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How to Automatically Move WhatsApp Media to Memory Card?

WhatsApp will automatically download the attached photos and videos to Android gallery. Every day, we are sending and receiving a lot of WhatsApp media files. These gallery files are visible to anybody who is checking your gallery images and videos. In addition to this, the daily users might face the Internal Storage Memory issue. Since WhatsApp does not allow users to select Memory Card as their primary storage yet, all the images and videos will utilize the Android internal space.

Here, we will show, how to transfer all WhatsApp Images and Videos to memory card folder automatically. Though it seems much technical, it is relatively easy if you follow the procedure correctly.

Step 1: Install the Tasker App on Android

We need some automatic task apps to move media files to memory card every day. We are going to use the app called Tasker from Google PlayStore that cost $2.99 to buy, but you can check with Free Trial before you pay.

Step 2: Schedule to Move Media to SD Card

Once you install this app on Android phone, then, create a new profile and select “Day“. Now, tap on “ALL” to select all the dates.

Tasker profile for whatsapp media moving

You can also choose to select particular days to schedule the task instead of all days. Now, name the task as WhatsApp or any suitable name to remember later.

Step 3: Select the Files to Move Automatically

Now, time to get the Action to perform on these days. From the app, search for the task ‘List Files‘ and select it. Now you have to give a location for these files, under the directory, search for your media folder.

WhatsApp Media Location AndroidGenerally the media file is located in Internal Storage > WhatsApp > Media > WhatsApp Images. In ‘Match‘ option, type “*.jpg” as displayed in the above screenshot.

This will list only jpg image files while it automating the moving process. If you want to move all the videos then select directory as WhatsApp Videos and Match type as “*.mp4“.

List Files tasker whatsapp media moving

Now scroll see the input for Variable, and type “%file“. This assigns the file location to a variable named ‘file’. The variable name can be chosen as anything followed by a “%” symbol.

Step 4: Set Notification for the Task

After we have listed all the files to move, it’s time to set a message which notifies when the moving operation commences. For this, press the big plus button and search for “Flash” and select it.

Flash a Message in Tasker moving whatsapp media

In the text box, you can type the message you want to display as a notification message, like “Moving WhatsApp Media Files to SD Card“. Whatever you typed there, will be displayed while the moving operation starts.

Step 5: Set The Task Run for All Images

Considering the fact that there will be multiple files to move and the current task is good for one media file. To run this task continuously until moving all images, we have to add a ‘FOR’ loop.

For Loop Tasker Android whatsapp media moving

Search for the action “For” and select from the Action list. Under Variable, type the one which you selected followed by a “%” symbol before. Here, it will be “%file“. In Items, type “%file()“. It is a variable with an open and closing brackets at the end “()“. This returns a value to the task say “1“. When all the images are moved, this will return a value as ‘0‘ and the loop will skip the task and go ahead further.

Step 6: Select Destination (SD Card) to Move Files

Now comes the main part of the task to move the destination folder. To perform moving the file, search for “Move” and select from the Action. As we have assigned the location to the variable, in the ‘From’ text box, type your variable name, say “%file“. In ‘To‘ you have to select your destination folder in the memory card. Here, we have created a folder in the memory card named “Images” and selected that foilder to move files.

Move Task in Tasker Android whatsapp media moving

As the Move task comes to an end, there we need a command to end the ‘For’ loop. Search for “End For” and select it. Now, to check if all the task works fine, press the Play button and it will transfer all the files to the selected destination folder.

End For Tasker Android whatsapp media move

This Tasker profile for automatically move the WhatsApp media such as Images or Videos can be also applied to move anything at all. It will activate automatically and move the media files from Android memory to SD card folder all the days of the month that you selected in Step 2.

Alternative Solution

The Android app Tasker is a premium app. However, you may get the trial version to try out the procedure and automate from its official website. There is an alternative app to do the same job for you, MacroDroid available free from Google PlayStore. With this app, you can select a tricgger to move the files to external memory card.

Time to move your image and video files to SD card when you get the memory full message on Android phone. To move all medial files to memory card manually is a tedious job. Your best bet in this scenario is to set a tasker for this job and that will do the job automatically on set schedules. Here is the best workaround using the Tasker app to move files from Android to external memory.

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