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Apple CarPlay: How to Set up and Work with CarPlay?

Apple CarPlay is another smart driving infotainment system that keeps you connected with minimal distraction while driving. Similar to Android Auto, CarPlay also mirrors mobile device apps directly to the car’s dashboard system. If you are planning to buy a car or already own it but looking for an upgrade, then do consider it in the checklist. Along with powerful Apple Siri support, gradually CarPlay is becoming a deal maker for all automobile companies. If you are here to get some knowledge about CarPlay then we recommend you to read this article.

Here, we have covered some most common FAQ about Apple CarPlay features and its offerings.


  1. What is Apple CarPlay?
  2. How to connect CarPlay with my car?
  3. Is Apple CarPlay available in my country?
  4. Which of car models support Carplay?
  5. How do I know if CarPlay works with my iPhone model?
  6. Which of apps an Apple CarPlay support?
  7. What is the difference between Apple CarPlay and others?
  8. Can I use Siri while using CarPlay?
  9. What if my car doesn’t support CarPlay?
  10. Does data connection require operating Carplay?
  11. Which are the third-party maps available for CarPlay?
  12. Is CarPlay compatible with electric car models like Tesla?
  13. Which are the best aftermarket head units for CarPlay support?
  14. Are podcasts available for CarPlay?
  15. Where can I get support if it doesn’t work with my existing car?

What is Apple CarPlay?

Apple CarPlay or CarPlay is an iOS app, which mirrors most iPhone apps directly to a compatible car dashboard. It allows iPhone devices to interface with a car built-in infotainment system and let motorists access a wide array of applications.

Initially, it was released in March 2014, to provide a richer experience to flying lovers. In September 2014 only, Ferrari FF became the first car, which has housed full version of CarPlay. Currently, around 56% of probable consumers are either using it or have shown interest.

The Phone models Support Apple CarPlay.

Unlike Android, Apple provides updates to all its iPhone LTE supported models. Those who have iPhone 5 and above models, you can use the iPhone with CarPlay.

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How to Connect CarPlay with My Car?

If you have already owned a car, then make sure that your car or stereo supports CarPlay. Navigate to Apple CarPlay Support site and look for your automobile manufacturer name. Currently, 400 major models either support it or planning to introduce it. Moreover, if you are planning to buy a new one, then choose one from the given list.

There are two methods available, by which you can connect your iPhone device with your car.

  1. Wired– In this method, you need to plug in your iPhone in the USB port available in the car. With no setup involved, this will automatically make CarPlay screen visible. If not, then tap on CarPlay logo, presented nearby Car’s display. Alternatively, you can also rotate the knob(depends on availability), to start CarPlay.
  2. Wireless– While wireless connectivity is still seldom seen, the set up can be done by the following method:
    • From your car’s steering wheel press and hold Voice control button. This will activate the car’s infotainment system in wireless pairing mode. However, you can check if the car is already in Bluetooth or Wireless pairing mode.
    • Now on your iPhone go to Settings > tap on General > select Carplay > Available cars and select your car.

Is Apple CarPlay Available in My Country?

Apparently, Apple CarPlay isn’t available to all countries. CarPlay support is only available in around 35 countries. And in some of the countries, maps are not available. You can take a look here for more details.

Which of Car Models Support CarPlay?

As aforementioned, major automobile manufacturers are either supporting CarPlay or planning to integrate it. Among 400 brands, some of them including Audi, Bentle, BMV, Chevrole, etc. Meanwhile, if your car is an older model and listed in the CarPlay supported model, then you can ask an authorized car dealer about a software upgrade.

How Do I Know If CarPlay Works With My iPhone Model?

Through, any iPhone model mainly iPhone 5 or later, you will be able to connect it with CarPlay app. The app is compatible with SE edition which was once called “today’s technology in yesterday’s body”.

Which of Apps Apple CarPlay Support?

Apart from native apps like messaging, iTunes, Native Maps now CarPlay started to support several third-party apps such as Audible, Podcasts, Downcast etc. Apple has also promised to bring some more third-party app support with iOS 12 updates. To give your curiosity a small break, it will bring Google Maps and Waze support for CarPlay.

You may also know by now that Whatsapp is already started supporting from earlier this year. So, if you have updated your WhatsApp to version 2.18.20 then it will show into CarPlay home menu.

To make things a little more musical, now Amazon Music and Google Music are available on CarPlay list of supportive apps. Unlike Android Auto which has a wide range of applications, in CarPlay most of the apps are targeted to provide audio entertainment and messaging.

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What is the Difference Between Apple CarPlay and Android Auto?

You must be familiar with Android Auto, right? if still not, I really recommend you to read about it here. Which I think, is another serious contender in the battle for a smart driving app. Now to make this competition more interesting Suzuki recently launched Connect which serves as an advanced telematics solution.

Connect provides a number of services such as vehicle tracking system, emergency alerts, driver behaviour detection, live vehicle status, and service due reminder. Despite this, lack of third-party app support makes it out of the league from the rest of the two.

Now if we talk about Android Auto and Apple CarPlay on various parameters, both will be winners in different fields of usability. For example, CarPlay having multi-type connectivity options such as Siri, Touch, Knobs & Controls from Car. Where Android Auto is powered by Google powerful Assistant and Touchscreen.

In terms of Apps availability, Android Auto is a clear winner as it supports more than 100 apps. Where CarPlay having less number of apps. Another field that we have considered while comparing is dictation and processing sound. Apple CarPlay is making a good score on dictation and understanding, surprisingly, it does lack support of phonetic transcription less convenient in use.

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Can I use Siri While Using CarPlay?

Yes, and I would say Apple CarPlay is specially designed for driving scenarios using voice control. The new AI and machine learning techniques have provided a greater ability to learn and respond to users’ commands. To summon it, all you have to press and hold the voice control button on the steering wheel. Alternatively, you can also activate it by using the CarPlay dash unit touchscreen.

You can pick any supported commands and interact in the same fashion as you do it on your iPhone. For example, ask it to Play Blank Space or Live it once. Moreover, you can ask it to send messages, get directions and traffic details, or any other general queries.

What If My Car Doesn’t Support CarPlay

If you are not able to use CarPlay in your car then you can check some basics issues first. Which are as follows:

Check if-

  • your iPhone model is in their supported device list. Currently, CarPlay supports range from 5c, 5SE- latest iPhone X.
  • your car has CarPlay compatible infotainment system installed, or if you have an aftermarket unit then it is supporting CarPlay.
  • the USB cable that you are using is not broken from between and in working condition.
  • you have downloaded an appropriate CarPlay application from Apple Store.

If all of the above is in Yes, then you may need to ask your car manufacturer or a professional to look into the matter. Else if you think any of the above answers is in NO then, you may need to replace them with a new one.

Does Data Connection Require to Operate CarPlay?

Data connection needs to present while driving the car and looking for services that may require an online connection. An active data connection, as well as a strong cell signal, is required by the connected device to do most of the tasks.

Which are the Third-party Maps Available for CarPlay?

Before the release of iOS 12, Apple was not supporting any third party maps. Instead, they were trying to polish their own Apple Map and make it useful for many commuters. Still, most of the drivers like Waze or Google Maps better while driving. Apple recognized this whole scenario and lastly announce the support for third-party map compatibility with iOS12.

How to Add Waze and Google Maps to CarPlay?

Generally, CarPlay shows you Google Maps or Waze, if you are on iOS12 and downloaded the compatible app from the app store. But, if in case this is not visible to your dashboard screen then perform the following steps to bring it on.

  • Go to Settings, Tap on General, then tap on Carplay.
  • Here, Click on the vehicle with you want to sync your iOS device.
  • This will show you CarPlay like the screen on your device and some compatible apps.
  • Now simply, tap on the plus icon (+) to add Waze or Google Map to your CarPlay screen.

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Is CarPlay Compatible with Electric Car Models like Tesla?

Unfortunately, Tesla isn’t supporting CarPlay too similar to Android Auto. You can almost see this question as Most voted/ asked on the Tesla support forum. But, it seems they have their own plans. Maybe, its because their in-dash screen is comparatively bigger than what other automobile manufacturers offer. Or Maybe, there are so many mission-critical OEM changes required to make it compatible with CarPlay.

Whatsoever it will be the reason, one thing is sure that the upcoming years will be most critical for the digital market.

Which are Best Aftermarket Head Units for CarPlay Support?

If your car stereo system doesn’t support CarPlay, then you can buy a compatible aftermarket unit. However, you may want to read the car manual to understand the functions, before proceeding to the next step.

You can also ask for an upgrade from your car dealers if you have brought it in within 2-3 years. Automobile companies such as Hyundai, Ford do provide an upgrade for it and that can also save you from hassles.

Several infotainment companies such as Sony, JVC, Kenwood are best known for CarPlay supportive aftermarket unit makers. You can check with professionals about the best suitable aftermarket unit for your car. For example, the microphone button should be nearby your steering wheel so that you can freely move on.

Are Podcasts Available For CarPlay?

There are a good number of audio podcasts and music apps available for CarPlay. They will definitely make your ride enjoyable. Some example includes Podcasts, Audible, Spotify etc. You can take a complete list of supported apps here.

Where Can I Get Support?

If you are facing some issues with CarPlay then you can take a look at Apple Community threads and ask questions there. Someone from the community will surely able to help you. Moreover, several unofficial forums also provide some good/unheard information. Though they may contain tweaks or news that are not confirmed from Apple around time. But can be helpful at the same time if conditions are matched perfectly.

With the above, we are stopping our pen for now while hoping that you may find the above article helpful. If you have some more information then write them in our comment box and let us know how you got them to work.

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