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8 Powerful AI Detection Tools You Can Use Today: Safeguarding Your Security Made Easy!

Day by day, science and technology is improving at a rapid pace. Because of these two things, a lot of work that would be difficult is now simply easy. All of these advancements are good, and they make life better. But is all of it that good? You might have heard about a number of AI tools out there that are able to do things better than a living being. However, with the advancement of such AI tools, a lot of people seem to be misusing them and are eventually just being lazy.

Because these tools are good at doing their work, it can be difficult for a person to find out and understand whether a person has used an AI tool to create or write a particular content. There have been instances where people have been caught using these tools because either the content has been plagiarised or is simply factually incorrect.

Today, we will be looking at the best AI detection tools that can help you check if any has written a particular piece of content of the popular AI writing tools. Let’s take a look.



One of the biggest issues nowadays is combatting fake news. You see, a lot of people tend to simply share or, for that matter, create fake news that may or may not lead to a negative impact.  Thankfully, with GROVER, you will be able to detect all sorts of fake news. This a state-of-the-art tool developed to detect fake news with the highest accuracy. Whether a person has said down and published fake news or whether it was written by an AI tool itself, GROVER is able to detect it.

However, the problem lies in the tools being used to create fake news. GROVER  is one of the AI tools out there that are able to create such fake news. Using the same tool against itself might seem funny, but it is the best way to detect fake news being generated.


  • Easily Detect Fake News Articles
  • Uses Same Models Used By Fake News Generating Tools
  • 97% Accuracy
  • Source Code Available Publicly


  • Can Easily Create Fake News With This Tool
  • Currently, Slow Response TIme

Website Link: GROVER AI

Writer.com AI Content Detector

Writer AI

Writer.com is a popular website that is used by a lot of businesses. This is a tool that helps you use the right grammar and words for your content, be it marketing copies, copywriting content, and similar other things. The good part about this service is that it also has an AI Content Detctr tool. This tool lets you detect content that is written up by any AI service like ChatGPT and others AI text generation tools. This AI Conetnt detection tool is able to detect whether any text is written by a human being or an AI tool. The tool will display the percentage score based on the content. If you score zero percent, you will have to go ahead and make changes to your text until you receive a score of 80% and above.


  • Free To Use
  • Displays Score Percentage Based On The Provided text
  • Provides Suggestions To Change Or Reduce AI-Generated Content


  • Limited Upto 350 Words
  • Issues With Accuracy
  • Changing or Removing a Word or Punctuation Mark Can Change whether Its AI or Human Written text.

Website Link: Writer.com AI Content Detector

Copyleaks: AI Content Detector


Copyleaks is another great AI content detection service that doe its job with 99.12% of accuracy. The reason it’s able to detect such content with high accuracy is only that Copyleaks is a plagiarism checker. Hence it’s trained well enough to easily detect what content is generated by AI and what isn’t. Copyleaks is also able to show you the results of the detection within a matter of seconds.  Everybody wants that the service the results quickly so that they can make sensible decisions.

Copyleaks seem to be the preferred choice for many only because it has support for a number of languages. Whether you use ChatGPT or any other AI tool to write content, Copyleaks is going to find it. The best part about Copyleaks is that the developers have already made it public about supporting text written by ChatGPT 4 when it releases. Best of all, if you use Google Chrome, you can install the free browser extension to detect AI-generated content on the go.


  • Supports Multiple Languages
  • High Accuracy
  • Quickly Displays Results
  • Free To Use


  • Detection Caa Be Tricked Easily
  • AI Paraphraser Avoids Detection

Website Link: Copyleaks AI Content Detector

Originality ai

Orginality ai

Originality ai is similar to Copyleaks. It started out as a plagiarism tool checker and has now entered the waters of AI detection tools. Now, in order to make use of this tool, you will first have to first signup for a paid account.  Originality.ai is easily able to detect content written by popular AI writing tools such as CHat GPT, Chat GPT 3, and also Chat GPT 3.5. With Originality.ai, you can check 100 words for 0.01$, the cheapest there ever is in the market.


  • Cheap and Affordable
  • Check Plagiarism and AI Written Content
  • Scans Full Websites
  • Easy To Use Chome Extention


  • Can Display Wrong Results
  • Easy To Fool and Change Results
  • False Positives

Website Link: Originality.ai

Content At Scale- AI Detector

Content AI Scale

With a lot of AI detection tools being made available to the public, choosing the right one can be hard. However, with Content At Scale’s AI Detecotr, you should leave your worries. With Content At Scale, all you need to do is paste in your text and see whether it’s AI written or written by a human being. This tool not only looks at how the language is written but also digs into semantic analysis algorithms.

Content AI Scale can also be used to determine whether any SEO content has AI-generated content and also check to see if assignments and homework are being done using AI generators or not. The best reason to pick up Content AI Scale is simply that this is a free-to-use AI Detector. The tool is also able to detect whether AI has been used in marketing content.


  • Free To Use
  • Easily Detect Any Type of AI Generated Content
  • View Human Content Score


  • Can Easily Fool the AI Detector With Small Changes
  • Might Not Deetc COntent Written the same AI ContentCreator

Website Link: Content AI Scale

Hugging Face GPT 2 Output Detector

Hugging Face Chat GPT Detector

Open Source tools and programs are widely accepted among the masses. Here’s HuggingFace’s GPT 2 Output Detector, which is not only free to use for the public but also has its source code available to the public, With this tool, you will be able to identify the AI-generated text as well as remove it from the said article or paragraph.


  • Free To Use
  • Simple Interface
  • Real and Fake Bar To Indicate Type Of Text Entered


  • Accuracy Issues
  • Reliable Results AFter entering 50 or More Words

Website Link: Hugging Face’s GPT 2 Output Detector

AI Text Classifier by OpenAI

AI Text Classifier

You’ve heard of Open Ai, the team behind ChatGPT. While they have created a strong AI tool that responds to queries and does everything on its own, they have also created an AI tool that helps detect whether particular content was generated by AI or not, and that also includes if it has used CHatGPT to generate text. AI text Classifier is a fine-tuned GPT model. While ChatGPT requires you to pay up to $20 a month, you can easily make use of an AI text Classifier for free.


  • Free To Use
  • Requires 150 Words To Detect


  • Can Have Accuracy Issues With Both Types of Text
  • Easily Edit text To Fool The Detector
  • Unable TO Correctly Detect Text Written In English
  • Text Written By Children Can Trigger Flase Positives

Website Link: AI Text Classifier



GLTR or Giant language model Test Roomz With this free tool, you can easily check out and see whether AI wrote a small part of the text or if a human being wrote it. The way that you can use this service is by simply copying and pasting a snippet of the text into the search box and clicking the analyze button. What’s unique about GLTR is that it is able to display the list of predicted words With the words that it highlights in different colors, you will be able to easily understand if it’s a human-written text or simply just an AI-generated text.


  • Simple User Interface
  • Free To Use
  • View Predicted Words


  • Accuracy Issues As Tool Was Last Updated With Data From 2019
  • First Time Users Will Not Understand The Tet Charts And Predictions

Website Link: GLTR

These are the best AI detection tools that you can use either for free or by paying up a small monthly fee. The thing with such tools is that there will always be a lot of AI detection tools that will be showing up. A lot of institutions and organizations are gearing up to take the war against AI-generated content to higher levels.

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