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Best 8 Messaging Apps for Windows 8.1

Messaging is an important personal and business requirement among the Tablet, Smartphone and Laptop/PC users. No matter whatever the screen size and OS, the ideal apps should be compatible for all those platform. There are several apps available to chat with your friends in various platforms like iOS, Android, Windows , Mac etc. If you are searching for Chat Apps in Windows Store, fortunately it will display about 1000 apps. It will be difficult to find the best and relevant apps for chatting with friends from this list. Here we are presenting most commonly used Messenger or Chat apps for Windows 8 and later versions.

This App list is also valid for the latest iteration of Windows 10 except the changes in People App from Microsoft.

1. Skype

Skype is the one among the initial applications used for chatting with friends. Though Skype is famous for video calls through the internet, it can also be used for chatting too. The app is working well in the full-screen mode without any glitches.

01skype a

It is integrated with the Windows 8.1 deeply so that messages will come in the notification panel. The disadvantage of using Skype is that it is designed for connecting only between other Skype users. Since it is provided by the Microsoft itself as free, we can expect a good performance for it. Skype to Skype calls is free whereas one may need Skype credits to make direct calls to phones.

2. Facebook Messenger

Off late, Facebook entered into the realm of Windows 8.1 and it is one of the most used applications for messaging nowadays. The chat function is integrated into the Facebook main window which is used to read and post updates. Facebook can be installed as free whereas one might see a Facebook messenger app as a paid version which may not be a requirement for the normal user.

02facebook a

Currently, the free version is not offering any video or audio calls between Facebook users which we may expect in the near future. One can try the paid version too if somebody wants a better experience. The working of this application is good and one can send real-time messages to other Facebook users without any problem.

3. Viber

Viber is another one of the new entrants to the Windows 8 OS which can be used for messaging & calling functions. It is also offered as a free app which can be installed from windows store.

03viber a

Viber can be used to chat with the other Viber users only. It offers free calls to other Viber users and paid calls to normal phone numbers. It is getting much popular nowadays.

4. Line

Line app is also one of the new entrants to windows 8 OS app community. The Line app is also offering voice chat and messaging functions. In addition to that, it can be used to post the status updates and many more.

04line a

Line is also offering stickers and emoticons for better chat experience. The limitation is that it can be used to communicate to other Line users only. It is also a free app from windows store.

5. People

While listing the messaging apps one cannot avoid the Microsoft App called People. It is designed to connect with the famous social apps like Facebook, Twitter etc. Though it has more main applications like post updates or tweets etc, it can also be used to chat with the other users of the connected social networks.

06people a

People are also the free app provided by Windows Store. We have to add our various accounts like Facebook, Twitter etc before starts chatting. The notifications will pop up even if you are working with the other windows, which ensures that you won’t miss the important messages.

Update:-People App discontinued Windows 10 by Microsoft by removing facebook and twitter support as of now and may soon phase out from Windows 8 Store too.

6. IM+ Messenger

This is one of the famous apps that can be used to connect with multiple accounts simultaneously. IM+ Messenger is a free application which can be used to connect with Facebook, Skype, Yahoo, Google etc which enables to chat with the friends in these accounts.

07im a

We need to add the corresponding accounts with this application during the setup phase. There is a paid app too for IM+ Pro Messenger which may be tried for more better performance.

7. Voxofon

Voxofon App is newly introduced to Windows store for Messaging and Calls function and it is also free for Windows 8, 8.1, 10 users.

message apps

8. Gvoice, Cias, MiTalk, ICQ, IRC

You can see a plenty of messaging apps which is suitable for particular purposes in the windows store. Though it may not be useful to all, we may have a look at the options available.


This is a paid app which used to connect and chat with the Google voice users mainly.

08a gvoice aCias

This app also can be used to connect with the other Cias account users. It is available as free in Windows Store.

08b cias aMiTalk

MiTalk is another chat application which may have interest in some users. It is available as free in Windows Store. It can be used to connect with the other MiTalk users.

08c mitalk aICQ

This app is also used for the chat purpose with the other ICQ users. It can also be used for voice chat purpose in Windows 8. It is offered as a free app in Windows Store.

08d icq aIRC

This app is used to connect with Internet Relay Chats for Windows 8. IRC chat is a special purpose chat applications which may not be useful to most of the users. It is offered as free in Windows Store. The interface of this application may seem unfamiliar to other than the IRC chat users.

08e irc a

Windows Store has most of the chat apps which can be used to connect to may famous chat providers. Unlike the other apps, most of the chat providers are directly providing their apps on the Windows 8 platform. We can expect more chat apps in the coming months as the new Windows 8.1 update is rolling out which enhances the Windows 8.1 Desktop customer experience.

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  1. Skype, Viber, and Line I have used so far, and they all have problems that the companies refuse to acknowledge or fix.

    Line has recently stopped servicing anything below Win 10, so there are all sorts of problems with Line if you don’t have Win 10.

    Facebook, Twitter, and any app that claims they connect with the two are all based in giving out your information for free to anyone who wants it. Facebook has been fighting billion dollar lawsuits on this for at least 15 years, and Twitter seems to be run by communists….as they will ban anyone who does not say what they want you to say, or agree with people that they fund.

    All of the other apps I have not tried. It is a shame though, that there isn’t an app based in the USA…….which means anyones phone or computer is at risk of being hacked by these companies who have apps based in other countries.


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