Liuyang Smart Floor Lamp will be ready to run after the installation. You can take out the lamp tubes one by one, depending on where you want to install the lamp, considering its height.

Insert the tubes one by one into the connection and make sure it is firm. Leaving a gap between two tubes may lead to disconnection and hence may not illuminate. And voila! Plug in power to use.

Liuyang Smart Floor Lamp Installation
Liuyang Smart Floor Lamp Modules Installation

Basic installation does not need any extra setup using phone. But you have to install and set up Smart Life App on your phone if you want to control the lighting patterns, music sync, and get your desired accent color lights.

Tip: Even after connecting all the tubes with no gaps, there may be times when tubes display random colors. Complete unplug the tube and put it back in such cases. This will reset the connection and help illuminate the ones that weren’t.

Smart Home and App Controls

Most of the Liuyang Smart Floor Lamp’s features can be controlled from the Smart Life app. You can adjust the lamp’s brightness, colors, rate, and color temperature along with static, dynamic, music sync mode, and many more.

Liuyang Smart Floor Lamp App Control
Liuyang Smart Floor Lamp Phone App

Plenty of color combinations available from the app for each segment.

The app also offers you a timed function that lets you set timing or a countdown to switch itself off after a specific time. This means you can step out of the house or go to sleep without worrying about keeping the lights on.

Apart from the app controls, Liuyang Smart Floor Lamp also supports Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Once linked to either Alexa or Google Home, it becomes easy to control the smart lamp with your voice.

Liuyang Smart Floor Lamp Google Home Control
Liuyang Smart Floor Lamp in Google Home

The Smart Life app has the links to set up both Alexa and Google for the smart lamp. Once done, use your voice commands or the Alexa/Google Home app to set brightness and color of the light. You still need the Smart Life app to control the light patterns and color combos.

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Liuyang Smart Floor Lamp Features

The Liuyang Smart Floor Lamp comes with a handful of features that make it stand out from the rest. Of course, it might look like just another lamp sitting in a corner slapped with LEDs on its pole. But there are many features hidden under its sleeve and here are they;

RGBIC technology

Liuyang Smart Floor Lamp RGBIC

One of the main reasons this lamp has made it to our favorite list is because of this feature too. Now, we are pretty sure that you must have experienced the usual or more conventional RGB lamps. No doubt about those lamps that display bright lights, but they only glow with one color at a time. Because the Liuyang Smart Floor Lamp comes with a strip of RGBIC LEDs, it displays various colors at a time.

It has upto 133 LEDs in a standing pole that offers over 16 million colors to choose from.The reach and the intensity of which is spread over 180 degrees of projection range that illuminates freely. With this, you can adjust the brightness and even the speed of light to choose your own vivid combination.

Music Sync

Liuyang Smart Floor Lamp Music Sync Mode

Speaking of mood, the Liuyang Smart Floor Lamp will sync and play the lights with the music of your choice. There is a built-in high sensitivity mic that will adapt and offer sound rhythm in a way that it will set your romantic evenings just the way you want it. It could be an energetic party too that it can adapt well to and offer you the kind light effects along with the music that you are playing.

Smart App Controls with Timer

Liuyang Smart Floor Lamp App Timer Control

The Smart APP timing function lets you turn the lamp On or Off automatically at a predetermined time. Once set and activated, this feature will let you leave the room at your will without worrying about putting it off. This also means that you can simply set the time in your children’s room and leave it to do its job.

Modular Design

Liuyang Smart Floor Lamp Modular Design
Liuyang Smart Floor Lamp Module Heights

The Liuyang Smart Floor Lamp measures ‎69 x 4 x 4 inches only. One of the best features of the Liuyang Smart Floor Lamp is that it is a space saver too, thanks to its vertical design that does not need much space. Because of which, it does not take up much space in the room.

But when you want the light at your table, you can detach the light bars at the top and resize it to any measure perfect for your work table. And, no matter which size you chose, you can set over 16 million colors throughout the light bar right from your phone.

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Pros and Cons

What we liked:

  • RGBIC technology
  • Modular design
  • Very Lightweight
  • Affordable Price
  • Plenty of light combinations

What we disliked:

  • Lamp base can be large for carpet floors
  • Minor bug in App connectivity

Key Features: RGBIC | Lightweight design | Alexa & Google Home Compatibility | Built-in microphone | App Control | Voice Control | Remote control | Timer Setting | 16 million colors | 180 Degrees Projection Range | Music Sync | DIY Scenes | 133 LEDs

What’s in the Box

The Liuyang Smart Floor Lamp can be controlled without even getting close to it. It is a floor lamp that uniquely sums up a form of light that is both wireless and voice-activated. Let’s see what is included in the box.

  • 1 x Base tube
  • 3 x Attachment tubes
  • 1 x Power cable with adapter
  • User manual

Price and Availability

The Liuyang Smart Floor Lamp is a smart addition to your already smart home. It is simple to look at, does not take much space and illuminates dark corners, and lights up your mood too. At just Price not available, this is a great deal while you make your smart home even smarter. And this deal become even sweet with the special 12% discount code 59ISJPPS.

LIUYANG Smart Floor Lamp Compatible with Alexa & Google Home,59“ Dimmable Corner Lamp...
  • 【SMART FLOOR LAMP】You can control color changing lamp via smart voice (compatible with Alexa and...

Our Take

Liuyang Smart Floor Lamp is an ambient light integrated with Alexa and Google Home. The lamp is pretty light weight in design. You can adjust the height of the lamp with this unique design or change to any height for the monitor lamp. You want to a converter lamp, just add an additional module to make the lamp for your room corner.

You can place this on the corner of your bedroom, or even top of your home office table – even by resizing it. All comes with the your Alexa or Google home support that makes the things much easier. And above all this suit your budget and never drain your wallet.


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