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Register your Online account for Cooking Gas Consumer Portal

Now the LPG consumers in India is getting all the activities through online after banking, telecom and insurance sectors. To get access those services, we need to create the online account with our own username and password which will be linked to our consumer account.

Here we will see how to create the online consumer account for the Gas connection using one of the service provider – HP. The procedure is similar for other providers but slight changes might be seen with reference to the screen shots and procedures. This registration will help us to access the portal to get many things done.


To start with, we need to open the website This site is a common navigation site to enable the users to navigate to the different provider’s site. Click on the HP Gas cylinder image to access the portal of HP. Alternatively, you can type to visit the HP Gas website. Similarly you can type “” for BP customers and “” for IOC customers.

The HP Gas portal will be opened now. To access the facilities we need to Log In. If you already registered in this site, you can click on the Sign in option and input your user id and password to access the site. For starting the registration process, Click on “New User” in the web site.

lpg register

In the opened window, click on the Location wise option against “Search Distributor” field. It will be easier to get your Distributor name from a drop down list. As soon as you clicked that option, the page will be reloaded with the drop down list. Now select your distributor name by choosing your state, district and distributor name. Each time, the page will be reloaded with the corresponding list. After selecting the distributor name, enter your account number in the given field and Click on Next.

lpg register

The web site will check your account number with the data base stored and if the entered Account number is valid and yet to be registered, then it will serve you the registration form with your name. Else it will notify you that your account number is not matching with distributor or Account already registered messages. Before registering we must be aware that this site will not allow to register if we lost our username and password. However, the password can be made reset once we are knowing the login email Id.

Now we can carefully start filling the registration form. Only few fields are there in the registration form like login email id, password, contact numbers etc. Note down the email id you are used here for future usage. The password field will not take special characters and there must be alphabets and numbers in your password. Eg: Xxxxx1234. After Filling all the detail, Click on “Submit” to complete the registration process.

lpg register

After the above registration process, we need to activate the account via the email they are sending to us for verification. Wait for few minutes and then check your email Inbox. Find out the mail from the Gas Provider and click on the link to activate it. Now we are done. Now, we can login to the portal using the above registered user id and password.

lpg register

From the initial page itself, we can verify our status and other details like the Direct Benefit Transfer Linking Status and more. The Aadhar number field in this window is mentioning your linkage of Aadhar number with the distributor. You can confirm your DBTL status from the bottom 2 paragraphs of this window. If you are yet to link your Aadhar number with LPG account, then please visit “Link your LPG account to Aadhar and Bank accounts” to complete the process.

lpg register

After registration, you can book your LPG gas cylinders online in the same website. You can see the procedure here. Book LPG gas cylinder online.

In BP and IOC portals, the registration method is little different where the BP portal asks for your registered mobile number before presenting the registration form to you and in IOC portal they are directly allowing us to register in the initial form itself with additional fields for entering Aadhar number, Ration card Number etc where we need to provide two document details. For BP customer, if we are not registered the mobile number with BP distributor, then we need to register it with the distributor by applying through the proper form before trying to register.

The portal offers many information’s and facilities to the customers. We can check our booking status and also can book the cylinder online and many more.

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