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How to Change Country on Amazon Website

Amazon will load the default country that you are in. There is no need to change anything. However, sometimes you may need to check the products in another country for your family or friends. Sometimes you can check the product price and deals offered in other countries by checking the Amazon website. You can use the Amazon Shopping app on your smartphone or navigate to the Amazon website on your computer to change your country.

There are a few things you have to do got get the right Amazon website based on the country you want, including the URL you need to change. Let’s have a look.

Make Sure to Use the Right Website for Amazon

Shopping websites like Amazon use different domains or websites for different counties. Even the Amazon part is standard everywhere; the rest of the [art will change based on your location. Amazon is using the “.com” for the US, “.ca” for Canada, “.in” for India like that.

You must use the right URL to land on the right Amazon site, regardless of location. Amazon will open the right site based on the country you are in by default. However, you must try the right website URL to check the Amazon site for a different location. If you don’t know the Amazon URLs for different countries, we have the list for you:

Amazon Website URLs

  • Australia – amazon.com.au
  • Belgium – amazon.com.be
  • Brazil – amazon.com.br
  • Canada – amazon.com.ca
  • China – amazon.com.cn
  • Egypt – amazon.com.eg
  • France – amazon.com.fr
  • Germany – amazon.com.de
  • Italy – amazon.com.it
  • Japan – amazon.co.jp
  • Mexico – amazon.com.mx
  • Netherlands – amazon.nl
  • Poland – amazon.pl
  • Saudi Arabia – amazon.sa
  • Singapore – amazon.sg
  • Spain – amazon.es
  • Sweden – Spain – amazon.se
  • Turkey – amazon.com.tr
  • United Arab Emirates – amazon.ae
  • United Kingdom – amazon.co.uk
  • United States – amazon.com
  • India – amazon.in

To get the Amazon site you are looking for, navigate to the URL of the Amazon website for that country on your PC browser. (eg. https://www.amazon.es/). Now you can start searching for products by typing the product name on the Search bar.

Change Country on Amazon By URL
Amazon Site by URL

Can you see it? The prices of the products will be displayed in the currency of the country you selected. Whenever you want to check Amazon deals in another country, you can just make use of the above URL list.

Change The Amazon Language to Your Own

Now it’s time to change the langue of the website. Amazon will display the default language based on the Amazon site you visit. If you are unfamiliar with the language, you can change the language to your language if available, even without using any translator service.

Move your cursor over the Flag icon located next to the Search bar from the current site you are in.

Amazon Language Options
Amazon Language Options

Now you have a list of available languages, and you can select one of them you want.

This will bring the list of languages available for that website. You can pick the language you want to translate from the list.

Change the Shipping Location of Amazon

Finally, you have the option to select the shipping location. If you want to see the deals on a particular Amazon site or the location;

You have to elect on this “Select your address” part.

Amazon Location Selection
Amazon Location Selection

You can give a location to any zip code or PIN code of a random location in that country.

Amazon Delivery Address
Amazon Delivery Address

Now Amazon will list the products based on the location and area you pick. This will give some idea of the products delivered to that location.

This is how you can temporally search and find the product of different county Amazon products. This is good enough to search and find products selling on different Amazon website in a different country.

Change Amazon Website Location Permanently

You don’t wish to remember the URLs every time you need to change country? No worries. You can change the country or region using the menu option available on the Amazon website.

Amazon Website Change Country Options
Amazon Country Location Change
  1. Navigate to the website URL of the Amazon Site you want to visit all the time.
  2. In the pop-down menu, click Change country/region at the bottom.
  3. Click the drop-down box on the new screen under the website (Country/Region) section.
Select Country or Region on Amazon Website
  1. After selecting the country, click Go to the website. Change Country on Amazon Website
  2. Now, the Amazon website for the country you selected will be opened in a new tab.
Amazon Website Changed to Another Country

Now you are good with the new country selection for Amazon. The last step is to select the shipping address of your choice. This is applicable even if you are moving to a different country.

You don’t need to create a new Amazon account, as you can change your Amazon account country. Let’s see how to do that.

  1. On the browser, log in to your Amazon account and move the cursor over your account name.
Amazon Account Profile Settings
  1. From the list of options in the pop-down menu, click Content & Devices.
  2. In the new screen, click Preferences.
Amazon Account Preferences
  1. Under the section Country/Region Settings, click Change.
Country Settings Amazon Account
  1. Then, add your new address of communication and click Update to save the changes.
Change Country on Amazon Account

Generally, our Amazon accounts will be set to the country or region where we currently reside. If you spend your vacation in another country for a couple of weeks, you must change the country in your Amazon account to place the order. Or if you want to browse holiday deals on Amazon in a different country, then you need to change your country.

You have two options now. You can change the Amazon location temporally to look for the products and deals. The second option is to change the Amazon website location permanently when you move out or relocate. Hope this helps.

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