7 Best Browsers for iPhone / iPad that can Save Memory and Data

Last Updated: January 25, 2017
iOS light weight browsers

When one owns an apple phone, expects and demands faster speed and output while they browse with their device. Out of the list of browsers available, iOS need lightweight browsers to save time while surfing content.

This is the reason why a lightweight browser seems so much importance. Among the lightweight browsers for iOS, Opera, Chrome, Puffin are some who rule the most.

However, this does not rule out the possibilities from the others being equally good. Take a look at some of the features of iOS lightweight browsers and make a choice for yourself:

Note: Just these browsers are not going to solve your data issue, there are some proven techniques to get complete command of iPhone data usage. If you are a music lover, don’t need to spend data plan to play your favorite music, you can add Music to iPhone / iPod from PC over Wi-Fi for offline play.

Puffin Browser Pro

One must say that it is quite a wicked and quick web browser while trying on iOS devices. The new puffin Web Browser which includes Adobe Flash Over Cloud has come without additional in-app-purchase. The new version of the same aims to reduce server connect time and is extremely useful when one is browsing on a low-speed network.

Puffin Browser ProPuffin is the best, improved page load speed compared to other competitors. Puffin makes use of a good proprietary compression algorithm in order to transmit a good number of web data to your device. This helps save up to 90% of your bandwidth on a regular internet browsing capacity.

Chrome – Web Browser by Google

It is difficult to be a competition to Google’s best browser as far as quality of surfing is concerned. Browse fast and quick are the tag lines to rule the market. Some of its features include data syncing capacity which is able to seamlessly access and open tabs and bookmarks from your devices.

Chrome - web browser by GoogleWith Chrome, you can save the internet quite fast and also be able to reduce mobile data usage by up to around 50% while browsing. The browser surely has a faster browsing capacity and is able to choose from search results that may instantly appear while you type which makes you quickly access previously visited pages.

Opera Mini Web Browser

It is difficult to not opt for something that is popular and thus Opera still remains one of the best. With a guarantee of saving up to 90% of data usage with equal chances of speedy access, Opera browser appeals to many Apple users.

Opera Mini web browserOpera Mini helps you crunches down the size of the available websites you visit. It is able to compress the given images, video and text which aids in making sites lighter. With features like smart night more, faster browsing and multiple tabs option, Opera isn’t that a bad choice?


Dolphin browser rocks as an ideal browser as far as Apple is concerned. To being with, the exclusive features for Dolphin browser include like one-tap share or tabbed browsing, sometimes even cloud sync or gesture browsing and even sonar search.

Dolphin Web BrowserFeatures like speed dial, sidebar and a lot many more features are also available. In fact, Dolphin browser is commonly used because it simplifies and also enriches their mobile life.

iCab Mobile

iCab Mobile browser helps provide many useful features with iOS. It tends to provide many unique and useful features you may not be able to find in other iPhone browsers.

iCab MobileThere browser sync with Apple Watch, just like a remote control for the given iCab Mobile which helps one to navigate or even open bookmarks and other links or the homepage and maybe switch tabs off the full-screen mode. It is also possible for one to let iCab read a website with the use of the speech output.


The beast feature of the Atomic browser is that incredibly flexible and can customize easily. It helps the user to set up his or her advanced priority options and privacy controls. One of the extreme users of Atomic browser remains using multiple tabs, useful when you are using an iPad. This gives you the advantage of using background tabs, using multi-touch gestures which may get turned on by default. Thus, if speed,  fast browsing with a luxury of multiple tabs is what you want, then Atomic is the perfect lightweight browser for iOS.


With Photon you will be able to regenerate and recover some of the fastest browsing experience ever. With Photon, you will be able to attain the perfect switch between Flash browsing mode and also the faster native mode that is available for normal websites. In fact, it lends one with the necessary experience that is optimized and enhanced for the perfect user browsing on the iOS devices. Thus, Photon browser must be tried.

Thus, as far as choosing the required browser for your phone is concerned, it must be remembered that one cannot ignore personal needs and priorities as far as browsers are concerned. Thus, do not ignore and do rule out for the best lightweight browsers for iOS.

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