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10 Best 4K HD Digital TV Antenna (Long Range)

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Time to switch to digital antennas if you think you’re spending a lot of bucks on the subscription-based cables. Digital TV Antennas are now extremely evolved and come with 4K channel streaming and enhanced range. A long-range TV antenna can help you get a great signal combined with a lot of HD over the air channels. They are more of an indoor type and works well with most of the smart TVs out there.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the coolest HD 4K TV antennas that come with long-range reception.

U MUST HAVE HD Digital Antenna

The UMUST HAVE Digital Antenna is the best way to cut the extra cost on those extra utility bills. It can cut loose the unnecessary wires and cables that you had to install to get your Tav channels. This digital antenna can receive full HD Channels including the ABC, FOX, and much more. UMUST HAVE Digital Antenna comes with a powerful signal booster coupled with an inbuilt Smart IC Chip to give you 4K streaming quality, always. This 4k TV antenna is capable of picking up signals within a 120-mile radius.

The inbuilt IC chip help filters out noises and FM signals and results in a much clearer picture. The digital antenna scans for new channels at the moment they’re available for broadcast. The best thing is that you can keep it anywhere and still get the best possible signal reception. In case you get signal issues, there is a long 18 ft coaxial cable. It lets you place the antenna where ever there’s decent signal quality. This 4k TV antenna works through the USB power. It comes with over voltage and over current protection.


  • Full HDTV Support
  • 120 mile signal reception radius
  • Multi-directional antenna filters out cellular and FM signals
  • 18 ft coaxial cable allows optimal antenna placement


  • Channel reception can depend on location and availability of broadcast signal
  • Obstructions can cause quality loss

Key Features: UHD 4K support | 120 mile signal reception | Compact and light | Works well with all Smart TVs | 18 ft coaxial cable | USB Powered | Smart signal filteration | Auto channel scan feature

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Vansky HD TV Antenna

The Vansky HD TV antenna lets you enjoy tons of over the air channels for free. It gives you channels in 4K resolution within a 120-mile range. The amplified signal booster makes sure you get the best possible clarity every time. This HD TV antenna pulls over hundreds of UHD channels and HD shows with HD voice clarity. With a detachable amplifier signal booster, the digital antenna can span up to a 120-mile range.

With the 16ft coax cable you can keep it wherever there’s the best signal reception. It works well with those who face a lack of signal reception due to obstructions. Apart from that, the antenna is compact and slim. You can install it anywhere without any external aid. It constantly scans for nee channels that are broadcasted. Vansky 4K TV antenna lets you get channels and shows right at your fingertips without any delay.


  • Easy installation
  • TV Channels are clear and come in high definition
  • No lag in channel scanning
  • No real sync out between audio and videos


  • Channel reception can depend on location
  • Coax cable not up to the mark

Key Features: UHD 4K support | 120 mile signal reception | Compact and light | Works well with all Smart TVs | 16 ft coaxial cable | Smart signal booster | Auto channel scan

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Gesobyte HD Digital TV Antenna

The Gesobyte Digital Antenna comes with upgraded signal reception. It can receive full HD channels like the ABC, CBS, and much more. It is a great way to get 4k TV channels free of cost. This 4k TV antenna adopts the powerful Signal Amplifier Booster with inbuilt IC to get the best possible video clarities. Gesobyte Digital 4K Antenna can take up broadcasting signals from within a 120 mile radius.

You can hang the indoor antenna on s window or a wall or position it wherever you get the best signal reception. It comes with an 18ft coax cable to help you position the antenna to get the best signal possible. A thing to note is that there is no USB output for connecting DTV antenna to the power supply. In case you face signal loss, removing the amplifier and reinstall it again


  • Great channel reception
  • Picture quality is excellent at optimum locations
  • Automatic channel scanning is lag-free
  • Filters out FM and cellular signals


  • Occasional signal issues leads you to restart the device at times
  • Signal interference

Key Features: UHD 4K support | 120 mile signal reception | Plug n Play design | support Fire TV Stick and All Older TV | 18 ft coaxial cable | Smart IC Chip | Signal Amplifier Booster

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The next one is the XFTREE HDTV Antenna. It is a compact and lightweight Smart TV antenna that gives you UHD channel clarities. This 4K TV antenna can grab channels that are broadcasted within a 120 mile span. You can hang it near a window to get the best signal reception. You can even hide it behind the TV if you don’t want it to be spotted.

The 16 ft coaxial cable also helps you to place it anywhere to get the best quality. A thing to note is that you should give a check of the list of channels that are available in HD in your locality. You can operate it either through the normal AC outlet or through the TVs USB port. You get every cable attachments with the complete delivery.


  • Supports a range of HD signal transmissions 
  • Advanced Smart Boost technology minimizes interference
  • Superior design
  •  anti-lightning and anti-static charge feature


  • The range is not accurately advertised
  • Reception issues
  • A bit expensive

Key Features: UHD 4K support | 120 mile signal reception | Signal Booster | Works well with all Smart TVs | 16 ft coaxial cable | Compact | Useful for indoor use

1byone HDTV Antenna

The 1byone HDTV Antenna us truly Omni-directional. It supports 4K, 1080p UHF, and VHF channels. This 4k TV antenna can receive signals from all directions and there isn’t any need to align it to get the best signal reception. The antenna doesn’t look flat. It in fact is a bit bulky because of its omnidirectional design. The 1byone HDTV antenna comes with a 150 mile signal capture range.

You can adjust the reception range according to channel availability. It enables you to watch local broadcast channels free of cost and in HD quality. The device is durable and can stay put wherever you install it. You get the best signal quality thanks to its weatherproof design and build quality. 1byone 4K TV Antenna can work well even on an windy or a stormy day. It is also waterproof as well as snow proof. A great thing about this antenna is that it can support 2 TVs at the same time.


  • Multiple antenna mounting options
  • Easy set-up
  • Supports up to two TVs simultaneously
  • Weather resistant design


  • 4K channel availability is subject to location
  • signal loss can make you reinstall the antenna itself.

Key Features: UHD 4K support | 360° Omni-Directional Reception | 150 Miles Long Range | Works well indoor and outdoor | 16 ft coaxial cable | Support 4K 1080P UHF VHF | Supports 2 TVs at a time

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Granny Home Digital TV Antenna

This 4K TV Antenna comes with a 120 mile reception range and enhanced streaming qualities. It is one of the best indoor TV antenna thanks to its compact and lightweight design. The easy to set up design and auto scan makes it a priced contender in this league. You can operate this 4K TV antenna by connecting the coax cable into the back of DTV. It can filter out cellular as well as radio signals with its smart filter technology. The result is the best possible video clarities with no noise.

Granny TV antenna comes with Signal Booster that enhances the signal reception twice that of the normal. This amplified indoor TV antenna comes with 0.2” cables for increased durability. It also reduces the signal loss to around 50% than the usual. The thin design works well with portable TVs and USB DTV tuners. You can carry ut in your laptop bags if you prefer a bit of entertainment on your way.


  • Easy installation
  • Compact design
  • Affordable


  • Doesnt really span to the complete limit
  • Clarity issues and sync inaccuracy

Key Features: UHD 4K support | 120 mile signal reception | Amplifier Signal Booster | HD Local On the Air channels | 9.8-foot long coaxial cable | Frequency range:470-861MHZ | Auto channel scan

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Forlovv HDTV Antenna

The Forlovv HDTV Antenna is here just because of its stable signal reception and its ability to provide the finest quality channels. You can enjoy some of the coolest TV shows and channels with ease and that too without paying even a penny. This antenna supports streaming up to 4K. It comes well equipped with some of the best signal boosting technologies. It can capture signals broadcasted within a 120 mile radius.

Whatsmore, you can even adjust the reception ratio and distance of which you need to scan. The inbuilt amplifier id compatible with the TV connector boxes too. The Forlovv HDTV antenna comes with a 20ft coax cable. It lets you adjust the device so that you could get the best possible video qualities. There is also an inbuilt filter unit that sorts out FM and cellular signals.


  • Low price
  • Compact design
  • 3-stage amplification setting
  • Easy to install


  • Remote controller isn’t accurate
  • Signal reception is also low

Key Features: HD support | 120 mile signal reception | Compact and light | Works well with all Smart TVs | 20 ft coaxial cable | Indoor and outdoor capabilities |

Inno Tech HDTV Antenna

The Inno Tech comes with HD 4k support and can scan channels within a range of 130 miles. You can watch over the air network broadcasts in pure 4k including ABX, CBS, FOX, and much more. This antenna for 4k TV is a plug n play device that’s quite compact and is easy to install. All you need to do is to find the best signal reception spot to hook it up.

The Inno Tech HDTV Antenna comes with an inbuilt IC chip that results in a clearer and smoother picture. There isn’t that much of a noise interference thanks to this smart IC Chip and filtration technology. It comes with a 16.5” coax cable that helps you find the best reception possible. You could easily hook it up near a window or somewhere thanks to the long coax cable unit. Apart from home TV sets, it works well with portable TV sets and USB TV receivers.


  • Affordable 
  • Good signal and video clarity
  • Can capture 4K HD TV quality
  • 17 feet coaxial cable that allows you to find the best signal location 
  • Slim and compact design


  • Clarity loss due to obstructions

Key Features: Support 4K and1080P | 80 to 130 Miles Range | Compact and light | Works well with all Smart TVs | 16.5 ft coaxial cable | VHF UHF Freeview Channels | Amplifier Signal Booster

HDS Digital TV Antenna

The HDS Digital TV Antenna is far more compact and sleek. It isn’t like the “hook it up” but comes with excellent signal reception capabilities. With this clear TV 4K antenna you get free HD channels on all the major networks available in your area. It works well with all the new 4K TV sets and some of the older ones too. The HDS Digital TV Antenna gets channels up to 150 miles away. The signal amplifier boosts reception up to 150 miles so that you get all of your favorite channels.

The smart PCB chip filters out most of the cellular and radio signals and keeps the clarity of the channels intact. The antenna is really small, so small that you can place it anywhere without getting even the slightest sight. It needs either a USB or a wall outlet power source for operation.


  • Supports 4K, 1080p HD, VHF, and UHF content
  • Can pick up signals from 150 miles away
  • Zero or low noise and unwanted signals


  • Ocassional channel dual
  • Instruction manual lacks authenticity

Key Features: 4K 1080p support | 120 mile signal reception | UHF & VHF Reception | Works well with all Smart TVs | 16 ft coaxial cable | ICPCB Chip | signal Booster Amplifier | Professional Carbon Fiber material

Ylife HD TV Antenna

The YLife HD TV antenna comes in a unique design and is made of high quality waterproof material. It comes with a signal reception from up to 130 miles away. You can enjoy all your local on-air channels free of cost with the finest quality possible. This antenna for 4K TV comes with a smart PCB micro chip and can capture 4K and 1080p channels with ease.

It is compatible with all types of TV converter boxes snd digital TVs. In order to get the best possible picture qualities, you should install it at a precise position where the signal reception is the highest. You can either hook it near a window or can use the 16 5ft coax cable to achieve the best possible reception. The device is truly Plug n Play. You can operate it by plugging it into the normal AC wall socket.


  • Affordable price
  • Slick design that fits any indoor setting
  • Anti-lightning and anti-static features


  • Durability issues
  • Care should be given while installing

Key Features: Support 4K HD1080P  support |  Up to 130+ mile reception | Compact and light | UHF VHF Free Local TV Channel availability | 16.5 ft coaxial cable |

If you’re sick of paying for cable TV every month, then moving on to the new digital antenna can really help. You might not get all of your favorite TV shows but yet you can enjoy tons of local channels. The ones we got online after our research is the top ones in this league of the best 4K HD long-range antennas. Before fixing your eyes on one device, make sure you analyze the no of local channels available in your area.


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