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You Know You Can Use Up to 5 different Search Engines on Safari

Safari, Apple’s renowned web browser, is celebrated for its sleek design, speed, and user-friendly interface. Yet, beneath its surface lies a remarkable feature that many users may not be aware of – the ability to utilize up to five different search engines. In a world dominated by search engines like Google, this hidden gem within Safari allows for a more customizable and diverse web browsing experience. Whether you’re looking for enhanced privacy, varied search results, or a way to explore the web beyond the confines of a single search engine, Safari’s multi-engine capabilities have you covered.

In this article, we’ll explore how you can make the most of this feature and expand your web searching horizons with Safari’s versatile search engine options.

How to Change Default Search Engine for Private Browsing on Safari

Many people use private tabs when doing financial transactions or browsing sensitive information to prevent their browsers from saving browsing history and cookies. If you’re an iOS user, you can lock your private sessions on Safari to keep your browsing data secure. With the release of iOS 17, you can now also change the default search engine on Safari, providing more control over your browsing experience.

Although Google is the default search engine on Safari, not all users prefer it due to data privacy concerns. Though you cannot modify the default search engine in regular browsing, you can change the default search engine when you switch to private tabs.

Change Search Engine Private Browsing Safari
  1. On your device, go to Settings->Safari.
  2. In the Safari screen, tap Private Search Engine.
  3. By default, the value is set to Use Default Search Engine. However, you can change that to any search engine like Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and Ecosia.
  4. After selecting the search engine, tap Safari on the left to save the changes and exit that screen.

That’s it. Whenever you switch to private tabs on Safari, it will use the search engine you selected.

Although it is a minimal feature added on iOS 17, it can be very useful for individuals who value data protection and privacy. It would be beneficial if Apple could implement this feature in regular browsing.

By offering a range of search engine options, Safari allows users to tailor their online searches to their specific preferences, whether prioritizing privacy with DuckDuckGo, enjoying the deep indexing of Google, or exploring niche engines for specialized content.

This feature not only fosters diversity but also invites users to explore and evaluate the strengths of different search engines, ensuring that they can make informed choices about how they access information on the internet.

So, next time you browse the web with Safari, remember that you can choose the search engine that best suits your needs, allowing you to navigate the digital landscape more freely and precisely. Embrace the diversity of online searching and make the most of this versatile feature for a more personalized and empowered browsing experience.

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