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How to Make Alexa Play Lullabies When Your Baby Cries

You may not always be able to watch your baby child while doing house chores or watching movies. If you are tired of running towards them every time they cry, you can rely on technology for that. Amazon Alexa speakers can now detect when your baby cries and it can play lullabies or do something else automatically. Want to know how?

Let us find out how to make your Alexa speaker play lullabies automatically when your baby cries.

Make Alexa Play Lullabies Automatically When Baby Cries

Alexa routines can help you do certain actions when some triggers occur. In this case here, we need to create a routine with the trigger set as the baby crying voice. Amazon Alexa speakers can now detect sounds like a baby crying, dog barking, appliances beep, and more. We can use this as the trigger to play lullabies automatically on your Amazon Alexa speaker.

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Before setting up, ensure that your Echo speaker is in the same room as your baby is. Then only it can detect the baby’s crying sounds. Here are the steps to set up the lullaby playing with the baby crying on Amazon Alexa.

Open the Amazon Alexa app on your phone and go to the “More” tab from the bottom.

Select Routines option.

Amazon Alexa Routines

Tap the “+” icon to create a new routine for your Amazon Alexa device.

Add New Routine in Amazon Alexa

Give your routine a name to identify later say, Baby Crying.

Baby Crying Routine in Amazon Alexa

Then, tap on “When this happens” to add a routine trigger.

From the next screen, select the “Sound Detection” option.

Sound Detection Automation Trigger in Alexa

Choose “Baby Crying” to detect the crying sound.

Baby Crying Detection in Amazon Alexa

Then, select an Amazon Alexa speaker you want to use the sound detection with.

Select Alexa Speaker to Detect Appliance Beeping Sound

As the next step, select “Add action.”

For this, choose the “Customized” option at the top to run a custom Alexa command.

Customized Command Action in Amazon Alexa Routine

Enter the text “play lullabies” so that your Alexa will play lullabies from the connected music services whenever it detects the baby crying.

Play Lullabies Action for Amazon Alexa Routine

Apart from setting a custom command like above, you can add other actions like playing a song or playlist to comfort your babies according to your taste. You can also set other alert options to let you know whenever your baby cries.

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