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How to Change Country on Amazon Shopping App

Shopping on Amazon is nearly borderless, and you can buy from most countries, wherever you are from. But to browse products in a different country, you must change the country on your Amazon account from the Amazon app. This also comes in handy when you cross borders for a week or so, say, you just flew into Canada from the States to visit your cousin and just want to shop something from there.

If you are struggling to find how to change the country on Amazon, here are the easiest methods to switch countries and languages on the Amazon shopping app.

How Do You Find Your Amazon Account Country

When you travel somewhere and stay there for a while, your Amazon account will still be in your home country and won’t change automatically. If you are confused about whether it changed or not, you can look for some signs that will tell you whether your Amazon app country settings are set to the USA or another country.

There are several ways to tell which country your Amazon app is set to. Let’s start with the easiest way: Open the Amazon Shopping app on your phone and look at the URL mentioned in the search bar at the top.

Amazon Search Bar Country Settings

As you see in the above screenshot, my Amazon app says Amazon.com, which is for the United States. You can determine your Amazon app country settings by the tail of the Amazon domain mentioned there. Below are some examples:

  • Canada – Amazon.ca
  • United Kingdom – Amazon.co.uk
  • Australia – Amazon.com.au
  • United Arab Emirates – Amazon.ae
  • India – Amazon.in
  • Singapore – Amazon.sg
  • Germany – Amazon.de

The above can change depending on the country settings on your Amazon app. Make sure you have set it to the right country before shopping.

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How to Change Country Settings on Amazon

As we said, you cannot shop properly from a country when your Amazon Shopping app country is different. Amazon app has the option to change between all countries they are operational. Below are the steps to change country on the Amazon app;

Amazon App Menu
  1. Open the Amazon Shopping app on your phone.
  2. Tap the “three-linesmenu icon at the bottom right corner of the app.
  3. From the Settings menu, tap Country & Language.Country and Language Settings on Amazon Shopping App
  4. Select Country/Region and choose your preferred country from the next screen.Change Country Region on Amazon Shopping
  5. Once done, go back and tap Done.
Amazon Country Change Options

You can then see the country-level domains for Amazon shopping for each country. Select accordingly, and you can start shopping from any country you wish to.

If you are changing your Amazon country to a different region instead of your current region, remember that there will be restrictions on shipping, and you might end up paying extra tax. Check your local rules and Amazon’s shipping policy before trying to shop from another region.

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How to Change Language on Amazon App

Amazon Shopping has English as the default language for most countries. For example, when you change your Amazon app country settings from the United States to Germany, you will still see the app in English. You must manually go through the settings to change the app language.

Change Language on Amazon App
  1. Open the Amazon app and go to the menu from the bottom navigation bar.
  2. Tap Settings > Country & Language.
  3. Select Language.
  4. You can then choose any language Amazon Shopping is available in your country.

Note that not all languages support every region on the Amazon app. Make sure you choose the right country before changing the language settings on the Amazon Shopping app.

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FAQ: Change Amazon Country & Language

Why does my Amazon think I’m in Canada?

If you created your Amazon account from Canada and tried to use it from the United States, your Amazon will think you are still in Canada.

Why does it say Amazon CA?

Amazonn.ca is the Canadian site for Amazon Shopping, and it says Amazon CA on your Amazon app since your country settings are changed from the US to Canada. To fix this, go to Amazon Settings > Country/Region and set the US as your region.

Can I shop on Amazon US from the UK?

Yes, you can shop on Amazon.com from the UK, but the shipping limitations can be there. Amazon does not generally ship across borders, but some sellers will be ready to ship them to you. But this can cost you extra for shipping charges and VAT/Taxes.

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