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Meco Wireless Outdoor Security Camera with SD Card (No Monthly Fee)

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There might be times when you lost some of your valuables from your home and still fail to get a clue of who that was. In fact, there is a good chance you’re still not aware of what’s going outside your doorsteps. If you are not planning to risk the lives of your family, then its time you get the best security camera and surveillance systems for your home.

Here, we’ve got the new MECO Wireless Outdoor Security Camera, and it has made a lot of heads turn lately. Apart from being an all-out surveillance cam, this cool gadget has pretty more to flaunt.

Meco Wireless Security Camera

The Meco Wireless Security Camera is a reasonably priced surveillance cam that comes with full HD footage recording and WiFi connectivity. It comes with rechargeable batteries and has the IR Night Vision as well as motion detection. You get up to a 120° viewing angle with adjustable video resolutions. It can survive in some of the harshest weather and comes rated with IPX65. You also get the two-way talk feature and is quite easy to install and work with.

Meco Wireless security cam

Apart from the batteries, You can combine the Meco wireless security camera with the solar panel power supply. It lets you go truly wireless and lets the device never run out of charge. We will be adding a complete description of both the Meco security Cam as well as the Meco Solar panel below. As you go on, we’ll mention the technical aspects and the Pros and Cons of the Security as well as the Solar Panels.

MECO 【32GB Include】 Wireless Outdoor Security Camera, 1080P Rechargeable Battery WiFi...
  • 🔋【Rechargeable Battery Security Camera】This rechargeable wifi camera comes with 6700mAh...

Key Features: WiFi connectivity | 1080p HD recording | Video quality toggle | Motion detection | 2-way audio | IR night vision | Cloud storage/ MicroSD card support | IP65 waterproof standard | Smartphone app and Push Notifications | 6700mAh internal battery


  • Able to select the recording quality
  • battery life is phenomenal
  • Three mode Night Vision
  • Portable and easy to install
  • Smartphone app notifications are swift


  • No Smart Assistant support
  • Overexposed images during heavy sunlight
  • No Alexa or Google Assistant.

Design and Build Quality

The Meco Wireless Security Camera feels durable and robust. Its pretty compact and looks sleek. It is waterproof and comes with IPX65 standards. The device features an oval outer cover with buttons and dome ports, including the Micro SD and the charging port. On the front panel, you’ll find the camera coupled with the motion sensor.

Meco Wireless security cam installation

The device comes with adhesive tapes as well as screw mounts for easy installation. There is also a magnetic mount that favors easy adjustments and is also reliable when you’re using the internal battery charge.

The Meco Security cam offers two modes of power, the internal rechargeable battery source as well as the DC power supply. The Meco Cam comes power-packed with a rechargeable 6700 mAh battery. The device has made a hell lot of reputation from its powerful battery backup that can last for weeks on a single charge.

Video and Audio Quality

The video quality is stunning. It can shoot in full HD 1080p and can toggle clarities. The night vision, as well as motion detection, works hand in hand to give the best video outputs throughout the day. The outdoor quality depends on the positioning of the camera. The colors are bright, and the camera works 24/7. You can set the recording quality to HD to get a good quality picture.

Meco Wireless Security Camera Day Snap
Meco Wireless Security Camera Daylight Image

Meco offers three different modes for surveillance, the Automatic, Black and White, and the Color mode. These modes can help in night time surveillance. The Meco Surveillance camera offers two ways of talking. There is also the Auto sound detection and allows auto-recording and locking of footages when someones at your door.

There is night vision and motion detection to enhance surveillance. The night vision function automatically adjusts according to the ambient light of the surroundings. The three recording modes also increase the quality of the footages during the night.

Meco Wireless Security Camera Night Snap
Meco Wireless Security Camera Night Time Image

As you see the above image, the night time image is not bad. The particular image is with a street light in the background. However, the quality is pretty good compared to night time shots from other cameras.

Meco Camera App for Android and iPhone

The Meco Wireless Security camera comes with inbuilt WiFi connectivity. It can connect with your smartphones and iPhones through the Meco Smart App. You can record footages in 1080p as well as in 720p. This wireless security cam comes with Smart PIR and Motion Detection. The inbuilt 120° camera triggers an auto record when motion gets detected.

Meco Wireless Security Camera App

Meco Wireless Security Camera app also sends a push notification to your smartphone when suspicious movements take place. Moreover, it features auto-recording and footage locking also. You get storage support of up to 64GB.

Both the iPhone and Android version of the camera is built well and perform well. We notice that the apps are usually buggy to stream the stored clips from the SD card. However, this app works well to play the stored clips from the camera SD card.

The above app displays the Video Door Bell screen on the same app, both from Meco. You can see the detailed review of the video doorbell MECO Smart Video Doorbell Review. You can buy the video doorbell from the link from Amazon with a coupon code MSTSMECO to get 35% OFF(25%code+10%coupon).

Rechargeable Power Supply (Meco Solar Panel)

I’m lazy to charge my camera every month or bi-monthly whatever they say. I don’t have a power connection to the place where I need the camera. So what I did, I just connected the solar panel with my camera to power up the battery 24/7. The camera will discharge 2-10% in the night, and the solar panel will bump up the battery again in the day time to 100%. Meco Security Camera Solar Panel

The solar panel comes with battery status indicators and notifies when it is down to 20. There is the USB charging port within the rear compartment to charge your device. It allows pass-through charging, and hence you can operate it while being plugged in. Apart from the internal battery backup, getting the Meco Solar Power Supply can make things more economical.

Meco Solar Panel for Camera

They rolled out this 3.7W Solar Panel so that you can fix the device permanently without going through endless charging cycles anymore. It is ideal for both day and night and provides enough charge to operate a full day cycle. This solar panel comes with everything you need to install on your own easily.

There is a 360° swivel and 90° tilt adjustable wall mount bracket so that you can get the best possible sunlight reception throughout the day. The 13 ft power cord allows flexibility in installation and makes it easy to install where ever you like. The weatherproof design makes it withstand the harsh climatic conditions, including hail and snowfall. You can get the solar power panel from Amazon for a 30% discount with discount code MSTSMECOELE.

Solar Panel Power Supply for MECO Wireless Outdoor Security Camera
  • 【COMPATIBILITY】This solar panel power supply for outdoor camera is designed specifically for the...

Pricing and Availability

The Meco Wireless Security Camera is a budget device that costs you around $70. It’s pretty much available easily on Amazon. If your planning to get this, then try considering the Solar Power Supply too. It is available on Amazon with the $30 price tag. It is, in fact, more economical of charging this not time-consuming.

There might be a lot of smart security cams out there, but for us, the Meco Wireless Security Camera does a pretty neat job. The rechargeable batteries, coupled with the solar power supply, is reliable and efficient. The video quality is also inst bad. You can toggle between the recording quality to save storage space.

The cloud-based storage, as well as the micro SD, makes it user friendly. WiFi and smartphone connectivity gives you peace of mind. It notifies you of movements as push messages quickly. If your planning to get a decent security camera with essential features, then the Meco Wireless Security Cams for you


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