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10 Best Apps to Limit Screen Time on Android

Smartphone addiction is a real thing and it is out there. Well, with a little help from apps for reducing screen time, one could expect to bring down the screen-time with constant efforts. These are apps that show activity and history as well as limit screen time on Android smartphones.

Here is a list of best free apps to limit screen time on Android smartphones, to reduce your smartphone addiction.



We all have that app(s) or website(s) that sucks the time causing serious issues meeting the deadline. If you are someone who just wants to block those unwanted or say luring apps, Freedom is at the rescue.

The app has a blocklist where you can add numerous websites and apps. Once added, the app will keep a tab if you try to open it and prevent you from doing so. There’s a timer enabled within the app so blacklisted apps/websites won’t be accessible until the timer goes off.

The Freedom app lets users schedule the specific day/date/time to engage the blocklist on-board. This comes handy when you sort of have a routine such as addiction to watching movies on Netflix when you have some work to do.

There’s a locked mode on the app which is meant to break out of any compulsive habits. Apart from blacklisting, you have the control to whitelist an app. This will come handy if you have locked everything up except that Google Doc app for work, for instance.

Freedom offers cross-platform support. This enables the users to set up the same apps/sites blocklist across Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. Note that some of the features explained above are from both freemium and premium versions.

The app is currently available on a free trial. Once it is over, you can subscribe to it on a monthly or yearly basis.


  • Block sites and apps
  • Task scheduling
  • Multi-platform


  • Need to pay

Key Features: Custom Blocklists | Scheduling | Cross-platform Sync | Locked Mode

Download Freedom: Play Store (Freemium)


SpaceIf your day usually starts checking out notifications and continues throughout the day, you need assistance. Smartphone addiction is a common thing now and no doubt people get anxious about it.

Space can help you master the art of staying as productive on a smartphone as possible. It lets you set up goals based on your phone usage paradigm. Once you have answered the questionnaire, it allows you a ‘type’ of the user.

Next up, the app will dictate the screen time, the number of unlocks, and other crucial information. This is one of the best apps to reduce screen time. The app gives you historical data of your usage and keeps it in tab to meet your daily allotted goals.

When you achieve a goal, the app hands over a badge and the progress continues. Tools like notification blocking, screen dimming, and whitelisting apps are available within Space. You will get interruptions at times to be on track with your phone usage.


  • Hide social media apps
  • Tracks daily goals


  • Not accurate usage tracking

Key Features: Benchmark Performance | Focus Mode | Historical data for usage/unlocks | Easy to Use

Download Space: Play Store (Free, In-App Purchases)


ZenScreenNowadays, phones are just used to call or text someone but a whole lot of other things. Entertainment and social media apps are one of the worst whirlpools that can take a few goods if not less.

If you are facing trouble keeping your screen time in check, ZenScreen can help. It is one of the best apps to limit social media as it puts a break on over-usage above a set limit.

You can impose a daily app time limit for any apps. Once you are near it, ZenScreen will notify and prevent you from overusing it. The Smart Mornings that give you 10 minutes to use your phone when you wake. The phone will go into hibernation for 20 minutes.

If you think you are using too many social media apps, take a break with Zen Breaks. Calm Nights can help get away from late-night addiction to movies, TV series, and whatnot. The feature lets you set up the timing and you can have proper sleep.


  • Time limit for individual apps
  • Limit schedule


  • Security concerns

Key Features: Smart Mornings | Zen Breaks | Up To 5 Devices | Excellent Parental Control | Calm Nights | Quiet Time

Download ZenScreen: Play Store (Free)


AntiSocialRegain control of your life with AntiSocial. One of the best apps that reduce screen time considerably, AntiSocial has a reputation for it. The app monitors everything from the number of unlocks to phone usage in 24 hours.

The AntiSocial app shows your mobile phone usage in a detailed chart. It doesn’t just monitor and record but it also lets you compare your usage with another use. This is great in case if you are battling phone addiction or overuse and want some boost to keep avoiding it.

The app gives you negative reinforcement by comparing your data with others (totally anonymous). Once you find out that others are prospering by reducing their screen time, you will be compelled to avert negative outcomes. Apart from that, the app doesn’t consume much battery so that’s great as well.

There are a bunch of options you can use such as block app/website using 3 block modes. You can use its in-depth analysis to pinpoint the problem of overuse and this gives you time to think about it as well.

The app has a schedule off-time which is another thing you can use to keep yourself away from the phone. The user interface is something you’ll love for sure so do try it out.


  • Usage pattern reports
  • Compare with other users worldwide


  • Occasional bugs in the app

Key Features: In-depth Usage Chart | 3 Blocking Modes | Schedule Off-Time | Free to use

Download AntiSocial: Play Store (Free)

Digital Wellbeing

Digital Wellbeing - Limit Screen Time on AndroidDigital Wellbeing is from Google and they made it to most Android phones to reduce smartphone usage and addiction. The app records everything from unlocks, notifications to time spent on various apps, and helps you limit screen time on Android.

Once you know how much time you spent on your phone, you can use the time limit app to impose a limit on the usage. The app will prevent you from overusing any particular app(s) or the phone as a whole.

The Focus Mode relieves you from the annoying notifications and stuff whilst you are working. This comes handy if you are working on your phone and don’t want WhatsApp to buzz every time. The Wind Down feature changes the color to grayscale to discourage phone use at night.

There are a series of other features such as it can act as a perfect parental control app for sure. There’s a Digital Wellbeing Dashboard that lets you tweak the app usage individually such as Netflix for an hour only.

The Do Not Disturb feature turns off notifications, say during a goodnight sleep. Digital Wellbeing is currently available as bloatware either as an individual app or listed under the Settings app. Have a look and no doubt it won’t disappoint you.


  • Free-to-use
  • App from Google


  • Limited features compared to other paid apps

Key Features: Dashboard | Wind Down | Focus Mode | Individual App Timers |Parental Controls

Download Digital Wellbeing: Play Store (Free)


OffTimeOffTime is one of the best free apps to reduce screen time on Android. The OffTime keeps track of everything from the number of unlocks, apps, and their duration of use, etc.

The app allows you to put apps in various categories blocking which, you can gain a favorable outcome of staying away from the phone. There is an extended Offtime feature that lets you program phone usage limits on specific dates. This eliminates the need to manually do it each day.

The app takes the data backups so that you can simply log in to your user credentials and all the data will be available. Right from blocking calls to specific social media apps, you can do it all on OffTime. It’s Pro version does add a few more features such as daily usage limit.


  • Wake-up calls for habits
  • Different modes for better focus


  • Need to pay for most features

Key Features: Schedule OffTime | In-depth Dashboard | Multiple Blocking Modes

Download OffTime: Play Store (Free, In-App Purchases)


AppblockAppBlock is one of the best apps that help reduce screen time with an arsenal of features that comes with it. You can set up a profile based on location or Wi-Fi and the app will swing into action.

The app lets users check their phone usage and with a series of features, helps reduce screen time drastically. Though the app doesn’t show the actual usage which is where Digital Wellbeing on Android can help.

You can either block notifications or app launch based on what you are looking for. There’s a Strict Mode that prevents apps from launching so that the app helps to limit screen time on your Android phone.

Of course, you have control over the timer and days that you can schedule. Henceforth, the app will take care of the rest. The app helps in being more social in real life and not on the web. It also helps reduce the obsession with the phone and reduce screen time in the end.


  • Simple to use
  • Location-based profiles
  • Strict mode to completely trim down phone usage


  • Limited tracking features
  • Pay for most features

Key Features: Profile Lock | Strict Mode | Schedule Off time | Blocks Apps & Websites

Download AppBlock: Play Store (Free, In-App Purchases)


RealizD First thing, the RealizD app tracks your every move right from unlocks, pickups, and usage. It records the minutes you spend on each app in a single day and shows a detailed chart if you want.

RealizD showcases phone usage through various charts that you can view in fragments like weeks, days, & months. You can check out how fragmented your usage is throughout the day with unlimited activity history to track.

It can double as a parental control app as well. You can set up a daily time limit and the phone would go blank once the alarm goes off. The app keeps all the data available as a backup in case if you decide to switch the device.

It also supports tracking multiple devices at once without any hassle. No doubt this screen time app does give you a window into the addictive phone usage. It’s Screen-Free Challenge Mode analyzes if your phone usage pattern has improved or not.


  • All-day monitoring
  • Detailed chart
  • Daily limit


  • Need to earn points to set time limits

Key Features: Beautiful & In-depth Charts | Screen-Free Mode | Unlimited Activity History | Track multiple devices at once

Download RealizD: Play Store (Free)

Social Fever

Social FeverSocial Fever is an all-arounder platform where you can set up an app time limit and screen limit on Android. The app will notify you when you end up using any particular app exceeding its limits.

You can do it for any and every app based on your preference. Moreover, the app has a bunch of features such as eye health, water reminder, and ear health. The app notifies you about the adverse effects of using the phone too much.

There’s a summary page that clubs together with the screen-time you have spent on any app. It includes a number of unlocks and other factors that enable you to understand your habits.

Social Fever can showcase history for the last seven days that you can compare. You can get inputs, set up goals to achieve screen-time. In fact, Social Fever is also one of the best apps to limit social media among other apps.


  • Phone unlocking tracking
  • App usage limit alerts


  • Not a well-packed social media usage tracker

Key Features: Limit App Use Individually | History & Summary | Eye & Ear Health

Download Social Fever: Play Store (Free)


MomentThe app is developed by Moment Health Inc so don’t misunderstand it from the one from Somatic. The app gives you an excellent and simple user interface you can try. It’s super easy to understand the overall phone usage.

In fact, based on the calculations, it shows you how much time of your life you have spent on phones. Anyways, the screen time app has an arsenal of features. Firstly, it tracks all your activities from unlocks to usage and organizes it based on categories.

You can view the overall phone usage, its break up to gauge what’s causing the screen time to go up. There’s a built-in coach feature that helps you achieve your goals. The app is stealthy so you won’t see it interfere with any app or website.

It is purely one of those apps to limit screen time on Android by tracking the usage and other verticals. The app is handy for those who use their phones a lot and are in denial.


  • Runs well in the background
  • Family phones support
  • Scrolling insights


  • Glitchy performance

Key Features: Aesthetic & Intuitive UI | Logs all activities | Built-in guided sessions

Download Moment: Play Store (Free)

There are tons of other screen time apps available for Android users to get rid of smartphone addiction. The apps above mentioned can help you limit screen time on your Android phone without a doubt.

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