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How to Get Automatic SMS when Kids Enter and Exit School Location.

This tool is very useful for parents who worried about their kids when they go to school. If you think your child is taking too much time to come back home after school time, this article is right for you. This trick will help you get SMS to your phone from your kid’s Android phone whenever they enter and exit the school location. Then you know the exact time when your children reach school or leave school location.

This automated tool is working based on the GPS location of the school. You can set this Geo Location by typing the school address. This tool will send you the SMS when your kid enters and exit the location that you specified on the map. Once you set this one on your kid’s Android phone, it will send you an SMS message when your kids enter the school location or when they leave from the location.

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Please keep in mind, this tool is not to track your kids. This is only to make sure your kid reach the school on time and left after school time. Now you can see the enter and exit time of your kids into school or college campus. Why can’t you think about utilizing the same tool to send SMS to your wife when you leave the office.

This idea might be too risky, right? To start with this automated tool, first, you have to install a free IFTTT app from Google Play on your Kids Android phone. Once you download, please create an IFTTT account from your phone with your email.

Set Your Kids Android to Send Automatic SMS to Your Phone.

Please don’t forget to install this IFTTT app on your Android device before triggering this feature. Now click the picture below from your Android phone and it will guide you to your IFTTT app.

Update: IFTTT is not supporting this now and deleted the script.

By default, we set one sample school location. Please change this location to your kid’s school location. In the phone number area, please type your mobile number with country code. That is all. You all set. You don’t need to install IFTTT to run this tool, but it should be on your Kid’s phone.

The possibilities are unlimited for this tool. You can set a location-based shopping list and this tool will remind you when you reach into that location for the shopping. You can set to send SMS to your friends when you reach your friend’s location. If you want to get the tool for the location-based reminder to the shopping list for your iPhone, this iPhone Location-Based Reminder for Your To-Do List is a must-read article.

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