7 Best Wireless Charger for Samsung, iPhone7& Android Phones

Last Updated: October 31, 2017
Wireless Charger Pad for Android and iPhones

Wireless Phone Chargers are very common and available for a low price. These Qi Wireless chargers can use as Android Wireless charger and also be supporting as iPhone Wireless charger (iPhone6& iPhone7) with additional Qi-enabled cases. When you shop for Samsung wireless chargers, there are dedicated wireless charging pads are available for Samsung phones.

We are listing best Samsung wireless charger and iPhone wireless chargers with Qi iPhone case to go complete wire-free with your smartphones.

Samsung Wireless Charger

Latest flagships from Samsung are Qi-Enabled smartphones and tablets those support wireless charging. For these Qi-enabled Samsung phones, no need to buy any additional circuitry for Wireless Charging other than a Wireless Charger Pad.

Samsung Wireless Charger Pad

Key Features: Power: 2A | Standard: Qi | Compatibility: Samsung Phones | Weight: 7 oz | Buy from Amazon
Samsung Wireless Charging PadAvailable in sleek black and moon white, the Samsung Wireless Charging Pad is compatible with all sorts of Galaxy devices and Qi-enabled devices. This Android charging pad makes use of inductive charging technology, and the device can be used to answer calls while charging. The easy to use Samsung device requires only the right alignment while placing the smart device on the Wireless Charging Pad. The LED lights present on the top face of the Wireless charging devices let the user know when the smartphone get fully charged; as it changes color. The Samsung wireless charger is not just for a single type of smartphone and can be used for different Galaxy products.

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Android Wireless Charger

Latest Android phones in the market are Qi-enabled to support Wireless charging. The Android phones from Nexus, LG, and Samsung (supports Samsung Note 4, Note 3, S5, S4, iPhone, LG G3, and G4) are the top in the list launched their recent Android phones with wireless charging support. Let us have a look on some of those Wireless Chargers for Android phones.

Pictek 2 Coils Wireless Charger

Key Features: Power: 2A | Standard: Qi | Compatibility: Samsung, LG, and iPhones | Fast Charging| Two mode charging | No blind spot on charger pad | Buy from Amazon | Amazon Coupon Code HPMX37YK($2.00 Off)

A lightning fast charge is possible with this Pictek 2 Coils charger. The fast charging mode is supporting Samsung phone models. The standard charging mode supports other models with a maximum 5W rating. This two Coil Wireless Charging Pad has a charging period that is 1.4 times faster than the average wireless charger pads and does not need any center alignment for charging your device. Pictek 2 Coil Wireless ChargerThis Samsung Wireless charger is also provided with an anti-slip mat. This Android Charging pad supports the charging of the smartphone either horizontally or vertically. The device proves to sleep-friendly, means that does not show off its characters with unnecessary lighting and sounds. This ensures the sleeping pattern of the user is not disturbed.

RAVPower Fast Wireless Charger

Key Features: Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S8 Note 8 S8 Plus S7 S7 Edge S6 | Power: 10W | Standard: Qi  | Smart battery Indicator | Over voltage/Over temperature protection | Buy from Amazon

One of the best wireless charger from Ravpower that supports fast charging for Android phones. The two different mode of charging supports fast and normal charging modes with this wireless charger. In addition to Samsung Galaxy S8 Note 8 S8 Plus S7 S7 Edge S6, this charger will support all Qi-enabled smartphones like iPhone 8/8Plus and iPhone 10. The silicone anti-skid layer on top of the charger prevents the phone from skidding from the charger pad. This smart charger has a smart battery indicator and additional protections like built-in over-current, over-voltage, and over-temperature protection.

Pleson Wireless Charger

Key Features: Power: 2A | Standard: Qi | Compatibility: Samsung, LG, iPhones | Weight: 4.8 oz | Buy from Amazon
PLESON Wireless Charging PadPleson Charger Pad is voted as one of the fastest wireless charging devices; the PLESON wireless charger pad ensures that the smartphones charges within 50 minutes. This Android Wireless Charger is compatible with varies Samsung Phones without any additional cover, this includes the Galaxy and Galaxy Note variations. However, there are certain types of phones which may require an extra receiver while using this wireless charger. For example, the models such as Samsung Note 4, Note 3, S5, S4, iPhone, LG G3, and G4 will support wireless charger with an extra Qi-enabled device attached to a smartphone. This sleep-friendly Samsung wireless charger can hibernate within the first 10 seconds of inactivity and save power. This Wireless Charger Pad does not have to make any unnecessary sound or blinking which may interfere with the sleeping pattern of the user. With extra technology to avoid any short circuit, the wireless charging pad ensures the safety of the smartphone.

Pleson Ultra Slim Wireless Charger

Key Features: Power: 2A | Standard: Qi | Compatibility: Samsung, LG, Nexus, Nokia and iPhones | Weight: 3 oz | Buy from Amazon

The ultra slim Android wireless charging pad C300 from PLESON is termed as an intelligent product. Staying true to its name, it is a sleek, simple design that is compatible with all sorts of smartphones in regard with the Qi standard. This Smartphone charging pad is as thin as 0.25 inches as its name. it helps to charge along with phone case of a thickness not more than 2mm. One of the specialties of the ultra slim PLESON C300 is that it generates only 50% heat when compared to other charging pads. This means that the charging pad has a better coolant system and stays cool for a longer period. The LED automatically turns off after a successful recharge of the smart device. It turns on for a spare time of 3 seconds and goes off.

Choetech T511 Qi Wireless Charging Pad

Key Features: Power: 2A | Standard: Qi | Compatibility: Samsung, LG, and Nexus | Weight: 2.7 oz | Buy from Amazon
Choetech Qi Wireless Charging PadThe deep black Choetech wireless charging pad is made with anti-slip rubber with a 7.5W power rating. This rubber pad ensures that even clumsy users have their phones intact and do not lose its grip. This Wireless pad requires a 2 Ampere AC adapter to be compatible with a wide range of Android smart devices. The Choetech wireless charging pad is given a one-year warranty. The Charger device works with all sorts of Qi-enabled devices without any additional circuitry. Efficient charging via the wireless charging product occurs without the phone case. Choetech T511 is coming with 7.5W power but does not support fast charging.

Pictek Qi Wireless Charging

Key Features: Power: 2A | Standard: Qi | Compatibility: Samsung, LG, Nokia and Nexus | Weight: 4.6 oz | Buy from Amazon

Pictek Wireless ChargerThe ultra-thin Pictek Android wireless charger is a sleek black product. Being sleep-friendly this pad erases all the unwanted noises and blinks. The Pictek Wireless Charging Pad is also provided with a one-year warranty, offers a lossless charging with a 1.2 meter USB cable, to ensure a longer reach for the user. The Pictek wireless charging pad is approved by FCC, RoHS, and CE. A 2-Ampere adapter is strongly recommended for the power source for the best results. Blinking of soft lights is ensured to avoid the lights disrupting the user’s sleep. The charging does not take place efficiently when used along with a phone case.

iPhone Wireless Charger for iPhone7& iPhone6

As you know, iPhone6 and iPhone7 are not Qi-enabled yet and not supporting Wireless Charging. Wireless Charger for iPhone is coming with an additional case that can convert iPhone into a Qi-enabled device. This additional circuitry is packed in the iPhone7 or iPhone6 case. Some of this Qi devices for iPhone is coming as a sticker type electronic circuit that can mount on your existing iPhone case to enable Wireless charging.

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iQi Mobile – Wireless Charging Receiver iPhone7

Key Features: Power: 2A | Standard: Qi | Compatibility: iPhones | Weight: 4.2 oz | Buy from Amazon
Wireless Charger Pad for Android and iPhonesThe silvery white iQi wireless charging pad is compatible with Apple products including iPhone and iPod. The iQi product helps the user to convert their Apple products to wireless charge supporting device with the help of any Qi charging transmitter pad. This includes pads such as QiStone+, KoolPad, and WoodPuck. The only disadvantage of this iPhone Wireless Charging device is, it enables wireless charging only through soft iPhone cases. The charging of the smartphone is quite simple with this iPhone Wireless Charging Pad. Initially, the smart device is inserted into the lightning port. Ensure that the iQi logo is facing upwards. The product charging port shows a thickness ranging from 1.4 mm to 0.5mm.

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iPhone Wireless Charging Receiver

Key Features: Power: 2A | Standard: Qi | Compatibility: iPhones | Weight: 0.2 oz | Buy from Amazon

With a one-year guarantee, the wireless charging product first perfectly for iPhone 7/7 Plus / 6/6 Plus/6S Plus / 5/5S/5C/SE. it makes use of an inductive charging pad for wireless charging. With no unnecessary tangled wires, the user can use the phone while simultaneously charging the smart device. The iPhone Charging Pad is made in association with a Texas Instruments Chip and supports during conditions of overcharging and overheating. The wireless charging product ensures that it can be used along with the phone cover and does not show any bulkiness when used with the phone case.

mophie-Charge Force Wireless Power

Key Features: Power: 2A | Standard: Qi | Compatibility: iPhone7 | Weight: 3.2 oz | Buy from Amazon

The sleek black mophie juice pack wireless charging pad is exclusively for iPhone 7. The mophie juice product shows us a whole new level of wireless charging. Without the use of any cables of charge pads to settle, the product goes directly with the phone case. The lightweight product is characterized by rubber protection around it to be safe in case of any hard falls. It also has raised corners to protect the screen from any damage. The phone case also provides extra battery life for the iPhone7. It weighs about 3.2 ounces.

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We recommend looking into specifications of each of the top charging pads before buying one. Charging pad can seem to be the right sort of luxury especially for people who spend a good amount of their time on smart devices. For iPhone users, don’t forget to buy the supporting Qi-enabled case to convert your iPhone7 & iPhone6 compatible for Wireless charging.


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