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How to Run Windows 8 on your iPad

Windows 8 Metro interface that brings the biggest changes to the OS for users and developers alike. You can run Windows 8 Metro in your iPad if you want to keep your iOS and try Win 8 at the same time.

Windows 8 Metro Testbed app from Splashtop allows you to experience the Windows 8 Metro UI on your iPad. If you are a new tech enthusiast, this app is the easiest way to try out the latest Windows platform.

You need a PC installed with Windows 8 Consumer Preview to try out these app. But still it is worth than buying another windows tablet for Win 8. If you are a programmer, this is the best alternate solution for you to try Win 8 on your iPad.

This app offering awesome features like

– Swipe from the right for the Charms menu

– Swipe from the left to switch apps

– Pull down from the top to close the app

– Swipe slowly from the left to run two apps side-by-side

– Pinch to do Semantic Zoom

– And many more gestures for you to explore!

Ultimately this is the best solution for those who want to try Win 8 on their iPad.

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