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10 Best Social Deduction Games Like ‘Among Us’

Among us has become one of the most addictive games recently. Social deduction games have begun to become favorites of a lot of people due to its distinctive features from normal games. The funny betrayals and unexpected outcomes have attracted a lot of players to this game.

Here are some other social deduction games like Among Us for Android, iOS, and PC gamers.

Town of Salem

Town of Salem

Murder, acquisition, deceit, and mob hysteria injected into a classic party game, That’s Town of Salem for you. The online social deduction multiplayer game is similar to Among Us. Forming a match, you can play against players from 7-15. Players are divided into different factions as the town, mafia, serial killers, arsonists, and neutrals.

In the Town of Salem, a social deduction game like Among Us, you can play as a serial killer and kill the town members one by one by different strategies without getting caught. While playing as a town member, you have to find the villains before they kill you, In both cases avoid being hanged publicly.


  • The faction changes each time you play
  • Lots of friends can be in a single match


  • Frequent server disconnection
  • UI has minor issues

Key Features: 33 unique roles | Different game phases (day, night) | Great customization options

Download: Android | iOS | PC (Free, $4.99 for PC)

No One Escape

No One EscapeThe No One Escape is an Android game like among us in which you can play as the hunter or the victim. The social deduction game has addictive game mechanics with unique levels and customizations. Both the hunter and victim are inside a labyrinth in which they have to survive.

With No One Escapes, you get scary and suspenseful gameplay. There is a time limit for the matches and the timeout definitely increases your heartbeat. The battle royale game has many features similar to the popular game Among Us.


  • Awesome graphics
  • Free to download


  • Lags in gameplay
  • Only on Android

Key Features: Simple but addicting mechanics | Suspenseful action | Battle royale

Download: Android | iOS (Free, In-App Purchases)

Enemy On Board

Enemy On BoardInterested in finding disguised aliens among your crewmates in a spaceship? The Enemy On Board is the type of game you want to play. The 4 vs 2 social deduction multiplayer online game acts like Among Us.

While playing Enemy On Board, you get a member’s role in a spaceship hijacked by aliens. Two of your friends are disguised aliens. You have to find them while keeping the spaceship running—aliens, instead of imposters from Among Us.

If you are playing as an alien in Enemy On Board, you have to slowly gain your alien powers and kill others. You can use weapons, special abilities, and different strategies to find the alien or gain your dominance as the alien. The social deduction game tests your ability for the teamplay and strategies to survive.


  • Short gameplay
  • New games are different.


  • Small player base
  • Basic graphics

Key Features: Online deception | Versatile fighting skills | Special abilities

Download: PC ($19.99)

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Project Winter

Project WinterThe Project Winter is also another survival game like Among us. Project Winter is an 8 person online multiplayer social deduction game. As a player, you have to communicate and work together as a team to survive the cold.

When You play as an imposter, You have to take your teammates away from the team and kill them. You have to avoid getting caught by making the death look like it has been done by an animal.

It is mostly farming and resource collection when you play a team member in the Project Winter game. Similar to Among Us, You have to find the imposter and survive throughout the winter to win the game.


  • Great gameplay
  • Decent graphics
  • Good Audio quality


  • Not suitable for kids (violence)
  • No specific storyline
  • Need high-quality internet

Key Features: Hidden roles | Teamwork is the key | Escape to survive | Betrayal and deception

Download: PC ($20)

Werewolves Within

Werewolves WithinWerewolves Within is a social deduction game that features 5-8 players. The online multiplayer game features two sides to play like in Among us. You can play as a villager trying to cleanse the village from werewolves and at any moment, you can become one of them and start betraying your friends.

In Werewolves Within social deduction game, you can use your special roles, abilities, power of persuasion to deduce, and become the winner. Due to the changing roles from villager and werewolf, the game keeps on getting interesting. The game has VR support which makes the gameplay more immersive.


  • Interactive gameplay
  • VR support
  • Various strategies


  • Smaller player base
  • Server issues
  • Restricted controls

Key Features: VR support | Fast-paced action game | Distinctive abilities

Download: PC | PlayStation 4 ($19.99)

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Unfortunate Spacemen

Unfortunate SpacemenWish to work as a spaceman who tries to rescue his crew members from a falling ship, just like Among Us? Unfortunate Spacemen is the right social deduction game for you. Your mission is to rescue crew members on board, but the person whom you have rescued might be an alien imposter.

Expect death always or play as the alien who tries to kill the spacemen. Either way, Unfortunate Spacemen, the social deduction game offers an immersive experience similar to Among us. You can play the game in solo or co-op depends on your taste. You get a story and survival mode which provides up to 16 players per match.


  • Free to play in steam
  • The story mode is excellent
  • 16 players per match


  • Very few and empty servers
  • Less optimized

Key Features: Shapeshifter mode | Proximity chat | Ranking schemes

Download: PC (Free)


DeceitDeceit is a multiplayer online game like Among Us. In this social deduction game, you wake up inside a dungeon as an innocent or an alien. You have to find and eliminate the alien or kill the others when playing as an alien.

As all the social deduction games, We do not know who is the alien and innocent. we have to believe our instincts and observe to find the aliens among our friends like in Among us.

In daylight, you can observe the surrounding areas for blood banks and try to find the aliens. If you cannot find them, they will transform at night and kill you. Play with your friends to enjoy the scariest moments together.


  • Awesome graphics
  • Great game mechanics
  • Free to play in Steam


  • Limited players
  • Mic issues reported

Key Features: The transition between day and night | Interesting gadgets |Scary gameplay

Download: PC (Free)


AgrouAgrou is an online multiplayer strategy game that can be played by 4-12 players. Like all social deduction games, your intuition is the only thing you can trust. You play as a villager in this game. Villagers are divided into the seer, the thief, and the hunter.

In this social deduction game, among the villagers, hide werewolves that kill humans at night. Villagers have to gather around the fire and find the imposter before getting killed to win the match. Agrou has a voting system similar to other games like Among us.


  • Kids friendly
  • Customization options
  • Progress after each match


  • Minor bugs
  • Limited players online

Key Features: Written and voice chat | Many playable characters | Various maps to choose from

Download: PC ($11.99)

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Werewolf Online

Werewolf OnlineWerewolf online features up to 16 players. In the social deduction game, you can customize your avatar and play with friends from all around the world. Like different players in Among us, there are different teams in Werewolf Online, such as villagers and werewolves.

You have to become the last team standing to win the game. You have to use your special abilities and roles to convince the fellow players to work with you. The game even has a feature to send roses to our beloved ones.


  • Online multiplayer
  • Great gameplay


  • Message loss in chats
  • Average graphics

Key Features: Create and customize your avatar | Ranking system | Feature to join a clan

Download: Android | iOS (Free, In-App Purchases)

Island of Deception

Island of DeceptionThis social deduction game features 8 randomly gathered players trapped on a deserted island due to an airplane crash. In the Island of Deception, players have to build a boat and escape from the island.

Similar to Among us two of the players will be imposters trying to sabotage the ship and prevent the players from escaping. You have four days and three nights before which you should escape the Island. Collect clues and find the imposters. Escape the island and the storm coming your way to winning this social deduction game.


  • Free to play
  • Changing seasons


  • Lesser players
  • Communication requires

Key Features: Day and night transition | Exciting gameplay

Download: PC (Free)

Like Among us, All the above-mentioned are social deduction games. Some of the games like Among Us are even better. But due to less popularity, these games are not known to everyone. Try out the best social deduction game for your smartphone or PC and start gaming.

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