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AKASO DL12 All-in-one 2.5K Front and Rear Dashcam & Rearview Mirror

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The dashcams are a must if you’re the one who loves to hit the roads quite often. They are more than just a dashcam cause most of the new ones offer pretty awesome features including dual, parking surveillance, and auto collision triggers. Getting them can in fact add a whole new level of security to your drive and gives you peace of mind on the roads. Your hunt for a fine dashcam ends here cause we’ve got the Akaso DL12 Mirror Dash Cam this time.

Akaso has a superior mirror dash cam with a full package of essential features you need when you’re on the roads. DL 12 is capable of dual surveillance and has a lot more up its sleeves. So get set and go through what the Akaso D12 2.5K has got for you.

The Akaso DL12 is the newest addition to the range of dual-mode rearview mirror camera, that ats as a front and rear dashcam. It’s a pretty awesome surveillance cam with premium build quality coupled with the front and rear footage recording. It gives you ultra HD video resolution up to 2.5k and offers a touch screen 12” display.

The DL12 comes with an adjustable camera lens that can encompass a maximum of 170° and 150° on the front and rear modules. It offers the auto-trigger recording coupled with motion sensors. There is also the parking mode surveillance too. The inbuilt GPS module as well as the Multifunctional features such as the loop recording and parking assistant gives the Akaso DL12 an upper edge over other dash cams in this range.

Design and Quality

The Akaso DL12 is compact and stylish. The rearview mirror camera flaunts the mirror style surveillance with dual footage recording, both in the front and rear. Its made of good quality material that can withstand harsh temperature. It is highly temperature tolerant but isn’t that much of water-resistant. The clear cut attachments along with cable cords for the rear cam module are weatherproof and strong. In fact, you can install the device all by yourself.

Akaso DL12 front and rear dashcam Rear view

If you’re planning to hardwire it to the battery apart from the ignition then you might need an expert assistant.

Dual Camera and Display

The Akaso DL12 flaunts an HD 12” IPS touchscreen display. It provides HD footage 1080p recording at the rear and 1440p recording at the front cam. It gives a pleasant and vibrant touch screen display that gives you more traffic info in real-time. The 12” display acts as a normal rearview mirror and gives you a much wider view than the normal 10” ones on your vehicle.

This makes it the best rearview mirror camera for all types of cars. With this smart dual dash cam, you get a remarkable recording angle of 160° on the front snd 150° on the rear. The wide rearview lens captures more scenes on the road and reduces the effects of blind spots on your normal rearview.

Night Vision Recording

The Akaso DL12 front and rear dashcam come with the superior Sony IMX335 Starvis Sensor. This provides excellent video with sharp picture and vivid colors even during the starlit nights. The IMX335 sensors also make sure that you get the best night time surveillance and enhanced footages every time. It automatically balances the light and dark areas of the video and gives you a better night vision footage.

Essential Features

The Akaso DL12 comes with everything a hardcore car enthusiast needs. It offers parking mode that keeps an eye on the vehicle when it is parked. There is also a Parking Assistant that gives assistance to park your car efficiently. It offers the loop recording and has the collision trigger recording.

The Collison Trigger recording lets the cam record footages and locks them into your storage device when the motion and the G sensor detects an act of collision. The loop recording features help you save precious storage space by rewriting the storage drive with new footages after a certain interval of time.

When it comes to the Collision Trigger recording, the device saves and locks that particular file onto the SD card from overwriting.

GPS Connectivity

This dual front and rear dashcam come with an inbuilt GPS module. Much of the rearview mirror camera or dashcams at this price range don’t feature the GPS and most of the time you have to get them separately. The inbuilt GPD module helps you track your location and record real-time footage. It also gives you the current driving speeds and driving track info on its touch screen display.

Akaso DL12 MIrror Dashcam GPS Module

Storage and Accessories

The Akaso DL12 offers expandable storage of up to 128GB. There isn’t any SD card included and you need to equip them for yourself. In order to access the parking mode surveillance and parking assistance, keep in mind to hardwire the device to the car’s battery rather than the ignition. This makes it stay awake when the vehicle’s parked. The loop recording and the footage lock features are also worth the money.

Akaso Dl12 front and rear dashcam accessories

Apart from the dashcam and the camera module, the whole package includes a rear extension cable, car charger adapter, GPS module, attachment clips, screws, etc.

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Pricing and Availability

The Akaso DL12 is available on Amazon with a price tag of $129.99. It’s fairly reasonable with the features that it gives you. You can also get it from the official Akaso website too.

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Key Features: Dual Dash surveillance | 2.5K resolution(front) | Sony IMX335 Starvis Sensor| 170° adjustable front lens and 150° rear lens | 12′ touchscreen display | inbuilt GPS |Auto Collision Recording | Motion and G sensor | Loop recording | Parking Mode |

The Akaso DL12 is the best front and rear dashcam with a rearview mirror screen that comes at a pretty reasonable price that has all the essentials you need. There might be a tough competition in this league but as far as things go, the Akaso DL12 is indeed outperforming each and every competitor out there. The superior footage recording coupled with 2.5k video resolution makes it stand out from the crowd. The touch screen and the durable build quality make it a favorite among the common and the car enthusiasts.


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